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Found 3 results

  1. Heaven—it’s the place God sends good people to, when they die, right? According to a 2014 CBS News poll 82% of those who believe in heaven and hell expect to go to heaven when they die. Frankly, if people knew what heaven really was, some might not even want to go. Others would be even more eager. Why? It’s God’s house! Jesus says, “My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?” Think of it! God loves us so much that he’s inviting us to live with him—forever! Amazingly, it took God six days to create this world, but Jesus has been working on our new home for 2,000 years! Also, God described the newly created earth as “good,” but the new heaven is said to be prepared like a bride for her groom! In this kingdom, all sin is gone—including our past failures. No one will look at us, because of what we’ve done! No judgment! No shame! Only love, and God’s eternal presence. Finally, all pain, sorrow, loneliness, and separation from God will be gone. No more temptation to sin, no more doubting and second-guessing ourselves. Instead, our lives will be full of purpose and meaning, as we commune, and even rule with God. So, why will some not want to be there? It’s God house, and He is everywhere. Those determined to oppose God, resist him, and reject him will find themselves much more at home in that realm that is forever separated from God. ​
  2. Hello! A couple of weeks ago I came across a General Conference talk where a general authority related some counsel given to a man about his debts. The man owed another individual, and made a statement something like, ''what about my house''? the counsel was given, ''so what about your house, wouldn't you rather honor your commitments? or wouldn't your wife rather you honor your commitments made that man? This talk was in the 70's or 80's I believe. is there anyone out there that can help me relocate this talk, session, etc.? Thanks.
  3. Just to recap again, I was inactive from ages 12 to 28. And I’ve noticed that most (ok, at least 75%) of the women in my ward are homemakers. So the below questions are for both the men and the women: What are the expectations of LDS women as far as working a job goes? Not that being a homemaker isn’t work, especially when you have 2 or more kids. The old “sitting around eating bon bons all day” joke is indeed just that-- a joke! Lol. I’m basically just asking, as far as both LDS couples are concerned, and the church itself-- are women expected/encouraged to work? Or be a homemaker? If you are a husband, or a single man, what do you (or would you) expect of your wife in this? If you’re a wife, what do you feel your husband expects of you, and what would you prefer to do? For either side, does it depend weather or not you have kids? Just trying to get a more recent view on this subject.