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Found 4 results

  1. Yesterday was the Day of Pentecost, and I was invited as the virtual preacher.
  2. Can church songs and christian rock/music bring the spirit to you? I was listening to LDS radio on Pandora...and I had a warm feeling of happiness because of the lyrics and melody. The song is: Peace in Christ by McKenna Hixson. I'm wondering if there's a scriptural reference to this? I'm wondering if what I felt was from the Holy Spirit?! I'm just curious! Thank you !
  3. In the string @Grunt started about a question by an investigator, the dilemma of how we know when the spiritual sense we have is true--that it is the Holy Spirit speaking to us--came up. Immediately my Protestant background kicked in and I thought: sola scriptura. The Bible is the final authority. No prompting of the Spirit will contradict it. Then I considered Catholicism. A friend of mine converted to that faith, and says he no longer claims the right to interpret scripture--that the church leadership has that authority. Then I remembered the beliefs of my friends here. Members do interpret scripture, but they look beyond the Bible. They also follow the modern prophets of the church, sometimes quoting from their speeches and writings. So...what is the answer when there is uncertainty about a spiritual prompting? Pray? Go to scriptures? Consider the sayings of the prophets? If so, what's the "go to" order?
  4. Was the third member of the Godhead present at Joseph Smiths first vision ?