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Found 2 results

  1. I'm a medical marijuana patient and LDS. I have a close friend who recently return from his mission staying with me for 2 weeks. I grow my own medicine to avoid using channels that could have illegal activity. Please keep in mind its legal in my state. Well my dilemma is, I need to be able to tend to my plants (water-heat-light adjustment-nutrients) at least once a day. I have a whole room dedicated to my indoor vegetable garden and cannabis plants. The scent of a cannabis plant is strong and noticeable so if I were to enter the room the house would smell of it for around 10 min. should I just sit down with him and explain the situation? I'm worried he might be offended or disturbed by the idea. Please send me some opinions quickly. Its day 2 of him being here and its becoming very difficult. thanks.
  2. KosherForClothes


    Hi there, I have been suffering from migraines for many years and wondered whether anyone else here gets them. I take triptans which kind of cure each one, but isn't falible and if they don't work then I have 3 days of pain. Let me know if you get them and how you treat them. I have done lots of research and have started up a blog tracing my research from alternative to conventional methods. The blog is called Another Migraine as I get about 3 a week and can be found here: Another Migraine. I hope that it helps you out and would be interested in hearing your experiences. Many thanks Martin