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Found 5 results

  1. In what ways are you better managing your time for God? How do you manage your 24 hours? (From the Gospel and Productive Life) Here are just some few ways that I manage the time that God gives us everyday. I like to remember that my life is for God, to do what He wants me to do, to help how he wants me to help, to live how he wants me to live. I've been doing a lot of thoughtless facebook scrolling only to ask myself, why I'm scrolling? I've decided to refocus the time spent on Facebook to be more positively active in social media through the many outlets we have available to us. Wordpress, Tumblr, MormonHub. I like to ask myself, "How can I help?" Instead of "Wow, those people need help" I realize I had to create a vision for my life and set goals. I can now reflect on my choices to look for opportunities to live freely and happier. Without creating a vision and writing down goals, I had no direction or sense of time. I use to think too much about changing the behaviors and life of others that my own life became unmanageable. The Peace I've felt from God after accepting that I can not change others but I can change who I am to others. So I use my time focusing on How I can better myself for God to use me and when I think of other people, I remember that God is in control. Faith is not knowing what the future holds, but knowing who holds the future; my life and your life is in the hands of the Lord. I stop getting mad at bad drivers cause i realize that i am no better. Lol. I stopped looking for perfect people cause nobody is perfect. There are just people who are perfect for us. You might give me headache and I might give you a headache. But ultimately you teach me patience, understanding, keeping no record of wrongs and you also teach me that there are other ways to see the world than the way I see it. For that I am grateful instead of resentful. Instead of complaining about the task at hand or the trial itself, I just obey and do. No words from my mouth. My thoughts will be "It's for my own good, His will be done". I always remember previous experiences of when God put me through challenging times so I can be perfected through it. This makes me Smile and Rejoice. I use to have a bad tendency in going over my time limit on things such as writing this entry. So now I give myself a set time for things. How do you manage the 24 Hours of Life that God gives you everyday? I will be adding to this daily
  2. Several years ago as a ward clerk I attended a stake priesthood leadership meeting at which the stake president announced a goal of splitting the stake.The stake was eventually split but not that year. The challenge was to have enough active MP to make it possible functionally. I never doubted in my heart when he announced it that it was doable - but as I mentioned the target date was missed although it did eventually happen.I should also mention I live in that great void in the south represented by > 01.% church membership. At that time and up to this date I have personally felt that if a stake could split so could/should my ward. Basically the membership number in the ward has remained stagnant. Most new converts have melted away within a year or two, and its been new move in's that have kept the membership rate steady. I realize this not much detail to go on but any ideas?
  3. Would appreciate your thoughts on my latest article about supporting/loving our spouses. Of the 7 suggestions I give, what resonates with you the most? Do you have additional ideas? As members of the church we often find it hard to balance our busy lives; between callings, children, spouse, work, school. Among all these wonderful and fulfilling spiritual and temporal responsibilities. When do we ever have time to take care of our physical selves? Are you a struggling to achieve your fitness goals in your marriage? In my recent post I share 7 ideas that will both strengthen your marriage and help you be fit again. Without feeling you are neglecting the other important things in your life.!How-to-Train-Your-Spouse/c53m/E3EE5D71-96A2-4D3F-AC6C-92EAEC4DDBCE
  4. The last couple of years I've followed the lead of some women I know and instead of making specific resolutions, I've chosen a word to focus on for the year. I think the first year I did it, the word was "flexibility". Our life was in a lot of uncertain upheaval, and I wanted to be able to roll with the punches. This year my word was "light". . . to be more willing to lighten my burdens by placing them on Christ, to end the year physically lighter than I started, and to generally take things with a lighter heart instead of wearing the weight of the world on my shoulders. I think that, overall, I've done pretty well. Not perfect of course, but I'm generally happy with my progress. I'm still thinking about a word for 2013. If you were to choose a word to represent your hopes for 2013, what would it be?
  5. I don't like to use the phrase "new years resulution". I'm curious what people have planned for 2009. Are there any goals you are striving to achieve? Make a list of things that may happen for you in 2009. They can be church, work, family,fun oriented & ect. 01. In January I will get a church calling. The bshop has not told me what it will be yet. I do know I will be able to do the calling at church and at my home. 02. In January my tithing and fast offerings will be paid in full for all of 2009. Yes, you are allowed to give those in advance. 03. In April, I will take a trip to Adelaide & Melbourne, Australia. I hope to at least do a baptism session in the Adelaide temple. If melbourne has a temple, I'd do the same there as well. 04. In July or August, I should be able to go through an endowment ceremony for the first time. It will probably be at the Winter Quarters Temple in Omaha, Nebraska. 05. In october, I will go to the Houston, Texas area for my 20th high school reunion. 06. Since my planned move to Bountiful did ot work out. I will restock my emergency food and water supplies. I used them up to lessen the weight on my move. 07. I will continue to do my hospital volunteer service work. Also try to serve others in my community and online. 08. I want to gain a better understanding of the scriptures.