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Found 6 results

  1. As some of us know – Science is exciting but there are a lot of unanswered questions in science – one of my personal favorites are Black Holes. No mortal knows for sure they exist be there are good indications they do. One of the long standing theories about Black Holes is that space and time are so distorted that dimensional space and time do not exist. What is theorized is that a Black Hole closes off space time into what is theatrically called singularity. Singularity is not well defined and someone came up with the idea that singularity is what exists outside of our universe space time. We have determined that our universe is expanding. But the big question is – expanding into what? One possible solution, in theory, is that the universe is expanding into a singularity. This means that all points outside of our universe and the same singular point. This lender itself that a Black Hole singularity is the same singularity – in other words connected. Which means that Black Holes are connected. The connection between Black Holes was first theorized by Carl Sagan that gave us the mathematical proof that it is mathematically possible. He coined the phrase for such a connection as a “worm hole”. Worm holes have become a popular concept in science fiction but are depicted more as a tunnel. As I have theorized about Black Holes and singularity – I have theorized that there are classification of singularities and that the classifications are quantified. A quantum physics problem in essence that can exist on a universal scale or a sub-atomic scale. In essence this is an extension of my theory of an additional dimensional spiritual plain or that things spiritual exist on an exist dimension. Quantized singularities would in essence connect all Black Holes of the same quantum classification. But I have a little problem with Carl Sagan’s concept of a worm hole – I theorize that they are in essence unidirectional – meaning one could only travel one direction. This would mean that somewhere in the universe there would be the opposite of a black hole – something I theorized as a White Hole. The biggest problem with my theory was that for all the evidence of Black Holes – there are no corresponding White Holes. Or is there? Recently I was reading some new developments on quasars and a possible connection to high energy cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are not really rays but high energy particle beams and the particles are for all practical purposes traveling at the speed of light. Something like 99.999999999999% of the speed of light. Then it dawned on me that the source of these high energy cosmic rays and quasars may be my theatrical White Holes. This big mystery is that quasars give off more energy and matter than is possible (keep in mind that energy and matter are different states of the same thing). The source of a quasar’s energy and emissions could be my quantum singularities recycling matter and energy. This all means that creation is not just a beginning and an end but a sort of recycling. We are taught this in our Latter-day Saint theology – that as matter is unorganized; that it is recycled in creation. This corresponds to an Ancient Egyptian concept of eternal – which is in essence a process of recycling. There was an ancient term for this kind of eternity and it was used by Joseph Smith – but I am horrible at spelling and cannot get close enough for Google or spell check for the term. Anyway – just for fun – I thought to share some thoughts. The Traveler
  2. I am a convert(meaning I joined the church later in my life instead of born into church) of 10 years. My family joined the church together. I love the gospel and the church. As a YSA (Young Single Adult), I hear a lot about importance of family and mother’s role in the family and having children. I fully understand why it’s important to have a family and have children. But it’s becoming clearer everyday that I don’t want to have kids. I wonder if I will ever be able to find someone to get married in the temple when I don’t want to have kids. I have dated someone seriously and this was one of the things we couldn’t agree on and we ended the relationship after dating for couple of years. Coming from a single-parent home, I am fully aware of the hard work that is required to be a good parent. As much as it’s taught in the church to have children when you are married, I sometimes feel that importance of being a good parent is not emphasized as much. Although I fully respect and love my mother for doing what she does to raise me and my siblings, I sometimes wonder how much happier she could have been if she didn’t have kids. She would have been able to leave her abusive husband much sooner. She would have been able to pursue her dreams and goals to be the person she wanted to be instead of being a stay at home mother like it is often asked of in woman. I thought that maybe I don’t want kids because of what happened between my parents and because I understand the struggle when the marriage falls apart. I’ve done therapy, prayed and fasted to know what it is I should do. I studied my patriarchal blessing and hated myself for being so different. But I just can’t seem to be the person woman are taught to be in the church. Should I give up hope to find someone to get married in the temple? I don’t know if I should date anyone or even put myself out there. Part of me feels it would be selfish of me to look for an eternal companion when I can’t be the ideal person they look for. I sometimes feel like a damaged good for not being able to want the life that every girl dream of. Is it wrong for me to want the eternal companionship without wanting to have kids? Some of you may say that it’s just a phase because I have been told that when I talked to people in church about this. But it’s not that I don’t love kids. I work with kids and I really think they are so precious and such a sacred blessing to have in this world. It makes the cruel world a little better place. But I really don’t want my kids to go through the pain of having a parent who didn’t want to have kids. Children deserve better and I can’t be what they need. I don’t want kids when I will love them and take care of them because that’s what I am obligated to do instead of doing it because I want to. I think about this everyday and I would appreciate your input.
