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Found 10 results

  1. Just heard this on news- did a little checking - CDC and FDA have both asked that you do not eat ANY romaine lettuce until they have more info. Already 11 US states and Canada have problems. I don't want to see anyone get sick.... or worse.
  2. What is the one dish (food) that you make regularly in your family and that your family enjoys? Some countries may have a national dish, some areas may have a local dish. What is your families? If you were invited to eat at The Jibbs house, you would most likely be served Salmon tacos with small freshly made flour tortillas (still store bought but made fresh). Topped with fresh veggies, cheese of your choice, sauce of your choice (EG lemon, hot...). House favorite! Another one is breakfast for dinner. Usually once a week with eggs, pancakes, toast etc. Now, what would I eat if I visited your place of residence for dinner?
  3. In the Garden of Eden, before Adam and Eve took the forbidden fruit, they were in perfect relationship with God. They had dominion, or control, over the Earth. Nothing in creation controlled them. Not drugs, not alcohol (the gateway drug), not food--not even sex. If we are saved, redeemed, born again, then, by God's grace, let us return to our place of dominion. Let us be free from all created bondage!
  4. I have a friend that makes his own cheese. He and those in this cheese making community tell me that you cannot make cheese using Wal-Mart milk, but you can with other store purchased milk. Although he hasn't researched why (and frankly neither have I), I find this information alarming. What foods have you heard similar things about?
  5. I love breakfast! Tell me some of your favorite breakfast ideas and traditions! Let me start. Mine is pretty tipical, my family calls it "The Whole Nine Yards". It is what is sounds like. When I was growing up, my dad was out of town a lot on Sundays. When he was home he would cook this for us. Basically, it included, sliced fried ham, eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, hash browns, fruit cup and fresh squeezed orange juice by hand. I would normally chop all of mine up (accept the fruit) and make it into a skillet. I still carry that tradition in my family, however usually during the week and for dinner.
  6. Okay, we're fresh back from Dublin and I felt like sharing some food centered thoughts: Fish and Chips - They may be better in London but my goodness it's like nothing back in the states. I actually ate it or 3 meals (thankfully not all in the same day). The best was from some chipper down a side street for 5 euro. Chips - Not like you get them in the states, it was kinda like a cross between fast food style and a steak fry. Brown Sauce - Tasty, still haven't looked up what it's made out of but I tried it out of curiosity. I rather liked it. I don't know if my use of it as a chip sauce was considered 'acceptable' or not. :) Irish Stew and Sheppard's Pie- Loved both of them, though the stew get's top billing. I've decided I rather like lamb. It was the only red meat I ate while I was there. Also tried some of Beefche's lamb cutlets one night. White & Black Pudding, and Bacon - The white pudding was kinda tasty but the black pudding was only okay. The bacon/rashers were overly salted to my taste, it made the tomato that was part of the Irish breakfast a necessity. Wheaten Soda Bread - Oh my goodness. I loved this stuff, and the butter they have in Ireland is something quite amazing. There was a bakery near our hotel and more than one meal consisted of bread, butter and grapes. In fact for Sunday (because we didn't want to shop) we bough a loaf of wheaten soda bread, a loaf of sourdough, some sirene (think Bulgarian feta), smoked Russian salami, and some grapes on Saturday and that's what we ate for all three meals on Sunday. Produce - Now the exchange rate may be throwing my mental calculations off, but there was a market street near the hotel (same one the bakery was on actually), and the produce I say there was cheaper than I would expect in the states and better quality. I could get a kilo of grapes for 1.5 Euro (so 2.2lbs for 2.10 or so not the cheapest possible in the States but a decent cost nonetheless). Marmalade - I bought some for the wheaten soda bread at Tesco (actually I stopped at Tesco quite a lot as there was one near the hotel as well). It was different than in the states, it was quite bitter compared to what I'm used to (it was thick cut which plays into it I imagine). It worked well though with the sweetness of the wheaten soda bread and the butter. Tesco - Seems like a grocery version of Wal-greens, it had decent prices, at least I could get my 7-Up Free for 2 Euro for 2, and get some bottled water (2 liter bottles for refilling our soda bottles). 7-Up Free - I like this better than Sprite Zero, sadly they don't have it in the States (that I noticed). We only drank bottled sodas while there except for the first night when Beefche ordered a Coke. A mistake, a small amount (which admittedly was expected) but hardly cold (and no ice, which was also expected from my conversations on here with various UKers like Mahone) and way expensive. A lesson learned, it reinforced our conviction to only get water with meals. No Ice - While I can understand why no ice in a flavored beverage there was a scarcity of ice. It wouldn't have been so bad if the water was refrigerated but it was from the tap (no compaints about the source from me except from the temperature) which mean hardly cold glass of water with my meals. The last place we ate at actually gave us a pitcher of ice water with lemons, it brought a tear of joy to my eye. No Water Fountains - I noticed this rather quickly, I did not notice a single water fountain while I was there. It wasn't too bad, by refilling our soda bottles with 2 liters of water from Tesco we could keep hydrated but a nice American style refrigerated water fountain would have made me cry and leap for joy had it been encountered. Okay, that's enough rambling from now, though one final thought not food related: Watching BBC and Sky coverage of the riots in London made me and Beefche glad that we were in Ireland and not there. I'm sure we would have been fine as I'm sure the areas effected aren't prime tourist territory but it's still a disturbing thought.
  7. I recently stumbled across Emergency Dehydrated Food, emergency food, disaster food, preparedness food, storage food, and survival food. and thought it was too good to be true. They are selling vacuum sealed dehydrated food in pales for a really reasonable price. I bought one pale that has 500 meals of lentil soup for $65 and another pale that has rice dinners (I think it tastes comparable to Hamburger Helper) 228 Meals for $100. I was shocked at the price and shocked again by how good it tastes. Anyways, I was excited, so I thought I would share a link.
  8. And what should I put onto my baked potato? I know there's still a couple hours before noon (maybe less, maybe more, depending on where you are) but I'm mouthwatering for a hot baked potato fully loaded! I need to turn THIS.. Into THIS.. So what are you eating this fine afternoon? Or what do you anticipate eating?
  9. I am divorced single mom and since my ex moved out I have not been able to feed the missionaries dinner. I wanted to make sure they have been fed and sometimes they go weeks without a dinner invite on their calendar. So I wanted to get them a gift card for a grocery store to buy their food and other needed items. Turns out the missionaries are not allowed to take gift cards. So I decided to buy them groceries, some cleaning products, and hygene items. I have done this a few times but I have no idea what to buy them. I have repeatedly asked the missionaries but they are just too nice to give me a list. Can any of you returned missionaries tell me what I should be buying them? I have no idea how long they have for lunch or even if they get to return home for lunch (they do have a vehicle).
  10. Hi!, Let me introduce myself. My name is Trey Abbe and I represent, America's Incredible Pizza Company. We are currently looking at building a facility in Salt Lake City, UT. My boss has asked me to ask Mormons/Christians/etc. alike and find out if you, "the people", feel that a Family Entertainment Center like America's Incredible Pizza Company sounds like a place for you and your families to go and have an Incredible time! Go to Incredible Pizza Company - Enjoy our huge all-you-can-eat buffet, indoor Go-Kart Races, Bumper Cars, Route 66 Mini Golf, a huge video game arcade with prizes, Bowling, and more! to find out all about us! Please dig in and give me your honest opinions. Let me know...If your not a resident of Salt Lake City, UT; please feel free to leave your comments as well, but include your state! Who knows maybe will even build one there! Thanks!! Trey Abbe Director of Website Solutions America's Incredible Pizza Company [email protected]