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Found 2 results

  1. In the fall of 2015 there was a report that Norway's CPS took children away from a Romanian Pentecostal family. The case was sparked by a principal's report that the family seemed to be indoctrinating children with a "radical Christianity." Later, the agency insisted that spanking was the real issue. At one point it came out that 3% of immigrants have had their children taken. Their CPS says there are cultural issues, that the immigrants often don't understand that they are not allowed to abuse their children in Norway, and that government will defend the tikes. Only after nearly 8 months, a lost appeal, and an international outcry, did Norway relent. Still, those little sparks of sanity keep us hopeful, do they not?
  2. My husband recently decided that any form of indoctrination to children is abusive as it asks them to believe something without questioning. He declared himself atheist to me about 3 weeks ago. He recently got really into studying philosophy and had a favorite philosopher you-tube channel full of podcasts who he claims opened his eyes to the blindness he's been in his entire life. I was and still am very heart broken, but I am doing a lot better now. We're both 27 years old. We were married in the temple a year ago. We've both served missions and been members our entire lives. He was the one that talked me into paying tithing on all our wedding gifts. He's been an elder's quorum president in his single's ward. He absolutely loves and adores children. After dumping several guys for their lack of commitment to the gospel, I really thought he was my best chance of having a spouse who would stand by my side and teach the Gospel in our home with familly prayer, scripture study, FHE, and the whole package. He refuses to pray to ask God if he's real, as praying alone indicates that he thinks there is a God, and he does not. I still love him. i haven't been the perfect wife, and he hasn't been the perfect husband but we've worked through most of our first year of marriage disputes okay. He can come off as a little controlling sometimes (example: most recently he watched me wash my face and told me that because he helps earn our income as well he has a say in that he wants me to use one squirt of face wash instead of 2 because its more economical). He sees things as black and white. Its very difficult to reason with him as he wants everything to be rationally sound and I can be very emotional and very unreasonable. That's some background. Here's the kicker: He says he doesn't want to stay married to me unless I agree not to assert the gospel as true in any way to our future children (Instead of saying Heavenly father loves you, use words like I believe, and in the Mormon religion...) and not to take our children to church with me until they're able to pass a "reason test" where he can attempt to brainwash our children and they resist appropriately (he guesses around age 8). Right now our plan is to stay married and get counseling until we can agree to a parenting method. If we cannot, we'll likely end up separated. Not teaching my children the gospel as I was taught in Preach My Gospel feels quite terrible to me right now, and though I often want to give up i keep going and hope that he will calm his strong feelings against the church, but truthfully, he's so black and white and this happened so quickly I don't know it'll ever happen. Is it not a commandment to teach your children the Gospel? Would it be right to stay in a relationship with requirements like this? He's changed so much. It really hurts.