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Found 17 results

  1. So my husband is a fireman whose uniform are cotton pants. He is not supposed to wear any nylon materials as they will melt easier than cotton. He has so much problems with them riding up his legs and wadding up in his "Crotch" it causes chaffing and irritation. I was wondering if there are any wives or firemen out there that can help us with the kind and fit that they have found works for them. It seems that they do it under all his pants to the point he hates to wear them.
  2. Hello I am due to attend the temple in the next couple of weeks (hopfully) and i want to try to work out how much it is going to cost to purchase everything that is needed - how much are a set of garments (in £ perferably) and cermeonial items ( i know the dress and other items are discounted are the ceremoniacl clothing) Also does anyone have any advise of the type to get i have been told about alot - i am a larger lady uk size 18 and wear dresses mainly - 1 sister recommened longer tops and shorter bottoms , another receommeded petite( i have very short legs). One older sister even told me to get a one pieice garments ??? no idea Any help is much apprechiated
  3. Hello, I went to go buy new garments today and found that they don’t sell the men’s extra support garment bottoms that are the 79%polyester/21%spandex. As my wife was looking she saw that women’s have a garment that a 91%polyester/9%spandex called the Carinessa fabric. I haven’t been able to contact the store support but I have heard of women wearing men’s garment bottoms and was wondering if it would be acceptable if a man can wear women’s bottoms? It helps with my adhd and my anxiety with wearing fitted/tighter garments under my clothes. I’m going to try to contact the the lds store about custom men’s garments in the carinessa fabric if I can’t get the extra support ones I want.
  4. I'm an endowed member, but I don't wear my garments all day and all night. Technically, I'm not breaking any rules, because the endowment ceremony literally only says "wear them throughout your life." I wear shoes throughout my life, too, but not all the time! I wear glasses throughout my life, but not all the time! So why do the garments need to be worn 24/7? They're supposed to be sacred, a reminder of the covenants we made, but we wear them like normal underwear, so how are they special anymore? They're not. I wear mine on Sundays and days when I need the extra strength. That's what makes them special to me, I follow the rules to "wear them throughout my life," but people think I'm wrong and that I need to wear them 24/7. Even the temple recommend questions ask: "Do you keep the covenants that you made in the temple? Do you wear the garment both night and day as instructed in the endowment and in accordance with the covenant you made in the temple?" The endowment instructions don't tell me to wear them day and night! What do you think?
  5. Have garments always been worn by members of the true church of God even back during the times of the Old and New Testament?
  6. Hi! I received my endowments almost exactly a year ago, and just got married 7 months ago. The thing is, I'm still trying to find the perfect garment size/type. Does anyone else have the problem of the garment bottom sliding down all the time? I thought a size up would help, but nope. I tried this with natural waist length and a cotton top to help with the carinessa bottoms. Only helps a little until the top starts bunching up. I also prefer the slick tops, but those ride up and make the bottoms slide down worse. This isn't as bad when I'm wearing pants, but with dresses and skirts its a nightmare. Especially when I'm doing temple work and really can't fix anything for awhile haha. I wear carinessa large bottoms, drislique 46 bottoms, carinessa medium tops, and 38C tops in cotton and silk. Any recommendations to help with the sliding and bunching up?
  7. Hi everyone, i'm new here and am hoping you can help me with a question! I am a mid-20's woman who has been endowed for just over three years now. I try my hardest to only wear clothes that are modest and respect the garment, even if they are hard to find at times. I also care quite a bit about looking nice in my clothes and being fashionable. I have lived in dry dry Utah for my entire life, and just recently moved the very humid southern US in the past few months. As the spring goes on and starts to become summer, it's getting much more hot and humid, and so I wanted to find some new things that would work well in the summer without any layering besides garments+ bra. One of the shirts I picked up is made of very lightweight fabric, and I was worried it might be a bit see through without a cap sleeve, which would defeat the point of me owning it right now, as I don't want to layer. It's dark blue, and in the mirror I could faintly see that there is a white t-shirt thing (my garments) underneath. I asked my husband for his opinion, and went outside in bright sunshine and did the "bend forwards like tying my shoe" to stretch the back of the shirt to see if he could see through it, and also asked if he could tell that my bra was on top of the garments through the shirt (a style that I try to rock, but still feel would look really weird if people could see it, because lets be real, who wears their bra on top of the undershirt outside of the the LDS church right?) My husband reported that he could see through the shirt and also that all the lines of the garment+ bra combo helped emphasize it. We tried several combos (with the bra, without the bra) and he reported that without the bra he could still see exactly where the garments were but that