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Found 15 results

  1. Today I read yet another of what has recently seemed to be an endless series of Covid-19 victim stories in the Deseret News. What frustrates me about each of these stories is that nowhere is it mentioned that the unfortunate patients could have easily been treated with Ivermectin, which carries a risk profile roughly on the order of a doctor telling you to take two ibuprofen and call them in the morning. Most Covid-19 patients are told by their doctors to go home and head to a hospital if things get worse. Why not at least offer some possible low-risk help in the interim? I can't guarantee it will work, but who wouldn't take some aspirin each day if it might help? Even if you are a doctor that doesn't believe it works, isn't it enough that critical care doctors at hospitals all over the United States use it to treat Covid patients every single day, and they swear by it? ( FLCCC Alliance ) If there is little to no risk, and your patient is suffering, doesn't your Hippocratic Oath at least motivate you to try something that other doctors use to successfully treat their patients? What's the worst that can happen? Maybe it doesn't work, but by day 15 shouldn't you have tried it? Patients all over the country have sued their hospitals to get access, and have won the right to take Ivermectin. Then they get better, and post their stories in videos that are censored as "misinformation". But even more frustrating is that the hospitals rarely acknowledge they were wrong, turn a blind eye to the patients getting better, and keep denying patients the right to be treated with this simple and safe medicine. To me, this dereliction of medical duty almost borders on abuse! You don't have to believe that something works in order to try it, especially when you have no other options to offer your patients and the health risk is near zero. Sometimes I have to remember that the medical establishment ridiculed Australian doctors J. Robin Warren and Barry Marshall for decades before admitting that Helicobacter pylori was the bacterial cause of peptic ulcer disease and began prescribing antibiotics. Unfortunately, IMHO the media is needlessly helping to inflict suffering upon Covid-19 patients by actively censoring the patient successes of Ivermectin treatment. It's not hard to find successes - if the media would seek, they would find. Then they could present a more balanced view to the public.
  2. I am one of the Original Osmonds and love spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to Strengthen Families at The Family | How To Strengthen The Family. Our Charity that also supports families is at Untitled Document. I have a wonderful opportunity for families in Europe which is an Introductory Offer to try these doTERRA Essential Oils which are wonderfully PURE for FREE! It is ONLY for EUROPEANS and Good until August 5th! We want families to see how you can get GREAT HELP NATURLLY, "The Word of Wisom Way" and not have Chemical Pharmaceuticals SIDE EFFECTS! We feel that these natural oils will make families healthier and stay well without the costs of doctors and medicines. Again, this is at The Family | How To Strengthen The Family where we publish content for families with MORMON STANDARDS! I just had to drop by and let all European Mormonn Families know about this Short time FREE OFFER. Check out our site also. We are living in troubled times and we NEED to help one another all we can. Thanks, Alan Osmond
  3. Just heard this on news- did a little checking - CDC and FDA have both asked that you do not eat ANY romaine lettuce until they have more info. Already 11 US states and Canada have problems. I don't want to see anyone get sick.... or worse.
  4. I've been very sick the past week and a half with the flu. Today I'm a little better but still fighting it. While I've been down and out, I've had fellow workers who seem to have recovered a LOT quicker than I did. I was wondering what I did differently. I've heard that when you get old your body has a harder time fighting the flu off than others do. I also read up on this and found that some think that those who had the flu shot (and I got the flu shot, they advise anyone my age to get it) actually got the flu worse this year. Some think that it heightens your defense to some strands, but hyposensitizes you to the flu in some other ways. Thus, those who got the flu shot this year have the flu worse than those who did not. Anyone have enough medical knowledge to know if this is true, if this is false, or what may be going on? I know those who are younger than I seem to have recovered already. I had another fellow around a few decades my junior (he is in his 40s) who got it the same time I did and he has recovered already. I am struggling just to survive it seems from day to day. It seems I may also have an onset of pneumonia due to the flu at this juncture. I am wondering if it may just be due to my age though. This is a BAD flu strain. If you have anybody over the age of 65 at home, do everything you can to keep them from getting the flu this year. Also, if possible, I could use all the prayers anyone can send my way. Hope you all are healthy.
  5. Hi, I plan on hopefully serving a mission next summer after I graduate from college (with the equivalent of a US Associates Degree). However, I have pernicious anemia and require a b12 injection every 2 months. My bishop is unsure of whether or not this would stop me and has tried asking other bishops and members of the stake presidency and not had any sort of answer back. My condition doesn't really affect my day to day life as long as my injections are kept up to date. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket, apply and my application gets declined I'm stuck for a year doing nothing as where I'm from, you can't apply for university after January. Does anyone know whether or not this would stop me or know someone my bishop or I could talk to? Thanks in advance
  6. A recent study says church-going extends life by five months. That’s nice. Forgiveness of sins, entry into heaven, escape from hell, and eternal life with my Creator—that’s love realized! Thank you, Jesus!
  7. How often do you suppose it's healthy to fast? Not as a long-term eating plan, but during a time when you really need to call on the powers of Heaven to come to your aid. Every other day? Three times a week?
