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Found 11 results

  1. Grieved--that's how I felt seeing a bumper sticker that said: Christian Democrat: I can pray and think. It tells of one who is more comfortable with non-believers than with "brothers/sisters," who apparently can't think. Similar feelings arise when I hear, "How can you call yourself a Christian and vote for ... support/oppose ...?" Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives--we can all be guilty. BUT, we must not. We must stop this! Again, this year, families are eating apart at Thanksgiving, because political disagreements led to hard feelings and broken fellowship. Those of us who name Jesus as our example ought to remember that He asked Father to forgive his murderers--as well as those mocking Him while He was dying. Less pride, less talk...more humility, more listening. Let us love one another for ... God is love.
  2. The link below describes a liberal professor who tweeted that Trump must hang. He claims the quote was out of context, and that it should be protected academic speech. In a vacuum, I find his excuses questionable and his content despicable. However, if this were say 2007, I'd agree with him that his speech should be protected. Alas, too many conservative academics, actors, sports & newscasters, etc. have seen the wrath of PC intolerance for free thought and speech, so I'm inclined to say the professor must go. I am sad though. I wish we could just all agree to reinstate the First Amendment.
  3. Is Red State Utah trying to prove it's a kind, loving, safe place too? Look for the September 12, 2017 article by Andrew Johnson, in The Higher Education Bubble section.
  4. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said we should look to others based on the character not their characteristics. He mentioned race, but would likely include ideology and religion. Today some conservatives look askance at Muslims, wondering if there are terrorist tendencies. Some liberals question whether political nominees who are Evangelical or Catholic can fulfill their duties objectively. Some conservatives question whether the Hispanic person they encounter is here legally or not. Some liberals question whether the white person they are speaking to is racist or not. Some trust law enforcement mostly and others mostly believe their critics. What can I do about my biases? Slow down. Believe that God knows our hearts and will accomplish justice in the end. Then, remember daily that I never encounter a mere mortal human being. We are all created in God's image.
  5. I found this article surprising and encouraging. For conservative groups like mine, that have roots in Methodism, we grew up with warnings about not veering into liberalism "like the Methodists." Now we are hearing that Methodists are becoming more Evangelical (read: conservative) because of influence from non-U.S. churches and the young. Wow, and praise God!
  6. The title is not truth, but rather common belief among some. So, the breakdown is that conservatives traditionally view liberals as naive, idealistic, and in need of some real world experience. In contrast, liberals see conservatives as rapers of the earth, controllers of women, haters of minorities--especially immigrants--and mean towards those who are different (read: LBGT...). So, back in the 1970s through early 20-teens liberals pushed the "tolerance" button. Conservatives mocked this, but subconsciously responded. After all, if liberals are foolish, they can learn better. They are not ill-intended. Then, SCOTUS handed liberals a tremendous victory, and mainstream society quickly turned. Now, conservatives are saying, "How about tolerating us?": (Read: religious liberty). Liberals quickly respond by saying they have no obligation to tolerate evil. Have I got this right, or am I missing something?
  7. A Harvard professors says Christian conservatives have lost the culture war, so now it is time to treat them like history has always treated losers (such as Nazis). Was the call for tolerance and not shoving morals down opponents' throats a liberal lie all along?
  8. According to the linked article, the group that is most hostile towards conservative Christians are progressive, white, and educated. The attitudes expressed, put kindly, are that conservative Christians are fine, if they keep their religion in their houses of worship, and in their homes. Keep it out of the public square, and out of our faces. We don't want to discriminate against you per se. However, we support California's public university "all-comers" policy--that prohibits clubs from restricting membership or leadership positions based on religion. They also support restrictions on religious freedom, if doing so seems to mean an overall good for society (yeah, it's okay to bankrupt the baker that won't serve a gay wedding). The article seems spot on to me. I just hate to give into the same feeling of victimhood that ends up making us appear weak and oppressed. Thought the facts are true, does this kind of thinking drive us towards a bunker mentality? I still believe engaging the culture is preferable to circling the wagons.
  9. This is a shameless play off the thread about LDS and liberalism. However, at its most basic, to be conservative means to avoid change. Can one is has a great need for stasis, for "unchanging truth" survive in a religion that embraces continuing revelation? Some conservatives leave one a major prophetic revelation comes. Others form splinter groups. Still others stay, but grimace, and lament the better days of yesteryear. So, I ask again, can one who is conservative in disposition flourish as an LDS member?
  10. Hi, I'm LDS and I have a "mostly-conservative" mind. This means I consider myself 25% liberal and 75% conservative. Over the past few years, nearly everyone in my immediate family who has a "mostly-liberal" mind has fallen away from the Church (and I'm not exaggerating.) Before they fell away, some of them put forth great effort to convince me that you can be liberal and a member of the LDS church. Needless to say, now I am almost completely convinced of the opposite. This whole situation troubles me greatly and I find myself agonizing over it regularly. I wish my family could all just be happy members of the Church so we could continue to have that in common. At this point, I never even talk to my family about the Church except maybe mention that I gave a talk or one of my kids gave a talk. It feels weird because we used to talk about the gospel all the time. This is going to sound bad, but my experiences with my family has given me an extremely negative and tainted view of being "mostly-liberal." I guess the way I look at it is that if being "mostly-liberal" means you reject and get offended by the great things taught by the Church, being "mostly-liberal" must be a bad thing. I do not understand the hostility towards the Church from my family in recent years at all and I think they are just being manipulated and misled. Is my conclusion wrong? Is it possible to have a "mostly-liberal" mind and be a happy member of the Church. Brad O.
  11. I don't know if my thread title is really what I mean it to mean..but.... So, PC posted something in another thread about being "old-fashioned, intolerant, and narrow minded." It got me thinking about conservatism, particularly morally (not necessarily politically) speaking. I was raised in a conservative home. One might even call it ultra-conservative. BYU loving, Utah Valley, green jello mormonism. (I never got the green jello thing. Never made it. Never ate it. Never really even saw it. So maybe that undercuts my claim...but......) In my home we were modest. We did not swear (even if we had thought to my mother's wrath would have prevented it). We did not date until 16 (if then...yeah...I was a bit of a social nerd too). Did not watch R-rated movies (PG-13 wasn't around back I'm not sure what the stand would have been. I have a sister who refuses to watch them even as an adult though.) We had be be home by 5:00 every day for dinner (and could not go back out again). We had family home evening every week. We were not even allowed to listen to pop/rock music. Accordingly, I am conservative. Ultra conservative, one might say. However, I have always been more liberal than my parents. For example, when I hit my teenage years I rebelled against the no rock music thing. I introduced Michael Jackson to our peaceful home. The horror. Even worse, I later brought in Metallica. As you can imagine, my mother was not happy about it. I retained my conservative leanings overall, stayed active, went on a mission, etc., but was definitely more liberal than how I was raised. Until recently. Okay, in some ways I may still be more liberal than my parents, and that is cultural and generational. But in some ways I have actually become more conservative than them. I find myself in conversation with them nowadays and I find myself taking the more conservative stance. It's been fascinating and surprising. I clearly see this to be a phenomenon of my changing too...meaning to say that my parents are not more liberal than they used to be (though they are a lot more chill about being conservative than they once were). No. It's me that's changed. As the years pass I get more and more conservative. And I don't even have children yet (side note: fertility issues...we're seeking treatment...hopefully soon.....) I can imagine that having children will increase my conservationism even more. So, anyhow. I was wondering where you see yourselves on this life-path. State of rebellion? Constantly more liberal? Getting more conservative through the years? Etc., etc. As it's relevant I suppose the discussion might include (for those wiling) ages. I'm currently 42.