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Found 9 results

  1. I'm looking for some ideas about a challenge that I have with my visiting teaching partner. My partner and I have been visiting teaching together for about 5 months. We have 3 ladies that we visit. None of the ladies that we visit have small children. Their children are either young adults that live with them or grown and out of the house. My partner and I both have kids living at home. I have a tween and a toddler. She has 3 kids ranging from 10-1. When we go visiting teaching she almost always brings all 3 of her kids with us. Her kids are cute, and good kids, but they're pretty rambunctious and don't have a lot of boundaries when it comes to other people's homes. They won't sit quietly or read a book and wait. They like to wonder all over the person's home, ask for things, climb and jump around on the furniture, interrupt while you are trying to visit, touch things, knock things over, play fetch with the person's dog etc... It's very hard to 'minister to' our ladies while all of this is going on. Our ladies are always very sweet with her kids, but I can tell, it's a bit stressful for them, and I don't think they enjoy having us visit them. Often, the woman whose home we are in has to ask my partner to please not allow her kids to go upstairs, or has to ask my partner's kids to please not touch things over and over. I've tried a few things to creatively address this issue. At first, I volunteered to have her kids play at my house while we go and have my husband watch them. We did this and it was great for us, but pretty stressful for my husband. He was a good sport, but I could tell it was stressful for him. I could volunteer to have them at my house again, I'm just not sure I want to stick my husband with her kids every time. I'm hoping I can find a better solution. This last month, I tried having her set up the appointments, thinking that maybe it's a scheduling issue and that if she set up the appointments, she would set them up when her husband is home to watch the kids. That didn't work. She scheduled them, and then brought all 3 of her kids. I have also suggested that we just send a text/email to our ladies, but my partner felt that a face-to-face visit in the person's home was necessary. With the new changes to visiting teaching in 2018, I'm hoping I can find some ideas on how we can meet the needs of our ladies that may not require a traditional sit-down visit, as maybe a possible solution so, today I sent my partner a text asking her to read with me the "Learning to Minister" article on and asked her if we could get together to go over the changes together and brainstorm ways we can implement them with our ladies. I asked her when she would like to meet. She told me a day and time later this week. After we set it up she texted back and said "I'll have to bring my kids." :). (It's fine. I'm happy to have them play with mine, I guess. I was just hoping we could have a productive discussion without a lot of distraction.) So, I told her "Ok. They can play with my kids while we meet up." I know her husband and her have awkward schedules. It's not your typical 9-5 M-F, but he has 1-2 nights a week when he's home. My husband and I both work M-F 9-5. I want to handle this situation the right way. I don't want to hurt her feelings, or make her feel weird. Do you guys have any advice or good ideas? What would you do if you were me? Thanks in advance.
  2. Looking for advice on effective software / device / blocker to filter out your electronics, namely pornography? Brand name? Universal system (Wi-Fi) router that blocks all devices at home? I'm aware of Bluecoat K9 which we have our computers, anything newer, strong, better? Anything that can simitaniously handle Rokus, Computers and Phones. Besides cutting out all electronics, anyone finding success elsewhere? Thank you in advance.
  3. So I dunno if this is the right board but here we go! I am a LDS member, mid-20s, and fairly active! Right now I'm feeling a bit bummed out, one of my dreams is to get married in the temple and share a wonderful, fun life with my future wife! Lately though in the dating scene it hasn't been going too well, like the dates are fun and i have made a lot of good friends but it always grinds to a screaming halt when the topic of families and children come up. I never want to have kids, the idea of sleepless nights, crying, etc, really doesn't appeal to me and I'm pretty sure that isn't changing, I just want to live my years having a fun life with my future wife. But in my area almost every girl i have met in the church wants to have children and big families and such. It kinda bums me out cause I don't want to be alone forever but at the same time I don't want to change what i look for just to have a chance. So yeah I am just wondering, is there anyone else out there that thinks similarly? it would be nice to see some like minded people. (also I am kindly asking you don't say "well when you meet the right women and get older you will want kids" that's not happening and I'm kinda sick of hearing it, thank you!)
  4. I am investigating the LDS church and just begun reading The Book of Mormon. I'm female and in my mid 20's. I did go to one Sunday church meeting and discovered a lot of emphasis on women and having a family with children. I personally don't want any kids in my lifetime. I've always held that position for a very long time. Even though I have a boyfriend for 4 years already. He respects my choice. Would I get shunned or not be a worthy member if I do get baptized in the future and not want a family with children? Thank you. This is my main concern.
