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Found 8 results

  1. Hi. I was baptised into the LDS Church last Saturday, and I have some questions about some of its teachings. Homosexuality I know that the LDS Church views s*x between two members of the same gender a sin, because it's wasting seed etc. But is it ok to be in a completely celibate homosexual relationship? Cross-dressing I haven't seen any scripture concerning this, and it's something I'm too afraid to ask the missionaries/the bishop about, but what is the Church's view on cross-dressing? By this, I mean that sometimes I wear jackets and shirts that are intended for women. I don't wear dresses and stuff but I wear jackets, as I'm pretty genderfluid. What is the Church's stance on this? Is it a sin or not? Is it a sin to wear nail-varnish/eyeliner? I'm going to a church movie night tomorrow and I really want to wear my favourite jacket to it, which is traditionally a woman's jacket. What's the likelihood of me being ridiculed/shunned for it? Baptism Number Also, wasn't I supposed to have gotten some type of church membership number after my baptism? I haven't gotten that...
  2. Growing up, people often asked me if I was homosexual. Sometimes people were quite cruel because I was and am rather "feminine." In High School, I had very low self-esteem and felt worthless. Now that I'm older, I have learned to accept myself for who I am and have long since forgiven those who bullied me. But I still see others mistreat those who are different from what is "normal." Here is a discussion my wife and I had about the subject. What are your thoughts on the subject? If this is too controversial (which I don't think it is), I respect your decision to take it down. However, I think honest and open dialogue is needed about the topic.
  3. I saw this and started praying for the chaplain and his family. What are we coming to?
  4. I'm just passing along this e-mail that came to me from friends of mine who live in California. They desire to spread the word to anyone who lives in the State of California to call the governor and encourage him to once again veto this legislation. Thanks for taking time to read it. It's possible to copy/paste this into an e-mail in order to pass it along to others not using this site. Have a great day! PRR If you don't live in California, Please forward to anyone on your email list who does. We need to get the word out!! Gov. Schwarzenegger is being pressured more from all sides to sign this bill. If signed, SB 572 would pressure every California public school to have an official Harvey Milk Day promoting the homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual agenda to children as young as kindergarten. The sky is the limit on what a school considers suitable commemorative exercises. This is written so broadly, SB 572 could allow gay-pride parades on campus, cross-dressing, and homosexual marriage dramas, etc. It all going to come down to how much pressure California 's governor feels. Remember, last year the Democrat-controlled Legislature passed Harvey Milk Gay Day, but Schwarzenegger vetoed it. This year, Schwarzenegger is being lobbied more heavily by homosexual activists. Sean Penn, who played Harvey Milk on the big screen, and Milk's homosexual activist nephew, have both personally lobbied Schwarzenegger to ask him to sign SB 572. Otherdifferences from last year is that there are four more Democrats in the Assembly voting for Harvey Milk Gay Day. And for the first time, a Republican, Senator Abel Maldonado, is supporting this anti-traditional family value bill. This call will only take about 30 seconds to complete. Call Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at 916-445-2841. Listen to the recorded message and press in the following order: 1 (English) 2 (legislation) 1 (SB572) 2 (against)
  5. One of the most attractive LDS distinctive doctrines is that of Eternal Marriage. I even had a poster visit my page (who is this pentecostal prisonchaplain at anyway???), and that was the first question I was asked do believe families are forever, don't you? Most of you know that the rest of the Christian world, with a few anecdotal exceptions, does not believe that marriage relationships continue in the same manner, into eternity. Yes we will know each other, love each other, and treasure our relationships. But, no, we'll not continue as exclusive family units who reserve out best love and greatest allegiance only to our kin. For strong families with deep love, the doctrine of Eternal Marriage is undeniably appealing. Of course I want to spend eternity with the woman I love, and to have the undying allegiance of my kin, and the neverending mentorship of my parents. But, what of celibates? What of those who have been given the gift of celibacy? They sometimes dedicate their lives to difficult missions, and they serve the church with undivided focus. And, what of homosexuals who are able to remain faithful to the law of chasity, through celibacy, but who do not receive from God the desire for those of the opposite gender. Secular studies in this area remain sparse, but a recent Christian Today article suggests that those homosexuals who submit to faith-based "rehabilitation," have fair success at leaving "the lifestyle," (perhaps 40%+ success), and poor success at learning attraction to the opposite sex (low to mid-teens %, if I recall correctly). My guess is that the secular world would consider that report optimistic. I know...I know...more opportunities in the life to come. All of us believe that the life to come will indeed hold no disappointments. So, considering the high number of divorces, the highly publicized homosexual dilemma, and the persistent subculture of those who simply never marry, imho the promise of Eternal Marriage, for many, is no more promising than the traditional Christian promise of an eternity where the love we now experience will be so much greater, and the conventions of marriage, so essential here, will become completely superfluous. THOUGHTS?
  6. I have searched for answers and prayed about this but am at a loss. My daughter, 23 years old is involved with another woman. Before I knew that they were involved, I had a developed a great relationship with the other female. Once I was told they were in love is when the problems started. I didn't even know they were lesbian. My problem lies with total rejection of a gay lifestyle. I can't support or condone their relationship and they know this. I love my daughter and treat her no differently than I ever have. This is something that we don't talk about. I am not sure of how to deal with the other person. If I keep the friendship going, will it be like saying that I think it is ok? I can't figure out how to deal with all this. When I first found out, I was angry, sad, worried, and I cried a lot. How do I accept these girls without accepting their lifestyle? I don't feel that I should shun the other girl as I know she is a good person. I just don't know what to do. If the relationship continues, do I let her come to family get togethers? Maybe someone can shed some light on this.
  7. So about 8 or 9 years ago I was walking along the road with a friend of mine and we spotted a black bag on the side of the road. Turns out the black bag was full of porn, we both instantly got addicted and we did some not so good things together. I'm not gay, we just both happened to be at the same place at the same time. Anyway we eventually both tried to repent and we didn't do anything together anymore. I forgot about what happened and focused all my energy on Pornography. Just a few days ago I went into see the bishop about the pornography issue, we have worked things out. Then on my way home I remembered what I had done with my friend, it was a very hard thing to go in and talk about the porn and I thought I was clean. So what can I expect when I go in to see the bishop about this issue? Will he make me give him the name of my friend? And since it was so long ago will I still have the normal punishment?
  8. (Edited to change the link to go directly to the full story) The following link is to a very interesting story about Same-Sex Marriage and the Persecution of Civil Society. It brings up some very interesting points about the direction our society is heading. Same-Sex Marriage and the Persecution of Civil Society Some of my thoughts on the article...Have we now lost part of our freedom? To allow others their free agency to commit sin is one thing but to force us to contribute in their sin – doesn't that take away our free agency not to be apart of someone else's sin? Just when did we allow our government to force us to partake of something we view as morally and religiously wrong and which we do not want to partake of? How are we contributing in their sin? Will all churches be force to marry gays? Will all teachers in all church owned schools be forced to teach that gay relationships are not a sin but acceptable? Will all doctors be forced to perform an artificial insemination on lesbian couples? Will a photographer be forced to participate in a Gay marriage by taking photographs of the event or be sued for discrimination? Will all these be forced on us regardless of our moral or religious beliefs? Have state governments started rewriting God's commandments? I fear this is just the beginning. We are living in the last days, but still, let's pray that the Marriage Amendment in California passes! I live in California and my family and I are voting for it. If it fails, I believe it will affect the whole country.