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Found 3 results

  1. I am wondering how much of this ideology is still accepted by today's society? Is the "Me Too" movement causing many people to determine that men are no longer needed by women? How is 1 Corintians 11 still relevant in today's society and/or church culture without being looked like a misogynist? My understanding is this: Man's head (authority come from) is Christ Woman is Man's glory Woman's glory is her hair How is this ideology going to bring people to the truth when it causes many woman to be cautious of men due to the current universal feeling of womanhood and it's rise in "equality"?
  2. NyssaLynn

    Hair Help!

    I'm a teen(female), and I am in some real need of help! For my birthday, my dad and stepmom are getting my hair professionally cut and dyed. I've really wanted to dye all my hair bright red for a long time, just for my own appeal. I don't care what others think about it really, but recently one of my friends has told me I shouldn't dye my hair because of a few reasons: -why should I change my hair when my body is a temple of God? -people are going to judge me for red hair and make assumptions -I'll need to change to go on a mission, but shouldn't I just strive for normalcy all the time? -Guys find girls who not only live but raise the standards more attractive. Some of those frustrated me. I already know all the Mormon guys don't like me, and I don't want to try to please them, I want to please me and Heavenly Father. Also, I have a real issue with people judging me. I already know I won't be able to get a job with bright red hair but his reasoning was basically saying "don't dye your hair because people won't like it". it's like listening to the crowd. Please someone help, I'm feeling really conflicted. I'm not good at decision making and I always second guess myself, like with this. So... is dyeing all my hair bright red okay? Like, it's not a commandment or something along those lines not to dye my hair. I know it's not exactly encouraged, but it's not sinning, right?
  3. I have some young boys, both under 10 right now. They are both 1/2 Native American and their mother and I hold to many native traditions including long hair. I know that my kids are taught they will have short, almost army like, hair cuts. Does this also hold true for Native American Indians that serve missions?