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Found 5 results

  1. “We’re past ‘thoughts and prayers,’ declares some politicians. A couple of them even refused to join a moment of silence for victims of the Las Vegas shooting. Similarly, in discussing the NFL kneeling controversy, one commentator defended the protesters by saying Christians were hypocrites, because we kneel in church all the time. Where did this relatively recent anti-religious tone and content come from? Why the vitriol—especially against Christians? I’ve always considered those I disagree with, whether about politics, social issues, or religion, to be loyal Americans. Increasingly, I see them as folks who may love America, but who might really hate me. How sad.
  2. A Harvard professors says Christian conservatives have lost the culture war, so now it is time to treat them like history has always treated losers (such as Nazis). Was the call for tolerance and not shoving morals down opponents' throats a liberal lie all along?
  3. American society has concluded that bigotry and discrimination cannot happen in the public square. Further, it is quickly reaching the place where gender orientation is protected the same as race. One possible conclusion the courts may make (I'm not agree or disagree--just predicting): 1. A business (not a church or other house of worship, but church-run ones would be included) cannot be allowed to refuse product or service to customers on the basis of protected categories. So, certainly no denying business because, "I don't serve Pagans, LBGT, or races I don't agree with/like." 2. On the issue of LBGT weddings it may end up depending on the venue and the officiant. If the wedding is secular (Justice of the Peace offciates), then a religiously-oriented vendor might be required to provide services/products. If the wedding is religious, but is not of the same religion as the vendor, then the vendor may be required to provide services/products. HOWEVER, if the wedding is religious, and is of the same religion as the vendor, then the vendor may be able to claim RFRA protection. Why? Let me provide an example. I bake cakes, and I belong to an A/G (or LDS) church. An LBGT couple comes to my shop and says they are having a wedding over at the Methodist Church, and could I bake a cake for them. I say I will not, because, as a Christian, I believe the Bible prohibits same-sex marriages. Since this wedding is happening in a Christian church, I find the ceremony to be profane and sacrilegious. Kill me or jail me, but I will not be a part of it! I could see a judge siding with the defendant. His/her religious belief and practice would be substantially burdened forced participation. The government does not have a compelling interest in forcing that. There are other sources for cakes. Even if the wedding party had to ship one in, that would be less of a burden than requiring a religious person to engage in what s/he views as a corruption of a sacrament. THOUGHTS?
  4. Apparently the 3 Muslims that were killed in North Carolina, in part over a parking dispute, died at the hands of a progressive Atheist. There was a lot of talk about this being a hate crime--an anti-Muslim murder. Now that the killer is identified as liberal, there is nothing but crickets from most mainstream news outlets. THOUGHTS?
  5. Quick info about me: I am not your typical guy; I don't care about sports teams, cars, the latest bands or the super bowl. Growing up I was shy, quiet and gentle, I was bullied verbally as well as physically by my peers in the church, (one of whom was the bishop’s son), clear into my adulthood when I joined the army and left home for good. My Problem: I am bitter, disdainful and very, very mistrustful of members of the church and I will admit hostile to some degree. I attend a singles ward right now but I distance myself from all of them because I am unable to bring myself to trust any of them. True none of them have done anything to me, yet, but I have also not given them the chance to. (Note: none of this has affected my testimony of the gospel or prevented me from attending church.) I have changed some of my attitudes and am now trying to actually be social in the ward with the hopes of actually getting to meet some nice people and even find someone to marry. My greatest stumbling block right now is my continuing mistrust of the people in my ward. Before anyone suggests it let me say that yes I have prayed and made a personal to forgive those in my past but as a rule I do not trust my peers in the church as far as I could kick them. I have been a virtual recluse since I was 11 years old. I was tired of being an outcast and decided to cut myself off from human interaction whenever I could. Now after years of hating my peers in the church I want to change but don't know what steps to take. That is why I am writing this is in the hope of some positive advice on how to ease myself into getting to know people.