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Found 4 results

  1. My wife and I have been caring for our 8 year old nephew, whilst his mom is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. My brother is our nephew's father but he passed away 8 years ago, although we attend the same church as my sister in law and nephew so we are quite close. He has been excluded for hurting his classmates and before that we had to go to a meeting because he spat at his teacher and was walking out of class and running around the school. He also misbehaves at our house. We tried speaking with him but we didn't want to be too harsh because we understand he is having a hard time. Surprisingly, he is well behaved at church and enjoys going. We are young (25) and we don't have kids of our own so we are struggling to care for him. We have never had problems with raising children before, have you ever asked for parenting advice from someone at church? If so how? We are quite private people so this is unnatural for us. Also, do you think we should tell his mom?
  2. Hi all, I think I've managed to work myself into a corner and I don't seem to be able to get any sense or response from my ward/stake leaders. I also can't get much sense from studying things out myself, I have been trying for months. Basically I feel as though whenever things go right in my life, as in things that would please Heavenly Father, something has to come along for me or my family to make things hard. The worst of these being my husband's cancer. And now I'm stuck in a situation where I am frightened to even turn to Heavenly Father anymore, let alone go back to church (I have been unable to attend with my husband's illness) because it will cause more suffering and heartache in mine and my family's lives. I'm looking for something to say "yes, that's the case" or "no, that's not the case". I just feel completely at a loss. There's part of me that feels that I should just man up and let whatever awfulness might come happen, but there's another part of me that knows it's not just about me, it's about my family too and I don't want to put them through more distress. Your thoughts are all most welcome. XXX
  3. So I was awoken from a deep sleep with the room spinning. The light on the smoke detector was going left, my eyes couldn't catch up and I was getting dizzy, FAST! I sat up and turned on the light and tried to focus on one thing. Finally I was in control of my senses, but I was gagging like I just got off of the worst spinning ride of all time. My sympathies go out to anyone who has experienced Vertigo! Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. I feel back to normal now, a day and a half later, after seeing the doctor and taking some meds. I certainly hope this isn't going to be a common occurrence, but it runs in the family. I just need to find the root of the issue since vertigo is a symptom, not a cause.
  4. I recently invited over my grandfather's brother, Uncle Doug for icecream cake to celebrate both my husband and my grandfather's birthday... This was on Facebook because he lives a state away but is currently nearby in their vacation home at the beach. No response except to put a post up on Harry Reid complaining about the tax hike and his Mormonism... I was a little shocked when I saw this Uncle Doug was recently diagnosed with bone cancer and told he has 18 months to live, he is a christian however, but my husband and our family are the only LDS members... the rest of my family are non believers or a mix of "yes we believe"... but don't go to any church. Its really sad that this could be one of the last opportunities we could have to get our families together, and he is refusing to even acknowledge my invite.