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Found 2 results

  1. In another post I questioned the status of religious liberty, arguing that the efforts of LGBT activists to go after bakers, florists and photographers will lead to attacks on our colleges. Turns out, secular fundamentalists want to ban homeschools and really cement the idea that the state his priority over the family in setting values.
  2. So my wife felt really compelled to try homeschooling our 10 year old daughter this year for various reasons. While we are happy overall with the school district she felt like our 10 year old (who probably has undiagnosed social anxiety) would benefit from more 1:1 interaction, teaching and love. Our daughter was very set on doing homeschooling and my wife was fully prepared with the curriculum and all. We even notified the superintendent to tell him we were homeschooling. Anyway, so our daughter gets a card in the mail from her new teacher telling her how excited she is for her to come to school (the teacher didn't yet know we opted for homeschool) and all of the fun things she has planned this year. A day later our daughter comes to us and says she's prayed about homeschooling and "feels really strongly" that she should attend public school this year instead. My wife and I were both really impressed that she felt like God was directing her in this matter. She said "My heart was really pounding." My question is if this is truly a revelation from God then why did my wife feel strongly to move towards homeschooling our daughter? Is this conflicting revelation or a new development in God's plan? Could either one be wrong? From my side when we first considered homeschooling back earlier this year I was against it because I felt like my daughter was sort of escaping her anxiety/fear by avoiding school. I thought it would be good to "face" those fears and keep attending school..continue with therapy (she gets therapy once a month, no medications though). However, with passing of time I thought homeschooling could be good and started to feel good about it. Any advice on how to proceed? Thanks! JJ