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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there. I'm wanting to try to connect my husband with some lds guys who have been excommunicated for adultery so they can support each other through the repentance process. I'd love to find some who have already been fully restored, as well as others who are still working through the process. I'd also like to connect the wives in a separate group if they are sticking by their husbands to be able to support each other. I don't want to use Facebook because it's not private enough. Would this be a place where we could create some kind of support group like this? Or does anyone have any other ideas? Would you or anyone you know be interested in joining?
  2. Hey everybody! well as the title suggests this is my second time around. Im 29 and was excommunicated about 3 years ago. to make a long story short...I grew up in the church, got married in the temple had two children, wife had an affair, had a child as a result, I fell off the wagon... Anyways, Its taken some time but I finally feel lie its time to make my way back. I have a incredible, strong, non member woman by my side who i not religious but is supportive of the change I want to make. I have a lot of questions and need a lot of support right now. For the sake of those that may need the same I plan to keep a journal of sorts as i make this journey so keep track of me! Remember...its never too late to be what you might have been!
  3. I was excommunicated from the church shortly after I was first baptized on my 18th birthday. I initially joined the church because of a girl (of course) and the desire to get in her parents good grace. Unfortunately, neither myself, nor her, were prepared to live in accordance with church teachings. This in turn led to my first ex-communication. I was re-baptized after marrying the above mentioned girl when I was 23 while stationed in Germany. My second baptism was for much different reasons. I went through the discussions, lived gospel principles, and developed genuine love for the church and it's mission. However, in true "me" fashion, my attention was continually diverted to places I had no business going. I was ex-communicated for the second time at the age of 32 for serious transgressions. So, here I am ten years later. I'm divorced, mostly estranged from my children and completely from my ex-wife. My son is about to turn 18 in January and he's hoping to leave in March for the MTC. This has had a deep impact on me (that is, his commitment to serve a mission). Because of this and other reasons, I'm compelled to rejoin the church. However, I have heard more times than I can count that the church has a two strike policy. Does anyone know if this is true? I hope someone knows definitively and can help me find the answer. I was a priesthood holder, yet never held a temple recommend.
  4. I have been faced with what I would call the most difficult challenge, I would not wish on my worst enemy. I have asked the how's, when's and why me's, and find my heart breaks everyday. To cut a very long story short..... I am married and I'm gay..... I did not wake up on morning and decide I wanted to be like this, to be hated, to hate myself, to destroy my family, be depressed..... suicidal.... No, I definitely did not choose this. Now I have to live with myself. I have been excommunicated, but I love the church and all it's teachings. I love the gospel and the guidance it brings. I know the church to be true, I believe in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and I believe in eternal families..... I know right from wrong and not wish to be trashed, but would appreciate some insight on this. I want to love as well as be loved, and I want to live the gospel at the same time..... but I cannot have both..... how do I live with myself? Where does this leave me?