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Found 1 result

  1. So... here is my story. I hope to get your feedback... Im a relatively new convert and fairly new Elders Quorum President. The quorum has a history of inactivity ( 50-60 % inactivity ) and not much in the way of organization by previous elders quorum presidents. Home Teaching is in the single digits. Service is nearly non-existent. Finding someone to accept an invitation to serve others is very hard. To say we have challenges in finding motivated individuals is an understatement. I struggled to fill my Presidency for many months. I have this crazy idea that what this quorum needs is leadership, focused efforts and lots of Gospel influence. As much as I believe the Lord does not call the qualified... he qualifies the called... I still feel the need to get feedback from others on my Elders Quorum Presidency Agenda form PRIOR to introducing it to my Presidency. If you would review my Elders Quorum Presidency meeting agenda I would appreciate it. I plan on using my keys to implement this agenda, slowly but steadily, in an effort to benefit the all the brethren. Thank you for your time and effort should you choose to leave me some feedback.. Elders Quorum Presidency Meeting Monthly Agenda Items Recurring Monthly Agenda Assignments Opening Prayer— EQ President (EQ P) Inspirational Scripture— EQ 1st Counselor (EQ 1) Spiritual Thought— EQ 2nd Counselor (EQ 2) Record Presidency Meeting Minutes-EQ Secretary (EQ S) Elders Quorum Member Assignment (EQ A) MONTHLY AGENDA ITEMS Report from other Meetings (EQP, 1, 2, S) PEC Meeting (EQ P) Ward Member Welfare Concerns (EQ P, 1, 2, S) Ward Council Meeting (EQ P) Ward Missionary Work (EQ P, 1, 2, S, A) Stake Meetings (EQ P, 1, 2, S) Proclaiming the Gospel-(EQP, 1, 2, S, A) Missionary Moments/Opportunity New Member Discussions New Member Fellowshipping & Retention (EQP, 1, 2, S, A) Feeding The Missionaries Redeeming the Dead-(EQP, 1, 2, S, A) Temple Trip w/ Youth Ward Temple Day Elders Quorum Temple Outing Perfecting the Saints-(EQP, 1, 2, S, A) Prospective Elders Update Home Teaching Service Projects Sunday Lessons Quorum Committee Activity Reports Agenda for 1st Sunday Quorum Meeting Discussion Items-(EQP, 1, 2, S, A) Open Callings Family Search Project (Indexing) Teaching In The Savior's Way Emergency Preparedness-(EQP, 1, 2, S, A) Emergency Preparedness Update Emergency Equipment Discussion Preparedness Information C.A.M.S. Calendar/Assignments/Missionary/Service—(EQP, 1, 2, S, A) C Calendar/Assignments/Missionary/Service Reminders To Be Addressed With Quorum: Set Apart Bro Smith as Instructor (EQ P) Release Bro Smith As Instructor & Hold A Vote Of Thanks (EQ 1,2) Call Additional Instructor (EQ P) Schedule Personal Priesthood Interviews (EQ S) Address Home Teaching Concerns/Companionships/Assignments (EQ P,1,2,S) Identify Individuals Of Concern for EQP/Bishopric Visits (EQ P,1,2,S,A) Review of Previous C.A.M.S.—(EQ S) Schedule Next Meeting/Send Out C.A.M.S. Reminder—(EQ S) Closing prayer—(EQ P)