  3. In what ways are you better managing your time for God? How do you manage your 24 hours? (From the Gospel and Productive Life) Here are just some few ways that I manage the time that God gives us everyday. I like to remember that my life is for God, to do what He wants me to do, to help how he wants me to help, to live how he wants me to live. I've been doing a lot of thoughtless facebook scrolling only to ask myself, why I'm scrolling? I've decided to refocus the time spent on Facebook to be more positively active in social media through the many outlets we have available to us. Wordpress, Tumblr, MormonHub. I like to ask myself, "How can I help?" Instead of "Wow, those people need help" I realize I had to create a vision for my life and set goals. I can now reflect on my choices to look for opportunities to live freely and happier. Without creating a vision and writing down goals, I had no direction or sense of time. I use to think too much about changing the behaviors and life of others that my own life became unmanageable. The Peace I've felt from God after accepting that I can not change others but I can change who I am to others. So I use my time focusing on How I can better myself for God to use me and when I think of other people, I remember that God is in control. Faith is not knowing what the future holds, but knowing who holds the future; my life and your life is in the hands of the Lord. I stop getting mad at bad drivers cause i realize that i am no better. Lol. I stopped looking for perfect people cause nobody is perfect. There are just people who are perfect for us. You might give me headache and I might give you a headache. But ultimately you teach me patience, understanding, keeping no record of wrongs and you also teach me that there are other ways to see the world than the way I see it. For that I am grateful instead of resentful. Instead of complaining about the task at hand or the trial itself, I just obey and do. No words from my mouth. My thoughts will be "It's for my own good, His will be done". I always remember previous experiences of when God put me through challenging times so I can be perfected through it. This makes me Smile and Rejoice. I use to have a bad tendency in going over my time limit on things such as writing this entry. So now I give myself a set time for things. How do you manage the 24 Hours of Life that God gives you everyday? I will be adding to this daily
  4. Having a thriving, happy, eternal marriage in today’s world seems to be more and more difficult. As a student of gospel doctrines and as a Marriage and Family Therapist I find it my passion and joy to work with couples and guide them on a path to increased success and happiness in marriage. During my time working with clients and teaching the gospel I developed a questionnaire to help individuals and couples explore their individual readiness and marriages. I would value your insight and feedback on the questionnaire. You can remain anonymous if you would like. Or feel free to post your ideas here to this thread. Please rate and comment on the questionnaire here. What are your thoughts on the questionnaire? Where the question relevant? Helpful? Thought provoking? Dumb? Would love to know what you believe makes your marriage or future marriage joyous, exciting and profoundly enduring and loving. My Facebook Page:
  5. I have a younger cousin, who is 22, and currently serving a mission. We exchange letters from time to time, just to keep tabs on each other. But now there is a problem-- my cousin is teaching a new member, and claims to be "falling in love" with that person... The exact quote was "I know its a bad distraction, but the second we shook hands, I got this feeling that we knew each other all our lives, and I got a flash of us being married with kids-- it felt so right, and so real." In our letters, the subject of soul mates came up, and my cousin asked me what I think about soul mates... Well... I'm currently sitting here working on a letter back to my cousin, wondering what to say. Of course, I plan to say the obvious-- DON'T DO ANYTHING WHILE ON YOUR MISSION! And my cousin knows better than to do such a thing (or at least I hope so!). But beyond that, I was also asked what I thought about "contacting someone you teach after your mission is over". Anyway-- It now seems that both my cousin and I are wondering what the church thinks about soul mates, eternal companions, and weather or not they are the same thing? Also, the "pre-existence" and how it ties into all this. Does the church believe that we "remember" our eternal companion from the pre-existense? Is there a specific person we are all meant to be with? (lord knows, it certainly seems so!). For me, this can all be a bit confusing. My personal deffinition of a "soul mate" is someone that you either knew and cared for before you came here and throughout your life you "remember" loving that person, and search for them again while on earth. Or it could be someone who is your "complementing oposite", meaning that although you are different, all your oposites complement each other-- and that god created one for each person. Weather or not you care to find that person while you are on earth, is up to you. And sometimes, you may have to wait until the afterlife, because they may have lived in a different time, or much too far away from you (hint-hint people who just "never found the right one" lol). I'm not sure how I would define an "eternal companion" though, especially by the church's standards. Or weather or not the church has a different view on them than I do on "soul mates". Well, actually, I guess my deffinition of the church's "eternal companion" label, is just someone you met on earth, and later decided that you wanted to spend eternity with them, because.... Well, just because, lol. Would that be correct? I guess what I'm confused about is--- does the church believe that two specific people can be "predestined" to be together, or not? I ask, because I've heard two conflicting statements on this: 1-- More than one long-standing church member has told me that ANY two "worthy" people can "make it" together, and I have also heard that the church encourages this. 2-- But then my cousin says that their bishop AND their MP preach to them that they "will not meet their eternal companion while on their mission", and that most MP's preach the same thing. This (to me) implies that there is a "certain person" we were each meant to end up with, and god will make sure you do not meet that person while on your mission... I personally think they are told that just to keep them focussed on their mission-- which they should stay focussed! But if the church does not believe in something similar to MY deffinition of a predestined "soul mate", and if they really do believe that any two worthy people can make a marriage work... Then why on earth CAN'T you meet your eternal companion while on your mission? That is, assuming you would only act on your feelings AFTER you have returned home-- after all, you do know their name and address, if you've been teaching them... Gosh this is confusing, lol. Help?
  6. I have been searching for some answers to some situations I have. I have yet to find those answers. I find all the information I need on what to do to keep your families together forever.... however.... there are more than one person in a family and it takes effort on all parts to be righteous and worthy. Here is the situation... I'm 18 and about four years ago my parents got divorced for a couple of reasons. My dad is still active in the church and attending. However my mother is taking steps in becoming a cathloic. She says its what she needs now, its simpler and she can focus on Christ. She often makes comments that her parents (my grandparents who are both active members) tell her she won't have her kids again in post mortal existance.... That fear is what kept her pressing on in a failing marrige till finally it just wouldn't work any longer and mistakes were made. Here are some questions.... and I would love some links or references to resources Will our family still be together if my mom is no longer and active and devout member? If all my sunday school and seminary is coming back right, then (and I hate saying it like this but hypethetically) if the rest of my family is *righteous* and makes it to the highest kingdom, we can vist my mother in the lower kingdoms correct? I just don't like the idea of never seeing my mother again. She isn't a bad person, she believes in Christ, etc. she just isn't a mormon any longer. Will it still be my biological mother and father that are my parents in the next life or if my father remarries will it be another? I know a women can only be sealed to one man correct? How does all this work.... Anyways, I would really appreciate some help here....