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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, fellow LDS Trivia and Puzzles players: Last week was Mother's Day, which I totally forgot about until after posting the last upcoming game. Oh, well. This is the last attempt for this month. I hope to have a game this weekend: Saturday, 14 May: 9 AM to 7 PM Sunday, 15 May: 3:30 PM to 7 PM All times are Pacific Daylight Time. Compare your time zone with Seattle, Washington. The game is on DALnet over IRC in channel #lds_trivia. (Don't forget the underscore.) See the website for information on how to connect: HTTP:// Now, a brief update on game updates: I believe I got the script fixed to allow fast-paced play. I'll only stop play to fix a bug if it's major. I changed the point values of letters based on the probability of their appearance. Scrabble has a limited number of tiles, but this game has no limit on the number of letters. I also instituted a minimum value of 100 points for consonants instead of 50. This changed the value of word scrambles, so I had to adjust calculating their value. This allowed me to add over 100 scrambles marked not usable. I don't know how many are now NOT usable. I'll make additional adjustments after analyzing the changes. During the bonus round, there's now time added for each question based on the same pause when displaying questions. Unfortunately, this gives players a chance to answer early, so I'm placing a minimum of one second per question. The reason for this is to encourage players to read the question. The script now selects a random player if no player is in control before a speed round. It will, also, select a player instead of doing additional scrambles. There's more posted on the website. Here are three random questions: According to the Bible Dictionary, what two books give the best "commentary and guide to understanding Isaiah?" A) Doctrine and Covenants, B) Book of Mormon, C) Pearl of Great Price, or D) Old Testament Student Manual: Kings to Malachi? Old Testament: Based on references, the Bible Dictionary says Hosea "deeply influenced" which "succeeding writers?" A) Ezekiel, B) Nahum, C) Micah, D) Elisha, E) Elijah, F) Amos, G) Jonah, H) Isaiah, I) Jeremiah, J) Obadiah, K) Joel, and L) Hosea. Church History: Joseph Smith returned to work after three visits from Moroni. What happened? Rack your brains to come up with the answer and even look them up. Do not submit answers to me until the beginning of the game. Any other method of submitting answers other than just before the game start will not count. I will only post the answers in the newsletter sent sometime after a game session. I hope to see you there. Remember that the gospel is true. (Edit/Add-on: If anyone has any trouble signing up for the mailing lists on the site, please let me know. Please include details as to the problem.)
  2. Hi! I am a 58 year old man looking to make friends on this Website. I'm warm, thoughtful and humorous and I am not ever going to change. I have a lot of fun lovingness to offer and I love all people. Sincerely Yours, Dave Olsen
  3. Hello! I'm new here! I'm here specifically because I have some questions about Mormonism, both in theology and in practice. I tried to ask the folks over at, but it seemed like they were really restricted about what they could talk about. The questions I have are pretty involved, so I won't go into them here. I'm 31 and married, we have two dogs and live near Austin, TX. I was raised Jehovah's Witness, and am currently not affiliated with any religion. I have been a student of religious belief my whole life, (which started in a small town called Palmer, Alaska), and find nothing so fascinating, both academically and personally as the way that people relate to God and the way that that affects their day to day life. I can say this: I did not come here to be converted. I came here because I have honest questions about Mormons that I'd like to have answered by Mormons. I can promise that as long as you're being cool, open and honest with me, I'll be friendly, open, and nonjudgmental of your beliefs.
  4. Hi Everyone . My name is Chloe. i'm 17 . i'm going to be 18 in a few weeks. I live in St Nazaire (France) . i speak French, English, a little Spanish I just graduated from High school. I'm going to the university next year to study languages and economics. i dont really know what to do after that but i have time I'm a member of the church . i was baptized at 8 . i met the church when i was 6. I'm glad to be in this church and i thank god to bless me like he does . I never really feel the spirit until i went to the temple when i was 12 . it was a good experience and i feel connect to god more than i was when i'm in the ''world''. I want to do a mission when i'll be old enough because i want to share my love and my testimony with the other. I like a lot of thing. I like to go to the beach because i live near. i like music and movie. i like to eat and sleep . Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss with me. I hope i can find friends to discuss about my difficulties and to share the good time