  5. Hi all, first time ever on here. Just ... needing some LDS-based support on this one, as our views on family have just become so different from the worlds'... Here's the thing: my husband and I have 2 beautiful children, a boy and a girl. They are little handfuls; full of life, crazy energy, smart little boogers. I know I should be grateful for what I have, and I am. But I know I'm not done. I have always, always wanted more than two. Ideally, 4 seems perfect to me, and I have always said this. And more than that, our family simply does not feel complete. But my husband? He has absolutely no desire to have more. We've discussed it a few times already, but for some reason this weekend it's really hitting home: We will not have any more. I spent all list night crying about it, and even now I cannot stop the tears. But he is unmoving. Just this morning he said to me "I know the thought of not having more makes you feel sad, but for me.. I just feel relieved." He doesn't feel capable of having more and is just not open to it. As much as he genuinely loves our son and daughter, he does not enjoy small children. He cringes at the though of more babies. And while I have joy in the two already here, I still find myself heartbroken and grieving. And it's only getting worse with time. I will continue to pray for comfort, for a way to cope and find happiness. I will do my best to have faith that all will be well. And I will try my best not to goad him, harass him about it, or coerce him into having children he doesn't want. But how can I have any hope when my husband feels this way? If this is how things are now, what's the point in hoping for anything different in the next life? How can I cope with the possibility of my eternal family being limited to what it is now? I just... need to talk about it I guess. Is anyone else facing this, or has faced it? Please, share your experiences, thoughts and feelings with me.
  6. Man, I'm so frustrated. What is it with girls now days? Most (not all) don't want big families! They want like 5 kids tops. That's not big. I'm talking like 10-12 kids. Do they not understand what multiply means? C'mon. It's just so frustrating trying to find a girl to marry when she wants only 2 kids. Any thoughts?
  7. that they are willing to take upon them the name of thy Son Hi, My name is Jeremy and I am LDS. To day I will be talking about sacrament and children. Let me first say this: We declare before every other church that baptism of children before the age of accountability is an abomination before the lord. I am writing this because I feel the BAPTISM and SACRAMENT are equal. One is just as important as the other. And they should be done together in my opinion. I think we should use wisdom in making this decision. I feel the greatest wisdom is to do this in order. To me it looks odd that we tell other churches to WAIT for baptism and then go ahead with giving the child sacrament as if the child has not waited. It's pointless because children don't need sacrament or PRACTICE. How hard is it to eat bread and drink water? Here are some comments that I would like to address: 1. Sacrament prepares children for the real thing. If this is true then other churches that baptize CHILDREN are right, because baptizing children PREPARES them for the sacrament they will be taking right away. So that comment seems to make no sense to me. Baptism PREPARES us BEFORE sacrament prepares us. They are of EQUAL importance and should be treated as EQUAL. Thank you for your thoughts tough. (: 2. Church doctorine does not say children should NOT partake of sacrament. This is TRUE. The church also does not say any thing about the order that a child should become a priest. We institute the ORDER in WISDOM. We should also use WISDOM to know that children need to WAIT till they are accountable before taking a sacred sacrament. 3. Why then do we allow non members to partake of the sacrament? They are also not worthy. Two fold answer. First thanks to classylady for the first. General authority and not me, has made it clear that taking the sacrament is ok for the unbaptized because it is a representation of the sacrament they will take when they are older. That is his opinion and in other words he is saying that the church will not STOP any one from partaking of the sacrament. HOWEVER. The church will also not stop you from taking the sacrament if you are a less active and in transgression. It's up to YOU to decide if you are worthy. Or in this case if the child should take it. So Russell M. Nelson in the Ensign, March 1983 is simply saying, we won't stop you. This does not answer the question of where it's RIGHT it only answers the question of what people THINK. In most cases if you break the word of wisdom no one will do much either. We have to decide to do right. 4. Am I picking a fight? My purpose of this thread is to give comfort and assurance to those of you choosing not to let children under the age of 8 partake of sacrament. I try to back all my comments up with scripture and honesty. You can give me input and we can talk. That is what I am here to do. How you PROCESS this thread is YOUR business. You can make me any kind of MONSTER you want. But it's YOUR reality of the IDEA not mine. I don't let my children partake of sacrament, so don't feel bad. Here is why: Quote: Elder Dallin H. Oaks We are not grounded in the wisdom of the world or the philosophies of men-however traditional or respected they may be. Our testimony of Jesus Christ is based on the revelations of God to His prophets and to us individually. Ensign Jan 2011 What this is saying is that we do not run our church by a tradition system but by wisdom from revelation. So we don't baptize children because we know from the prophets of the Book of Mormon that children under the age 8 are not accountable. No where is there any doctrine that children under 8 should take sacrament. So to