it just sort of looked like a strangely shaped undershirt. After getting all sad that I might have to return the shirt, I made the discovery that this was the case with pretty much EVERY shirt that I own, just me nor him had ever paid much attention. Even standard, thickish t-shirts from target- you can tell that there is another shirt underneath, and when bending over the lines of the bra give away that the bra is on top. The new shirt isn't even the worst offender, I had other shirts I've worn for years that are the same amount or even a little more. Let me clarify that you can't see the symbols at all, just the outlines of where the garment is. I have always maintained that I do not think it looks good when people with garments wear sheer or lacey clothes and you can see the garments through them. Any clothes in this category I would just layer a capsleeve shirt and then the regular shirt. But now I'm realizing that this is literally every shirt, and that even with a white bra (to blend with the garments) you can still see it if you look for it. I'm now wondering how I never noticed this before. My question is, does being able to even faintly see garments underneath your clothes look tacky? How do other ladies take care of the "too many lines gives away the bra" problem? Do you think these things just look like undershirts to the untrained eye? Even to the trained eye, is that a fashion faux pas? I don't know if there is even such as thing as a completely non-see through shirt when you are wearing white underneath, but now this is really bugging me and making me wonder if people are doing double takes wondering what is going on under there. How do people who live in hot climates dress themselves to stay cool and not run into this happening? Trying to figure out if people don't pay attention like I didn't till now, or if it's just a fact that happens when wearing garments and you hope other people don't look too close.
  8. My dad, who lives in a care facility, due to medical issues.. The facility that he is in requires that his name be written on all of his clothes. Is ok to write his name on his temple garments - like on the hem of each garment?
  9. This is my first time posting so hopefully I'm doing this right! I received my endowments in 2003 and I wear my garments everyday even if I exercise (I'm too scared of not wearing them). Wearing garments make me feel frumpy and ugly. I think it's pointless to buy a cute bra if I have to wear it on top of the garment and the garment bottom. I don't wish to ditch the garments so that I can wear stuff I couldn't wear with them. I've been always modest, even before joining the church, because I have some birth marks and never felt comfortable wearing sleeveless stuff. I just wish I could feel better about myself and feel confident with what I wear. It's like if you are wearing a beautiful outfit and new shoes but wearing old socks full of holes! It feels strange. Another example, I used to wear old t-shirts to go to bed but since I purchased real and proper pajamas I feel like an actual human being and feel great going to bed as strange as it might sound. Has anyone felt this way and how do you deal with it? I've read another thread about lingerie but it was mostly talking about sex. I'm married but I don't have problems with lingerie during intimate moments. My concern is that I don't feel feminine and like a woman wearing garments. Thanks!
  10. While browsing through some old threads, I came across someone posting about the discomfort from her garments. While I believe it unfortunate that thread ended badly, I did not see any comments about what I call the “Everyday Spiritual Experience from Covenants”. When I put on my garments in the morning I see it as much more than a reminder of my temple covenants. I recognize that while getting dressed, the Lord is with me. I just had a spiritual experience getting dressed in the morning. And while this may seem almost absurd to many, I get a similar spiritual experience going to the bathroom. When I go by the break room several times a day at work and see the coffeemaker or smell the coffee or even going by someone’s desk while they have a cup of joe, I’m not just reminded of a covenant. I have a spiritual experience. I don’t spend my time criticizing others for drinking a body and mind destroying substance. I am considering that walking around the office is a chance to be reminded that the Lord is part of every aspect of my life, even eating and drinking. I sit down at a restaurant and consider what drink I’m going to have with my meal and I skip over the alcoholic section and I realize that the Lord is having dinner with me. As I write an email or other communication, I try not to use vulgar language. Writing an email is a spiritual experience. If I believe that the Word of Wisdom is merely our health code, I’m missing out on an important aspect of what it means to be under a covenant with the Lord. If I see the temple garments as “chastity armor”, not only do I find that pretty ineffective, but I am missing out on the aspect of a connection with Deity. As evidence, I see the promise of the Word of Wisdom. Not only will we have greater health, but “the destroying angel will pass (us) by” and we shall have “great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures.” It occurred to me that over the past four years, I’ve found so many statements by so many non-member sources of varying levels of respect/animosity towards us that they often admit two things about Mormons: 1) They are honest and kind people with good family values. 2) They tend to be very smart people. I believe there are more blessings we receive each day than we really pay attention to.
