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Found 10 results

  1. What is the churches stance on the LGBTQIA+ community, and people within the church identifying within that label? Researching for a short film I am currently writing that will deal with themes of sexuality and identity inside the Mormon faith
  2. I'm attracted to both Man and Woman...there I said it. Now flood my board with hatred. As you know, I am a member of the LDS church....I admit it, I am attracted to both Men and Women. I have had 1 past sexual relationship with a man. I want to change my ways, I've come back to church because I feel really bad! I just acted on my desire! Do I have a chance if I repent?!
  3. Hello, my name is Rain and I was raised in the Mormon church, but I stopped going when I was about 12 because I realized I was gay. I know God exists and is real but it was too hard for me to stay in a church that says God made me perfectly in a certain way but then also says I can't love. I'm not going to stop dating men, I have a fiance and everything. I know if i went back to the church I would not be able to be married in the temple but would I able to still be a member of the church if I'm in a gay marriage? So this comes to the title, I'd choose my fiance over God every time. If I went to church and was not welcomed, I would stop going. That's how important he is to me. I am willing to elaborate on anything I've said if anyone has questions, but I'd like other people's perspectives.
  4. Hi. I was baptised into the LDS Church last Saturday, and I have some questions about some of its teachings. Homosexuality I know that the LDS Church views s*x between two members of the same gender a sin, because it's wasting seed etc. But is it ok to be in a completely celibate homosexual relationship? Cross-dressing I haven't seen any scripture concerning this, and it's something I'm too afraid to ask the missionaries/the bishop about, but what is the Church's view on cross-dressing? By this, I mean that sometimes I wear jackets and shirts that are intended for women. I don't wear dresses and stuff but I wear jackets, as I'm pretty genderfluid. What is the Church's stance on this? Is it a sin or not? Is it a sin to wear nail-varnish/eyeliner? I'm going to a church movie night tomorrow and I really want to wear my favourite jacket to it, which is traditionally a woman's jacket. What's the likelihood of me being ridiculed/shunned for it? Baptism Number Also, wasn't I supposed to have gotten some type of church membership number after my baptism? I haven't gotten that...
  5. I'm getting baptised soon. Unfortunately, I've developed something of a crush on one of the missionaries. We're both the same age - in our late teens - and he just happens to be particularly good-looking. I've tried to not let it distract me during our lessons together, and I generally try to talk to other missionaries and church members during church events like the weekly sports matches, I try to talk to other people instead of him so that my crush on him doesn't serve as a distraction. However, when we're talking - such as when he's trying to teach me stuff during the lessons - I find it very difficult to look at him or maintain eye contact. I know such crushes are unlawful but I can't get rid of it. Any advice on how to deal with it? One of the annoying things about it is that I am asexual - I feel absolutely no desire to have sex with anybody - but I still get crushes on people.
  6. Hi. I'm a 20 year old investigator trying to find out about the LDS Church. I first wanted to learn about the church last month, when I saw a video about Joseph Smith which really resonated with me. I was raised Catholic (but grew disillusioned due to some of the ways that church operates) but I've always had a strong faith in God and was looking for a new Church. When I saw the movie about Joseph Smith and found out about how there was a modern-day prophet (something I've always wondered about) it really resonated with me so I wanted to learn more. I sent an email to one of the LDS websites, where I got in touch with someone who was able to find a missionary in my city to speak to me. My first meeting with the two missionaries (let's call them Elder C and Elder V) was last Thursday. It went well and I got a Book of Mormon. I was interested in the stuff they talked about and it made a lot of sense to me. The next day we had another lesson. Our lessons take place in the chapel instead of my house because I live with my landlady, so I don't want to bring guests over. They talked about the three degrees of Heaven - again, it all made a lot of sense to me. Directly after that lesson, we had a game of volleyball with other members of the Church. It was a lot of fun, even though I was terrible at it. Then the next day (Saturday) we had another lesson. However, it was scheduled to take place at 1:00 in the afternoon, but then just before it was time to meet-up, they texted me to say that they had to change the time to 3:00. Eventually this became 4:00, and when they finally did show up they didn't have the key so we had to talk in the street instead of the bus-stop. We talked for exactly ten minutes before they got the bus home. They had made me wait around for 4 hours, just so we'd have a 10 minute meeting. The next day was Sunday. I'm yet to gain testimony so I felt it best to not attend the seminary. I texted them saying that I'd only attend the final two hours of church (the gospel principles class and the priesthood, where I could learn more about the church). However when I got to the chapel (a few minutes before seminary ended) an older Brother saw me in the corridor and asked me to sit next to him through the end of the seminary. Afterwards we had Gospel Principles and the priesthood. One of the other Elders, Elder H, (the missionary I get on best with) talked to me throughout it all but the missionaries who're supposed to be teaching me didn't talk to me except for the very end when one of them told me that we'd have a lesson the next day (Monday). This lesson was postponed to Tuesday. Again, the lesson was delayed for an hour and when it eventually was on, one of the missionaries (the one who hadn't talked to me during church) was at another meeting instead. So Elder H took his place. The Elders talked about chastisy (I asked them if we could do this lesson when I txted them the day before). During it, I admitted that one of the things that was stopping me from fully-accepting this Church was how it views homosexuality, and how one of the Baptist Questions addresses homosexuality (I was afraid that I'd be asked the Baptism Questions in front of everyone, I hadn't realised that the baptism interview takes place on a seperate day to the actual baptism itself). I admitted that when I was young I had been homosexual. The Elders seemed okay with it. However today (yes, they had organised another lesson for today! I've had a lesson pretty much every day) the Elders didn't turn up. They said they were on their way but I waited around for half an hour and none of them turned up. I then txted them asking if they were coming and they never replied. So my question is: why do they keep (a) changing the time of our meetings and (b) why didn't they turn up today? Have I somehow annoyed them? Their constant "changing the time" is beginning to really inconvenience me because it means I have to wait around for three hours, even though I have other things I should be doing. How do I tell them that without coming across as being nasty? I know they've probably got a lot of people to be seeing but at this point it's getting ridiculous. Would it be okay to tell them that, if they continue to be late or if they continue to not show up, I'm just going to walk away. I really want to join this Church - I have a lot of faith in it - but unfortunately, to get baptised, I need to have the missionary lessons, and the missionaries' time-keeping is making that really difficult. Are missionaries usually like this? NOTE: This isn't meant to be an attack on the LDS church. I've enjoyed the time I've spent learning more about the church and everyone in there seems nice. It's just this one issue (time-keeping) that's really beginning to grate on my nerves.
  7. Guest