allow sacrament to an unbaptized child is a TRADITION or PHILOSOPHY Now some will say we prepare children to take sacrament by giving it to them. But this is not a PRACTICE run of blessing the sacrament. It's the REAL sacrament. This FORCES them to partake of the covenant of baptism and they do not require it. Ask a Mormon this next time he or she brings it up: Shouldn't we practice BAPTISM too? Why can't we simply practice sacrament at home with house bread? Why can't we simply explain the sacrament in primary? Why give the REAL sacrament to an unprepared child? What covenants are they renewing, since they don't have any yet? In truth, the only real answer is that Mormons giving the sacrament to children under 8 are committing a creed or philosophy, since no where in the doctrine of the church does it say children at 8 should not be baptized but SHOULD take the sacrament. Why do it in REVERSE??? It's backwards and confusing. If we are going to give sacrament to children we should be baptizing them since we feel they are ready to partake of the covenant of Jesus Christ! The TRUE Mormon would teach the child about Jesus as is the roll of the guardian of that child. Teach the child about what baptism is, teach the child about what sacrament is, and then tell the child that he or she must wait till 8 years and baptism and then that child may partake of the sacrament. But to do it BACKWARDS is truely foolish and makes our church look bad. Here we are telling all the other churches they don't need to baptize children and here we are giving our children the sacrament of Jesus Christ before they need it! If that's not the most backward hypocrisy I have ever heard. Sorry guys Here is why we need to stay away from doing things out of order and by our OWN intellect and opinion in GOD's church. Joseph Smith in History of the church 1:17 states: Creeds of the churches of that day "were an abomination in his sight" Now we declare to OTHER churches THEIR creeds are wrong and on the other hand here WE are committing CREEDS that are also an abomination before the lord. "For I am a God of order" In conclusion, children obviously should not take of the sacrament. In truth my children will appreciate it a LOT more and it will have a very special meaning for them because they are doing it in ORDER. First baptism THEN partaking of the sacrament. My children don't need to prepare to take the sacrament by indulging in the REAL sacrament at church an. They are educated right at home on what the sacrament is. My little boy has even practiced the sacrament in the kitchen with store bought bread. It was very sweet to see him bless it and pass it. And I felt wonderful knowing we were not offending the Lord. If Catholics can manage it then I think that the LDS church can manage it as well. So stand up for your belief to do it in ORDER and if you get questions just send them a link to this page! Hope this helps. -Jeremy What is the sacrament? Jesus Christ Instituted the Sacrament “Jesus took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to his Apostles, saying, ‘Take, eat’ (Matt. 26:26). ‘This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me’ (Luke 22:19). In a similar manner he took the cup of wine, traditionally diluted with water, said a blessing of thanks for it, and passed it to those gathered about him, saying: ‘This cup is the new testament in my blood,’ ‘which is shed … for the remission of sins.’ ‘This do in remembrance of me.’ … Renewing Covenants through the Sacrament - Liahona June 2010 Corinthians 11:27-31 – Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup. For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep. For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.
  8. My 6-year-old daugther has been struggling with masturbation for a few years now. I have counseled, taught and helped her in every way I can think, but she still struggles with the addiction. Does anyone have any ideas of how to help her stop. I can find no answers anywhere else, because to the world, masturbation is accepted. Please help me. I'll take any advice I can get.
  9. I recently started a website called Scriptures 4 Kids . The purpose of the website is to provide parents with the tools that they need to make daily scriptures a reality for all children no matter where they are or how much time their parents might have. The site provides reading on four different reading levels so that the book can grow with your children. It also has audio narration for children that can not read or who just are not in the mood. Since I got the site up, my children have not missed reading once. In our family we use it as a reward. "You get to go read your scriptures when your responsibilities are done". We want our children to learn that the scriptures are a fun and wonderful thing that should be a part of their daily lives. Prior to getting the site up it was not feasible to read individually with all six of my kids. My favorite part of the site is the "question to ponder". After each story there is a question. The question is intended to teach the children to learn to apply the scriptures to their lives. In our home I ask my kids, "What was your question today?" This frequently leads to thoughtful discussions between me and my children. I want my children to make gospel conversations a part of their daily routine. I just barely got it up 2 weeks ago. It took me 5 years to do all the art and text and to get the site coded. I hope that it will be used to teach our tech savvy kids true gospel principles. Kids are so inundated with technology these days. I hope that Scriptures for Kids will help to make sure that some of that technology helps to teach them about Jesus Christ. I would love to hear what others think about the site. How do you make DAILY scripture reading a reality for young children? Is this a priority for other mothers out there? Thanks for letting me share!