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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, I have come to the forums many times and I have found knowledge and encourement. Now I come here for help and some guidence... I haven't gone to church for at least 6 months or so and I have felt o.k about it, but for family matters I fasted yesterday not the 24 hrs but 23.3 so today I want to fast again. My 15th year old nephew dissapear 11 days ago and we don't know anything about him so I fasted so we may know where to look or what to do, while fasting I felt closer to HF and good about it also with the desire to have faith and hope in my heart. Now I feel the desire to fast again even though my body may not feel great. If I fast and don't pay offerings is just about going hungry??, I have been told so. Is just that I dont go to church anymore. So means that if I dont go to church HF doesn't listen my prayers or see my sacrifice at all? I feel so desperate my nephew is missing and I want do everything in my power so he can have the blessing he may need now, Please any advice and prayers will be welcome.