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Found 2 results

  1. When our current HT made his first contact with our family it was a quick calll on July 29 wanting to drop by on the 30th, we had family commitments that day so it was a no go. We tried to set somthing up for August never happend. In September my wife was hospitalized for a couple of days, Brother G. made a herculean effort to come visit us once she came home, we had a very nice warm visit. Come time for the October visit, the last tuesday of the month as seems to be his day to visit, was one of my bad days that month we were low on funds I was out of enough cash to cover my pain pillls, I was in pain and not at my normal level of functionalbility. Bro G, being an ER Resident was able to pick up on it, was able to help pinpoint what was going on. Was able to explain to me things I have known all along but not able to come to grips with, help me set some timley goals to complete to help me and my family move forward. His kids and Wife have also adopted us and we have been to thier homr fpr dinner, thier 5 year old has expressed desire to have hs hair styled like my 15 year olds. What I am trying to say the Lords programs work for everyone, this is the second time in my life when a HT has reached out to me and began to pull up and help me feel whole once again. Home Teaching works when we are senstive enough to truly listen to the spirit as to what are families may need than not be afraid no matter how strange it may seem.
  2. Greetings, everyone! I'm not sure where to start. I was baptized in 2006, but went inactive shortly after. Earlier this year, the Spirit prompted me to go back. I have not been able to go to Sacrament Meeting or the other meetings, every week, due to illness, though. It just seems if it's not one thing going on with me, it's another. My Visiting Teachers and Home Teacher have been over once since I've returned to the ward. I did meet with the Bishop a while ago about some personal issues and the possibility of me getting my Patriarchal Blessing. I am feeling very lost, in many ways, not just spiritually, and feel that a PB could help me immensely. I'm to have a lesson from my HT about PB's but he's not been here in a while. I know he knows, because he did come over to do a healing blessing with a member of the Elder's Quorum and I brought it up to him. I finally emailed my RS President and told her I haven't seen my VT's in a while. I understand that summer is a time where people go on vacations, etc, though. Come to find out, my VT's are having a hard time getting together to see me, as one is frequently away on business. So, I understand that. I emailed my HT and asked him about the PB lesson and he said we'd discuss it when I was at church. Well, I was sick and didn't go. No word from him. Now, I've feeling as if I'm unworthy of a PB or even just a visit from my teachers. I don't know if my Bishop knows any of what is going on. I don't want to bother him with such trivial things, though. Should I email him and let him know that I haven't met with him again about the PB(Oh yea, I was to set up a meeting with him after I had the lesson), because I'm still waiting on my HT? Or does he think I'm unworthy, too? I explained to my RS President what was going on with my attendance and she's understanding. She says that Heavenly Father knows that I am trying to go to Sacrament, etc, and that I shouldn't be feeling unworthy of my VT's or HT. Any advice would be great. I just hope my post makes sense as I'm very good at confusing people, especially myself! LOL! Love and Laughter, Christina