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Found 3 results

  1. What if I could legitimately offer you a ticket to heaven, with the very thumb print of God on it, for $10,000? Would you take it? Most everyone I ask this says YES! It would be something tangible, and I could say I earned it--I bought it--I deserve it--it's mine! Never mind, that a family of five could not spend a week at a Disney resort for that price. Consider not that the cost does not represent even 1% of the ticket's value. We could take it and not have to embrace the one thing that Christianity demands of us--humble admission of sin and acceptance of unearned grace and mercy. Most refuse this free gift, yet would pay several month's salary for the same benefit. Heaven cannot be bought, but whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.
  2. Sometimes God uses life's little stresses to remind us that his image can be found in the mercy and grace of strangers. I was headed through the drive up line at Starbucks, had just ordered an $8 drink (because it was free), and realized I did not have my wallet. I pulled into a parking spot, and began looking hurriedly through my trunk and back seat. A fellow drives up--the guy behind me in the line, and asks if I need coffee money, since I've lost my wallet. Figuring I'll find it, I thank him, and say it's okay. I sure did not want him paying $8! A couple minutes later the Starbucks barista comes up to my car and hands me the drink. He says it's free, and wishes me luck finding my wallet. I did find it. More important though is that God reminded me of what he's supposed to look like in me--through the grace and mercy of others. Thanks Starbucks stranger. Thanks Mr. barista. Lord, let me demonstrate mercy and grace to others, whenever the opportunity arises!
  3. I am attempting the process of repentence for about the millionth time and I am having the hardest time just staying committed and not falling back into the mess that I've created. Does anyone have any advice? I'd appreciate any of your favorite scriptures, or any advice at all on how to maintain the desire for righteousness. Thank you so much!