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Found 2 results

  1. This year I'm keeping Christmas simple. Every gift wrapped is going to be practical and in a reasonable price range. After much over thinking of gift ideas, I had a eureka moment, and decided that everyone in the family are getting a pair of slippers! Yes, that's right, everyone! Grandpas, grandmas, siblings, and husband -- are all gonna be sportin' slippers Now, I still plan on being creative and getting sleepers that reflect everyone's unique personality. And I'll of course be putting more thought into some of the other gifts DH will get. But tis the season to wear slippers! So these are what I'll be getting one of the grandmas.. Minnetonka Cally (indoor/outdoor) slippers for $36.95 on Zappos. So, for those over thinking gift ideas -- keep it simple! Slippers are practical, come in all styles (for varying ages and personalities) and sizes, and are generally affordable :) Hope this helps.
  2. The other thread prompted this post. If someone receives cash or a gift card as a gift do you tithe? My answer is no, it was a gift. But if someone were to give me a large sum of money for a need (like a car or a wedding gift) I may feel inclined to donate to some other church fund, especially if the gift was a particularly sizeable one. Does a person only ever receive gifts? If my mother gives me a gift for my birthday I wouldn't pay tithing on it, but when it's her birthday I would give her a gift as well. We are to share our substance but sharing is not the same as tithing and that's where I think people are getting all mixed up. When I was in need I was given much from the church, especially in the way of baby things. If I had been required to pay a "tithe" on all the things I received after having my daughter I wouldn't have been able to make rent! Now however, when the opportunity arises, and it does, I'll give to someone else need. I don't think it's about tithing. I think it's more synergistic than that. I believe it's more about seeing a need and fulfilling that need. Everyone is working hard yet everyone is constantly giving and receiving. Of course, this is not to say that one should not pay tithing. Tithing is important and fulfills the needs of the church as a whole. I have a testimony of the importance of tithing and the blessings one receives from obeying that commandment.