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Found 3 results

  1. Many LDS are familiar with Christian Praise and Worship music. At concerts, and in many churches, it is common to see people singing to God, with eyes closed and hands upraised. There is a sense of communion with God, and the participant engages in adoration, praise--worship. We expect to continue this type of expression throughout eternity. My question: Does the LDS teaching of exaltation suggest that at some point, rather than extended worship to God, the exalted one will be receiving worship from his creation? If so, will his relationship with God become more that of colleagues, rather than that of Father God and created soul?
  2. It might be considered selfish for a Christian to express happiness—or the more resilient joy. How can a follower of the Jesus who wept rejoice, given the state of the world? Consider the recent news and pictures of ISIS terrorists, dressed in black, with faces covered. In front of them, on their knees, were fully-disclosed Christians--about to be martyred. Everyone in this scene believes in God. Of course, the two groups are different. So, who is right? In Genesis 3 Adam and Eve are in the Garden of Eden—paradise. God gave them free reign, telling them to only abstain from the fruit of The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Devil comes as a serpent, and says that if they eat from that tree they shall become like God. Consider this—if you are like God do you need God? Satan’s invitation is to rebellion—independence from God. To take the fruit is to declare, “I know good from evil. I am like God!” Again, who is right? Which group is LIKE God—having decided for themselves what is good and what is evil? Which group is WITH God? Easter is the declaration that God’s promise in Genesis 3 is fulfilled. God told Adam and Eve that from their offspring would come one who would “crush the head of the serpent.” When I submit myself to the Son of God I renounce being LIKE God. Instead I become WITH God. What if I die? I already have. I’ve died to my self-deification, but have become eternally alive to God. That’s why Easter reminds me of my joy.
  3. Let me see if I understand the LDS beliefs on this topic correctly: Human beings were born in heaven as the son or daughter of a god and goddess before they were born physically here on earth. Being born into this life here on earth is something that we agreed to in heaven. This life serves as a test and a means of obtaining exaltation one day to godhood. One achieves exaltation by living a life of obedience to Mormon teaching and practices. Those exalted to godhood will inhabit a planet and procreate spirit children. A supporting quote from Brigham Young would be this: "the Lord created you and me for the purpose of becoming Gods like himself...We are created to become Gods like unto our Father in heaven.” (Journal of Discourses, 3:93) So, having that all being said (and if I'm wrong, please correct me), how does the Mormon Church interpret Isaiah 43:10?