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Found 8 results

  1. I know we are supposed to be sealed and I believe it to be a true doctrine but I have never really understood why. Is there a principle of physics requiring a binding of spirits in order to accomplish eternal goals or is this just one of those things we don't/won't understand in this life? Insights anyone?
  2. Does anyone know if there's any easy way to transfer information between Ancestry and Familysearch? I have accounts on both sites, but I have the majority of my family history work over on Ancestry. I was hoping there could be an easy program that could merge the two sites together. If anyone could give any ideas it'd be a huge help, thanks :)
  3. Anyone know the sealing guidelines for children born to unwed parents? I can't be the only person out there to have encountered this in my family history. Don't parents have to be sealed to each other before having children sealed to them? And, generally speaking, what was not bound on earth cannot be bound in heaven, right? So what happens if Tommy's parents never married on earth? I once presented this scenario to a temple matron, and got a "I hadn't thought of that" look/response, and someone else got a "God will sort it out somehow" answer from their bishop, so I'm not necessarily expecting an answer. But, yes, it's kept me up a night or two.
  4. Guest

    Temple work

    Besides praying and petitioning the Lord with hope, what are the chances that maybe the endowment will be shortened including a much shorter version of the film ? Ive seen a few changes to the endowment, many different films and alterations to other work in the Temple to speed up the work and bring into line with modesty and correctness etc. At present finding ancestors is easier than it ever has been in history and that side has speeded up magnificently , but unfortunately the 'bottleneck' at the Temples will not go away and only get bigger unless we all get our fingers out and do our missionary work , build more Temples quicker and get more people to go to the Temple, or/and the endowment and film must be chopped and shortened a lot more. All other work in the Temple is quicker Is the first presidency 'contactable', and do they listen to a mere mortal with his petition to the Lord.
  5. When doing family history, what tactics do you use to find names for the temple? It can be very daunting and there are far better ways of finding lost ancestors than just aimlessly wandering through your family tree. What I tend to do is go back as far as I can and view an ancestors tree, switch to descendants mode and then go through all their descendants (which is far more than what is shown on my tree). Last time I went through it for about an hour and found 45 names needing ordinances done, many of them needed all of them done. I would recommend doing that. what tactics do you use? Is hope chest any good??
  6. I was thinking about some family history and we have a line that is tracable to Adam due to some fortunate connections to royalty and the tribes of Israel. If we accept that there are no errors in historical records the generation number we are is known. I was just wondering if anyone else out there also knows what generation number they are? Or other interesting info related? I don't want to give up the 'number' til later.
  7. Here is another site where you can trace your family history. Genealogy Search & Family History Records - GenealogyBank
  8. Hi! Can anyone tell me the web address of the new Family Search web site? My husband has the calling and the Family History Center person in our Ward told us we needed to register with our member # but didn't tell us the link. I've looked in Google, and everywhere else but still can't find it. THANKS!