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Found 1 result

  1. For the past few years, I have been reading many books and pamphlets issued by the church in an attempt to gain a fuller understanding of what we believe. In addition, I have attended the Temple at least once a week if not more bringing my own family names for the past nine months. Are there any books you would suggest? Here is a list of what I have read already. The Book of Mormon (Various Editions) The Doctrine and Covenants The Pearl of Great Price The Old Testament The New Testament Revelations in Context The Work and Glory (All books in the series) Preach my Gospel Gospel Principles Answers to Gospel Questions Vol. 2 by Joseph Feilding Smith The Holy Temple by Boyd K. Packer Melchizedek Priesthood Personal Study Guide 2 To Make Thee a Minister And a Witness Mormon Doctrine 2nd Edition by Bruce R. McKonkie The Kingdom of God by Oscar W. McConkie Jr. Endowed from on High: Teachers Manual The Joseph Smith Papers Revelations & Translations Facsimile Edition Mormon Doctrine 1st Edtion by Bruce R. McKonkie Handbook 1 Stake Presidents and Bishops (2010 Editon) (Harold B. Lee Library) Handbook 2 Administering the Church (2010 & 2019 Edition) General Handbook of Instructions (1899 Edition) (Harold B. Lee Library) The Book of Commandments Journal of Discourses: Volume 1 President Brigham Young's Doctrine on Deity Vol. 1 by Fred C. Collier Unpublished Revelations Vo1. 1 Fred C. Collier Homosexuality Second Edition 1981 Understanding and Helping Those Who Have Homosexual Problems Suggestions for Ecclesiastical Leaders 1992 2019 The House of the Lord by James E. Talmage Journal of L. John Nuttall Information and Suggestions for Patriarchs (2016 Edition) Come, Follow Me- For Individuals and Families (2019) Baptisms for the Dead in Early Christianity by David L. Paulsen and Brock M. Mason "Temple Pro Templore": The Salt Lake City Endowment House by Lisle G. Brown 'Not to be Riten': The Mormon Temple Rite as Oral Cannon by Kathleen Flake BYU Speeches, Patriarchal Blessings by James E. Faust The Development of the Mormon Temple Endowment Ceremony by David John Buerger The Fulness of the Priesthood the Second Anointing in Latter-Day Saint theology and practice by David John Buerger The Washing of the Feet by Richard Ware The Book of Anointings Temple and Cosmos by Hugh Nibley