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Found 8 results

  1. Today I read yet another of what has recently seemed to be an endless series of Covid-19 victim stories in the Deseret News. What frustrates me about each of these stories is that nowhere is it mentioned that the unfortunate patients could have easily been treated with Ivermectin, which carries a risk profile roughly on the order of a doctor telling you to take two ibuprofen and call them in the morning. Most Covid-19 patients are told by their doctors to go home and head to a hospital if things get worse. Why not at least offer some possible low-risk help in the interim? I can't guarantee it will work, but who wouldn't take some aspirin each day if it might help? Even if you are a doctor that doesn't believe it works, isn't it enough that critical care doctors at hospitals all over the United States use it to treat Covid patients every single day, and they swear by it? ( FLCCC Alliance ) If there is little to no risk, and your patient is suffering, doesn't your Hippocratic Oath at least motivate you to try something that other doctors use to successfully treat their patients? What's the worst that can happen? Maybe it doesn't work, but by day 15 shouldn't you have tried it? Patients all over the country have sued their hospitals to get access, and have won the right to take Ivermectin. Then they get better, and post their stories in videos that are censored as "misinformation". But even more frustrating is that the hospitals rarely acknowledge they were wrong, turn a blind eye to the patients getting better, and keep denying patients the right to be treated with this simple and safe medicine. To me, this dereliction of medical duty almost borders on abuse! You don't have to believe that something works in order to try it, especially when you have no other options to offer your patients and the health risk is near zero. Sometimes I have to remember that the medical establishment ridiculed Australian doctors J. Robin Warren and Barry Marshall for decades before admitting that Helicobacter pylori was the bacterial cause of peptic ulcer disease and began prescribing antibiotics. Unfortunately, IMHO the media is needlessly helping to inflict suffering upon Covid-19 patients by actively censoring the patient successes of Ivermectin treatment. It's not hard to find successes - if the media would seek, they would find. Then they could present a more balanced view to the public.
  2. On November 15 the Seattle Times online edition published a feature chastising an area Unitarian-Universalist Church. Interestingly, the article identified the church as a typical Northwest Liberal Christian congregation, then took it to task for its upcoming $17 million renovation. The issue--what to do with four houses the church owns, across the street from its sanctuary? The city says it must spend $1 million to bring the up to code. The families living in them were formerly homeless. The congregation decided to demolish the homes to create 17 additional parking spots. The media outlet blamed them for caring more about SUVs than the homeless. While the Times may have a point, my first thought was why is a secular media outlet litigating a congregational matter within its pages? My second, less kind thought, is that if media are now going after liberal churches, how precious! They thought that if the bowed to the culture, obeyed the secular mores, took all the right (urr...left) political positions, well, at minimum, they would be left alone--perhaps even praised now and then. Instead, this soft target just took a major hit. More traditional churches will likely get this treatment in the near future--and I suspect the trend will head out towards the Midwest, and then the South will want to catch up, so it doesn't look backward. HOWEVER, at least our churches are ready--we've seen this day coming. Blessed are we when they lie about us and persecute us for Christ's sake. THOUGHTS?
  3. Hi! I am new here, hoping to connect with some other parents. We have four kids, and one on the way! I see media has been discussed on this forum, but from what I could tell looking over the posts briefly, specific ideas for how to implement family standards hasn't been the focus. So my question is, what have you done or seen done when it comes to choosing carefully the content of media with your family? I knew one family that didn't watch tv on Sundays and they had a three strike rule when it came to violence, immorality, profanity, etc. (I'm sure if it was extreme they turned it off sooner.) I tend to take literally the standards in For the Strength of Youth, (a pamphlet of standards for lds youth which really applies to all members of the church. )My husband and his dad like to invite our kids to movies that are pg-13, and only one of our kids is 13. Even then I don't think the ratings are conservative enough. I don't understand why my husband and my father-in-law don't agree with me. They are members of the church. I feel a loss of the Spirit if I watch these movies or shows with violence, immorality or foul language. It upsets me that hey want to expose our kids to this regularly. What do other LDS parents do? Any ideas? I didn't grow up in the church, so I only observed these standards being applied in a few homes. It might bother me more than some because I used to live in an abusive family. I don't understand how people can enjoy watching violence and immorality for entertainment. Thank you for taking the time to respond! Have a great day!
  4. I'm a new mom to a 4 month old. He's still just a baby... But I want to think ahead and find out where I could find appropriate media and activities for my baby when he's a little older. For example, I grew up not watching TV on Sundays. My husband did. I would like to compromise and allow some TV on Sunday, but something like the Living Scriptures. But it's so expensive, is there an appropriate alternative that is cheaper? Also, I see other moms with super cute activity books for their kids that are gospel oriented. I would prefer gospel oriented things like that to help keep him occupied on Sundays. Where would I find stuff like that to buy or make as he grows? Any other ideas you have as a baby grows for more gospel oriented and spiritual Sunday activities?
  5. So I heard a quote from the For the Strength of Youth in Entertainment and Media that I need clarification on. It says, "Do not attend, view or participate in anything that is . . . violent . . . in any way. Do not participate in anything that presents . . . violence as acceptable." When they say violence do they mean fighting, wounding, blood, or what? Obviously Blood spurting everywhere and body parts getting chopped/shot off is violent. But is, for example, Legend of Zelda violent? You kill things with a sword. How about, say, a movie where they stab real people with swords? In many action movies, people are shot. Even PG movies. Some Parental Review sites put things under violence that are even just a slap. Does it mean we can't watch a movie with any violence? I live in Utah and everyone sees movies where people kill other people and fight. My friends play games where you shoot people. Is no one supposed to do that? If we aren't, how come they haven't put more emphasis on it? Where is the line? Should I not watch action movies? What is deemed violent? Thank you for your time!
  6. So Jonathan Gruber said that Obamacare passed because the American voters are stupid, and that the law only subsidizes states that have their own exchanges. When these remarks came out, the MIT Professor/architect of the Affordable Care Act, became a nobody to the Administration. There were claims that he played a minor role, no one in the regime could pronounce his name right, much less recognize him personally. But alas, 20,000 emails between him and the White House have surfaced, and one liberal news anchor admitted that the Administration lied about Gruber. Well, they were not fully open about the matter, so to speak. So, if most mainstream media shill for Obama, and FOX shills against him, where is one to find real news?
  7. Apparently the 3 Muslims that were killed in North Carolina, in part over a parking dispute, died at the hands of a progressive Atheist. There was a lot of talk about this being a hate crime--an anti-Muslim murder. Now that the killer is identified as liberal, there is nothing but crickets from most mainstream news outlets. THOUGHTS?
  8. Hey everyone, Encase you missed my introduction, my name is David Prisco and I'm a life insurance agent in Philadelphia, Pa. I found this board after a friend of mine were out one night talking about the old South Park episode that poked fun at Scientology and the one about LDS. We were trying to figure out what was true and what was created for comic appeal. I felt it best to ask you all rather than assume what I find on a google search to be accurate or what I watch in a TV show to be true. A little bit of my background, I was born and raised Catholic and went to a Catholic H.S. as well as University. Even with that up bringing, I never studied the spirituality of Catholicism or any other religion. So I'm hoping that I'm posting the the correct board to gain some insight on LDS and clear up any misconceptions that South Park/the media have thrown out there. Sorry for not having a more general question and this is more of open ended start to a thread. Hopefully it will gain some positive traction!