  8. Supporters of Obamacare inadvertently admitted that the ACA funded abortion. How? When Republicans defunded insurance coverage elective abortions Democrats complained that this would be a tax hike for small businesses, who would now have to pay more for separate insurance coverage. Reminds of the old joke--How do you know a politician is lying--his/her lips are moving. :::sigh:::
  9. What do you guys think of this article? What do you think we fail to do as members of the church?
  10. What if there was a way of eating that was overwhelmingly supported by the current body of scientific literature and practical experience that reversed almost any disease and made it nearly impossible to get sick? Would you be willing to change the way you eat to reverse heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and autoimmune conditions? How about reducing allergies and possibly eliminating them and preventing cancer. Would you be excited to listen to people who claim to have been cured of lupus, eczema, psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis and more by changing the way they eat? Would it improve your opinion at all if I mentioned it also seems in harmony with the word of wisdom? I know I'm pretty excited.
  11. I am a recent convert, but spoke with missionaries for about 8 months prior to joining. I am also over 100 pounds overweight and 6'2. Before I was baptized the missionaries reminded me of the WOW and made me agree to take care better care of my body with what I eat and how I condition it. With most people in my part of the country being overweight, I wonder if the missionaries here focus on this aspect of the WOW more then it sound like its done in outside of Appalachia. I am down a few pounds, but it is hard.
  12. Hi, My name is Shellie and this is my first post. I am so happy to find this forum. I have a question that I am having a hard time resolving. I am a convert (1995) and have basically integrated the gospel into my life. I do my best to do what I should. I have 5 children, 2 of which (girls-identical twins) are serving missions. Ashley left for her mission August of this year and Alexis left in September of this year. Starting almost exactly a year ago today, started a year long experience of various health problems. One after another. First a shoulder surgery, then 2 days after I was discharged from PT, I had a high ankle sprain which left me non-weight bearing on it for 6 weeks and severe pain for the next 5 months. The ankle healed and I was fine for a few weeks, then I had appendicitis and an appendectomy. I was healing quickly from the surgery, I felt pretty good after the second day. On the 4th day after the surgery, I began having very severe pelvic pain. I was in the emergency room at least 3 times with pain and nothing was found. I went to several drs and no one knew what was wrong. I was literally disabled with pain for about 3 months before we found out what was wrong. It turned out to be an autoimmune disorder that was attacking the lining of my bladder. I am being treated for that and am doing much better. Now the latest is another broken tooth (the 3rd this year). The broken tooth isn't as serious as the other conditions, but this time it was different. The shot the dr gave me paralyzed the whole left side of my face. I couldn't hear out of my left ear or breathe out of the left side of my nose either. The movement in my face has returned but now I have alot of pressure in my eyeball. I have done my best to remain positive and not commiserate about it. I just go on living life dealing with these health problems the best I can. Here is my question. My patriarchal blessing says that I will be healthy from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet and all my organs and systems will work as they should. What am I doing wrong? I am doing my best to live the gospel. I am not perfect, but I am striving towards it. The only thing I can figure is I am not doing something right because I was promised health in my blessing. I thought the blessing was contingent upon walking the straight and narrow. I don't understand. I refuse to believe that my blessing is wrong, so therefore the problem lies with me. I am not angry at all, or even depressed about it. I just don't understand. Please help me understand. Thank you, Shellie
  13. As saints we know the importance of keeping our bodies clean and following the Word of Wisdom, however, nothing bothers me more than my efforts and health and that of my family being subjected to people who choose to smoke out in public! They have the right to smoke, but we also have the right to breathe clean air! Help make a change by signing this petition to BAN PUBLIC SMOKING! I saw that you agree that public smoking should be banned...please sign this petition to bring about that very change!
  14. Utah's unseasonably cool and wet weather the past couple of weeks has delighted not only water managers and gardeners, but also the swarms of mosquitoes that carry West Nile virus. The Utah Department of Health announced Thursday that five mosquito pools statewide have tested positive for West Nile — three in Salt Lake County, one in Washington County and one in Box Elder County. Residents are encouraged to take precautionary measures to avoid mosquitoes and to be aware of West Nile symptoms if they've been bitten. JoDee Summers, a disease epidemiologist at the Utah Department of Health, said detection of the virus locally has occurred a littler earlier this year than in past years due to the weather. Summers said it could be one of the state's worst mosquito seasons in more than 20 years. The health department has placed traps at strategic locations throughout the state — including one area around Salt Lake City International Airport — and mosquitoes are collected once a week, she said. "They grind them up and test their blood" to determine whether West Nile is present in that particular area, Summers said. The airport location was one of the three Salt Lake County pools that tested positive for the virus. You can read the entire story by going to: West Nile virus detected in Utah: Mosquito pools statewide test positive for disease You may recall that David Osmond who has MS like his father Alan, battled with this disease a couple of years ago. You can watch the video clip of an interview that he and his wife Valerie did by going to:
  15. I recently found a pebble sized lump on the bottom of my left testicle. It feels like a rock that got lodged in there .It feels tender to the touch too. I have back pain down in my lower back but I have always had back problems and can't really say what has caused this recent onset. I am panicing! I have no insurance and no money either. What do I do? How do I get insurance? If I can't get insurance, then how do I pay for the obviously vital examinations and what not?