    "Mass Resignation"

    Interesting. Funny thing: findings showed that only 5% of such individuals actually attend church even once a month. This is nothing more than spitting at the wind. Persecutions may rage. Mobs may combine. Armies may assemble. And calumny may defame. But the truth of God will go forth...till the great Jehovah shall say "the work is done".
  8. When I am asked what I would do if I discovered that I was predominantly attracted to the same sex my quick answer is, "I'd be celibate." What else is there? I wouldn't enter into a relationship that I could not give myself passionately towards. LIkewise, I wouldn't enter one that violated God's commands. And, at least for traditional Christians, there is a long history of those who chose to be celibate so they could fully dedicate themselves to God's work. Turns out that this course of action is more controversial than I thought. LBGT folk and some Christians are uncomfortable because celibacy denies the goal of those who want LBGT to be fully who they are and fully able to engage in church life on the one hand, and it suggests that desires cannot be corrected on the other. I still embrace this as the most likely course of successful action for a commited believer who is same-sex attracted.
  9. I was just wondering... How many of you want the church do allow gay marriage? How many of you think it will? And how many of you would stop going to church if they did?
  10. I have been faced with what I would call the most difficult challenge, I would not wish on my worst enemy. I have asked the how's, when's and why me's, and find my heart breaks everyday. To cut a very long story short..... I am married and I'm gay..... I did not wake up on morning and decide I wanted to be like this, to be hated, to hate myself, to destroy my family, be depressed..... suicidal.... No, I definitely did not choose this. Now I have to live with myself. I have been excommunicated, but I love the church and all it's teachings. I love the gospel and the guidance it brings. I know the church to be true, I believe in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and I believe in eternal families..... I know right from wrong and not wish to be trashed, but would appreciate some insight on this. I want to love as well as be loved, and I want to live the gospel at the same time..... but I cannot have both..... how do I live with myself? Where does this leave me?