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Found 7 results

  1. We've had favor with government for over 200 years in the U.S., but now face the dismissal of our prayers and meaningless, or even partisan. We answer by loving God-neighbor-and enemy, by taking care of the widow and the orphaned, by not tiring in doing good works, and by lifting up the name of Jesus. We'll not be pigeon-holed into political parties or positions. I'm just a migrant laborer here--my true citizenship is in heaven.
  2. Let me start of by pointing out I didn't title this post "politics and religion", although this discussion will certainly have political implications. I'm also not sure how to word my question, so please try not to get hung up on the wording I use, because I'm sure it could be asked in a better way. What can and should government do to "promote" The Gospel of Jesus Christ? I don't think promote is the best word to use. Let me be a bit more specific, I'm not asking if government should advertise/publicize the gospel. I'm also not sure the other definitions of promote quite fit either, but to "further the progress of" is the closest to what I'm trying to ask. By government, I don't mean any specific government, I mean to speak more generally. But I want to stay in the context of the realities of the world today. So obviously the governments we currently live in will affect the discussion. I'm hoping to keep this as specific and direct as possible. I think things that have an indirect affect are far too numerous and subjective. I think it would be helpful to list some gospel principles. Below are listed (alphabetically) some I think "might" apply to this discussion. Agency Charity (Pure Love of Christ, not giving to those in need) Forgiveness Fasting Faith Hope Law of Chastity Obedience Prayer Repentance Sacrifice Service (giving love, time, talent and or money to those in need) Tithing I specifically left off items that I feel certain government can't and or shouldn't be involved with in any way, such as baptism or The Gift of the Holy Ghost. Of course there are probably some on that list that shouldn't be, and most likely I missed some too. Finally I want to expose my motive for this post. I feel I may be too confident that my political opinions are correct, and think this could be a way to challenge that and learn something. At the very least I would like to be more able to make the case for my political opinions being consistent with the gospel in an intelligent and respectful way. Chris W
  3. The Family proclamation was a call for government officials - and us, as citizens - to uphold the sanctity of marriage and the family. My question is, if the Church comes out in favor of a certain policy, does the Lord want us to support the policy?
  4. Every day there is a portion of my praying that goes like this: Lord grant our church and political leaders the wisdom of Solomon and Joseph. Use Caesar (government) to prosper and protect your church, and your church to prosper and protect this land. Many feel that Caesar may be growing increasingly hostile towards the church. If so, let us double our prayers, and work even more faithful for the protection (spiritual and physical) of this land!
  5. Lake Worth, Florida is now requiring business licenses, and is using secret investigators to check on "underground churches."
  6. April 6th, 2011 IN THE AGE OF COMMUNICATION, Why are we not able to vote on such non-critical issues as whether or not to allow veterans 50% disabled or above their base privileges back so they can shop at the commissary and PX? This legislation has been on the docket for YEARS with no significant action, along with THOUSANDS of other important, but non-critical issues. We have cell phones, the internet, and free public access to the latter, so why is it that we don't have an app on our mobile devices, or a government website we can visit where there is a list of domestic issues to vote on as citizens? Instead of remaining silent in the vacuum of leadership, we would like the ability to cast our votes on issues of national importance. For instance: Obamacare is of vital national importance, but a non-critical domestic issue that the public should immediately be allowed to vote on, since the Government is making those DEMANDS upon the public itself. Why not create an action date on measures and bills, say a year or two, and if the bills do NOT involve national security or foreign policy, and they've just been gathering dust, then allow WE THE PEOPLE to vote in cases where our elected officials have FAILED TO ACT. We have been an exceptional people because of our ability to reign in our indolent or runaway governments. If the government isn't doing its job or can't come to a decision, don't shut down the government, OPEN THE VOTE TO THE PEOPLE! Western government MUST evolve or perish.
  7. I titled this question that way partly to get attention but partly because I really want to get my fellow Saint's opinions on this issue. I know our Prophets used to speak openly about the dangers and evils of Socialism at one time (particularly President Benson when he was the Secy. of Agriculture and President McKay when Soviet Communism was at it's peak) but it seems that now we are a worldwide church we have gone pretty quiet on the issue. Here's what I am getting at. I went to the Salt Lake Tea Party on April 15 and I was a bit surprised to find that as an active Latter Day Saint, I was in the minority. Most of the people I talked to at the event and since were not LDS. So, I got curious and started asking around and I have been surprised to find that most of the members of my ward that I asked (in Salt Lake County) have no compelling concern about the current direction America is heading and several said they actually agree with the government take over of the banks, health care, the auto industry, etc. because "corporate greed has gotten so bad." I also get a very common response from many LDS family and friends that they have given up entirely, there is no hope for America and that they are just waiting for end to come. None of these LDS Americans have any interest in protesting or even calling public officials or participating in the political process at all other than to vote. Needless to say, I am troubled. I want to know how prevalent these ambivalent views on socialism are among other LDS people. Any comments?