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Found 6 results

  1. My friend, Rockford, and I agreed to start a YouTube channel called "Words on the Rocks" where we talk about the wonders of dating as a Mormon millennial living the YSA life. "Young Single Adult" and asked people to comment on our facebook page their worst date stories. We picked two and reenacted the one typical to what it's like when members get set up on dates with nonmembers. some can be really fun; a nice way to reconnect with old friends or meet new people. This women didn't realize the two men she encountered had a reputation for breaking the law! The video is very low budget, but fun to watch. Our other videos talk about the creepers we encounter in the dating world, as well as cliques in singles wards. Check it out!
  2. Hello, Before anything else, I want to explain what the situation is. I have been dating this girl for around 4 and 1/2 years now. She is a member of the LDS church and I am not. Recently we broke up, even though we both still love each other very much, because she thought that God told her to do so. She wanted someone who could marry her in the temple and hold the priesthood, and I can not provide those things as a non-member. Through a week of praying and fasting, God gave me an answer that was "keep fighting for her, she is the one". Even though I am not LDS, my relationship with God is strong. We have since discussed the fact that we both got different answers, and have agreed to go 1 week without contact, and pray everyday about the situation. I know God wouldn't lie, and may have been using the break up as a way to awaken my spiritual side and allow for individual growth during that time and that we will end up back together. Do any of you believe in interfaith marriages? I have spoken with members that are married to non-members who are happily married. I know that I can be sealed to someone after death, is there a way to provide blessing to my children without the priesthood? If she were to come back to me, and I felt that I shouldn't convert, she would be giving up a temple marriage and preisthood, but God wouldn't let us be unhappy. I would love to hear what you have to say. Thank you for your time.
  3. well then... that really helped my decision to not stay
  4. Hello evryone ! im new on but not as a member of the church. Im looking for a partner to work or a nice project. Need animator if you know anyone in the field interested by church topics, let me know Anxious to get to know you all through diverse activities or chats Have a good day! Eric
  5. I'm slightly new to this, I signed up quite some time ago and finally have had the chance to get on and set everything up. Whey! Just a small introduction, I've just recently been converted - May 22nd - and it's changed my life dramatically. :) I'm 16, very.. well, weird. I'm into mountain biking, cooking, arty stuff, music (very much so). I have a unique fashion taste - based on the 60's, but a lot more crazy and personalised. Keen to make some LDS (or not) friends on here, would like to get to know some people. Nice to meet you there.
  6. Hi Everyone . My name is Chloe. i'm 17 . i'm going to be 18 in a few weeks. I live in St Nazaire (France) . i speak French, English, a little Spanish I just graduated from High school. I'm going to the university next year to study languages and economics. i dont really know what to do after that but i have time I'm a member of the church . i was baptized at 8 . i met the church when i was 6. I'm glad to be in this church and i thank god to bless me like he does . I never really feel the spirit until i went to the temple when i was 12 . it was a good experience and i feel connect to god more than i was when i'm in the ''world''. I want to do a mission when i'll be old enough because i want to share my love and my testimony with the other. I like a lot of thing. I like to go to the beach because i live near. i like music and movie. i like to eat and sleep . Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss with me. I hope i can find friends to discuss about my difficulties and to share the good time