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Found 2 results

  1. Today in Seminary, my teacher mentioned something about how he had a friend that didn't believe there was more than one God (it was more specific than that, but that's the gist) and he concluded the story with the statement that there IS more than one God. This confused me. I have been Mormon my entire life and I've grown up on the belief that there was ONE true God, our Father in Heaven. My teacher said that we consider the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost ALL as Gods. A girl in my Seminary class was also confused, so she raised her hand asking for clarification, pointing out that one of our staple beliefs in the church is that we believe in one God. Another girl attempted to answer, suggesting that maybe it's because we believe that we can become Gods of our own in the afterlife, meaning that there must be other Gods with worlds of their own. My Seminary teacher didn't give a clear answer, so I assume that he is also in a grey area about this topic. So, which is it? Are we lying? Do we really believe that the Holy Ghost and Jesus are Gods? If so, why do we consider our religion a form of monotheism?
  2. After debating with some friends i want to see what the concensus on is: who is almighty god? does the title almighty god refer to one or all members of the godhead?