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Found 4 results

  1. My husband and I came from different cultural background (Asian and European). He lived in my country in Asia for 12 years doing several businesses that failed. He refused to get a job as his excuse was that the money was "peanuts" compared to what he will get in Europe, unless he gets an expat job. He doesn't have the education or the experience to be hired as an expat so he remained in work "limbo" for many years. Recently, we moved to his country with hope of improving our finances and save to be able to finally buy our own house. It's been nearly a year and still no job. He's always targeting for some sort of "business type" work and all he has are prospects which I have dealt with for the last decade. There are times I would remind him to get a job and there would be fights because of it. I think the problem is that he has no pressure at all. There is no immediate need for him to work as we get by comfortably with my salary and his disability pension but I feel that we should not settle with just "getting by". We have no real responsibility aside from ourselves. We have no mortgage. We have no kids and are planning for it, how can we afford it with just one salary and a meager pension? How can i take care of a baby if i am the bread winner? It's really frustrating for me as he is the man of the house and should be the provider but the way things are going, he is content with being the house husband. He cooks and cleans the house which is a saving grace but I'm afraid he is getting stagnant and is not progressing with any skills. I love my husband dearly and I wish he would have higher goals than just getting by? Any advice on how to deal with this?
  2. I was reading Job the other day and this particular verse caught my attention. Job 1:6 reads .. There is a footnote with a reference to the JST, verse 6 in the JST reads .. -- The only difference is "sons" in the KJV is changed to "children" in the JST.So reading verse 6 literally, Satan came before the Lord and talked with Him about Job. Their conversation about Job goes until verse 12, where it reads ... Job 1:12 Reading verse 12 literally, Satan was in the presence of God for their conversation. This raises several questions for me that I'd like to pose for discussion here ... D&C 76:25–27: an angel of God who was .. in the presence of God, who rebelled .. and was thrust down from the presence of God and the Son. -- So Satan was able to just invite himself back into the presence of the Lord for a chat? Job 1:6: .. the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord -- What is the nature of this event? Where was it held? When was it held? Thoughts?
  3. What are some entry-level jobs one could take fresh out of college that would have an aspect of helping people experience personal growth (i.e. "spiritual" work)? Given the history and interests I outline below, what suggestions can you make? My background: I'm almost 36. I have a BA in psychology, but no psychology-related work experience. My work experience is all over the board, with some serious gaps. I started working on my degree in 1993 and finished in 2005, with a 3+ year gap for working and my mission. The reason my life and experience have been such a mess is because I have bipolar disorder (and anxiety, too). I've known about the depression half of it since being diagnosed on my mission, but those meds and therapy weren't effective at treating my problem. I finally got the right diagnosis in early 2009, and I've been working with doctors and therapists to get the right meds, and things have been slowly improving. So I've been working part-time at a dead-end job for over a year, being partly supported by my mother, but now that things are starting to come together, I want to try something more ambitious. True to my Idealist nature, I want to get involved in some kind of work that helps people experience personal, spiritual, or relationship growth. Some long-term ideas I have are career counselor, social worker, or marriage and family therapist. All these require a master's degree AFAIK, and so are not immediate options for me. There are probably other similar long-term options I could consider, and there will be plenty of time for that. My concern right now is, well, right now. I need and want work that brings my strengths and talents into play, and contributes toward my future career. I've had so many "jobs" that I took and did and hated and quit (or got fired from) because I didn't have the aptitude or temperament for them, or because I couldn't deal with the stress, and I don't want to go through that again. Honestly, I still have doubts about myself, but I'm ready to take a chance again. I really need some good, positive experiences in the work force. There's got to be something out there for me, even in this dismal job market.
  4. Ok I have two job potentials. Would ya'll pray for me that I would get the best one for me. I believe that to be the one close by... But trust me... I can use all the brownie points I could use... so If you think I've ever done something nice...hehehe... you know... maybe use that as leverage? hehehe Just kidding but first interview (local) is Wed at 10am. I will be fasting this weekend along with my sister and a very close friend. Anyone wanna join me? Anyone who knows my life knows it has kinda gone down the drain since ya'll first met me.... need some positives. Thanks. Hey maybe I could start one of those email chain letter thingys? hehe.