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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone, I'm new here, but I've been feeling really lost and don't know what to do. I got called to be YW president back in early February, and as a 23 year old who basically just left being a young women, it's been a little overwhelming. One of the first things I did was talk to the laurels about how they needed to come to church more regularly because I had noticed they were sluffing a bunch, but I definitely approached it wrong since it came off like a lecture. They all loved me last year when I was just a camp leader, but now they all hate me. One of girls actually went home to her mom and cried about how I had singled her out in front of everyone and been a complete jerk, etc, to which her mom told her she didn't have to put up with it and to come to RS. So, that was super awesome and awkward. But now it is like the other YW don't trust me anymore and everyone at church talks about how awful I am. Anyway, I guess I'm sort of over that, but what I'm not over is the fact that my laurels aren't coming at all anymore. One was super active, and she just kind of stopped, but I guess that is partly due to the fact that she is 18 and graduating here in a couple of weeks, etc. Then another who is 17 (the pres) stopped coming to church and activities, though she still always makes it to BYC somehow, and she refuses to come to girls camp, laurel leadership, or youth conference this summer. I know it is hard for her because her two other best friends have stopped coming, but she still has another year of high school. Then there is the last laurel (active anyway) who comes every week and to everything but is always by herself. And I can tell she feels like there's nobody there with her and that makes her uncomfortable. Anyway, the laurel who does come has a mom in my presidency who basically hints at the fact that I'm an awful president and leader to her daughter all the time, if not straight out saying it which she did once. And I can't help but agree. I have no idea how to help the girls because honestly, I wasn't super interested in church and mutual at their age either. But I want to help them, and the fact that they aren't coming to anything just makes me feel like crap. Anyway, I guess I mostly just wondered if it was normal for this to happen at this time of year when school is getting out or with laurels, or is it really just me? Oh...and I'm I'm sure those hormones are totally helping.