  11. I have seen people write these posts before and all anyone wants to do it is tell them that they will get used to it, but it has been 15 years and I still havent gotten used to wearing my garments! It is the hardest thing for me. I struggle daily and to tell you the truth I probably only wear my garments a few times a week! I live in Florida and it is soooo hot here and I am so uncomfortable in them. They never feel right and bunch up or always peek out of something. I also get heat exhaustion really easy. No excuses though, they really bug me. So here is the only questions that I need answered...what happens if you don't wear them besides obviously that you cannot go to the temple. Can you be disciplined? Will that mean that your sealing ties are broken? Just want to know what it is that would happen if I didn't wear them. I know the church is true and I have no doubt about that andI have a strong testimony but I really cannot handle wearing them all the time. I would appreciate some answers from people that actually know the consequences of this. And please no judgement...
  12. Hello, I'm a short girl (5"24 or 1.60 meters) and my old 100% cotton garments are worn out after 4 years of use ( I bought them on the day I took my endowments and never replaced them) but now, due to use and other issues with 100% I need to buy all my g's again. Here's the thing: I bought a pair of drysilke (sp) with in regular size (24) and they are HUGE. I don't know what's wrong, my body is the same and to be fair, I don't want to spend a lot in wrong fitted g's. PLEASE HELP. Did the sizing when odd? Should I use size 22 now? My D.C is helpless and I'm a convert so my mom can't do much... PS: I'm from Latin America.
  13. In a conversation this morning, someone brought up how they love garments for just lounging about the house in when no one is around. I mentioned I didn't, and somehow that was interpreted as "Backroads hates her garments". The fact is, I can't stand it. I have to have clothes on. If I'm being "comfy" I'm in pajamas. Instead, I'm accused of being ashamed of my garments. is it really honoring one's garments by being comfortable in wearing just garments?
  14. My girlfriend and I have been dating for roughly 8 months. She is an endowed, lifelong member of the church. I am not endowed, having joined the church later in life as a convert. We are both in our 30s. On several occasions, my girlfriend has made the comment that "It's not right to touch each other where garments would be". I certainly understand the need to keep physical intimacy in check outside of marriage and we are quite careful about that. I'd like to clarify that her comments are in no way reflective of touching of private parts. They apply to situations when her hand touches my back beneath the hem of my t-shirt, or when applying sunscreen at a public beach. As a convert, I can't tell if this is extreme caution against intimacy, or an actual rule pertaining to members who have received their endowment. Can someone shed some light on this for me?
  15. I have two questions requiring advice: 1. Does anyone have any tips for removing ink stains from clothing? and 2. When would you replace a garment? The other day I was doing laundry. My husband had a drill weekend, has an upcoming 2-week training, and therefore needed his Army stuff washed. I was lazy and chose not to separate the military garments from his uniform. Anywho, I missed a pen in the pocket and it exploded... The uniform is fine, but his garments have ink splatter. The rest of his military garments are already packed at the other side of town awaiting departure for training, so we either need to get the ink out or just replace them. Note: I have already blotted it quite a bit with some rubbing alcohol, but still ink remains...
  16. I know that LDS that have gone through the temple are required to wear garments, day and night, and even in death - I understand members are buried with garments underneath other clothing. I\\\'m curious though, will garments be necessary in life after death? If known or speculated \\\"yes\\\", part of me wonders why... My understanding is that garments are to remind faithful LDS of their commitment to God\\\'s ordinances, but once you\\\'re dead and the veil has been lifted, what further purpose would they have? Especially, if you\\\'ve made it to God\\\'s highest kingdom, and are now perfect - being a God yourself and creating/ruling your own worlds - you wouldn\\\'t need a constant reminder of garments...
  17. I will try to keep this as brief as possible! Ok, so my husband and I are going to the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon when he gets back from Afghanistan. His block leave is in AUGUST (talk about killer heat in the DR!). While we are there we are basically going to be living on the beach or out on a boat or river or water of some kind! Our hiking trip is even canyoning, so we'll be jumping off of cliffs into water that whole time too!! So what I wondered is how frowned upon it would be to wear shorts and a t shirt or whatever over my bathing suit while we were there? I know how sacred garments are and what they represent. Obviously on Sunday we are going to church and I'll wear my garments (he served his mission there and knows some people, so that will be neat!!) and if we aren't going to be at the beach all day or out on the boat I plan on wearing them, but on the days where we are going to go get breakfast then drive to where our boat is or whatever, am I doing a big no no wearing shorts over my bathing suit rather than changing out of my garments? Basically I'd hardly be wearing them. I am not trying to sound like I'm finding excuses not to wear them, but the heat is also an obvious factor, and as I am not really used to it, if there is an issue with that (not just getting sweaty, but like...heat stroke kinda thing) is it bad not to wear them? I know it's one of those things that is a personal decision between you and Heavenly Father, but I wanted to hear your opinions.