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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I have an issue concerning a job interview I have coming up this week at a health care facility. I will (hopefully) be receiving my mission call next Wednesday, and I am hoping to depart in November or December. I am worried that I won't get hired once they find out that I will be leaving because it will most likely be short term, and considering that I don't know when I will be leaving, I am unsure of what to tell them. Do I tell them that I will be going on a mission soon and risk not getting hired? Or do I not mention it? I am in desperate need of the hours and it has been my dream job. I would appreciate the advice.
  2. Hi, I'm Phillip11. I'm 19 and I'm from Provo Utah, and I need advise. Over a year ago I had a serious issue with Pornography and Masturbation. I confessed these things to my Bishop over a year ago, and turned my papers in during July and became an elder. Due to serious depression and anxiety, I my papers were held and my call took a extremely long time to get here. This period of waiting was a dark time for me, because I allowed the advisory to fill me up with feelings of worthlessness, and in result I reverted back to my pornography and masturbation. As soon as I got my call to serve these evil feelings went away and I haven't had anymore issues with masturbation or pornography. Since then I've gone through the Temple a few times and yeah. I haven't confessed what I did to my Bishop yet and was wondering if I need to, and if I did what will happen? Would I be excommunicated and not be allowed to serve my mission, or will it delay my mission, or will I just need to skip the sacrament a few weeks? Please don't judge me, I've been having these really bad guilt trips.
  3. Im 18 years old and a month,but we can go at 18 now in the uk. I had my interview with the S.P 8 weeks ago . 2 weeks later Salt lake had mixed my papers up with someone elses and I got asked questions which were for the other guy but that got cleared up after about a week. So my papers have still been in for a for a very long time and they have still not been assigned. When I asked the bishop to message them to check up they did not respond and the stake president tells me to be patient they will come. This however seems really annoying as people who put their papers in 3 weeks ago have their calls. I feel that they have been lost and I have no idea of what to do?. I dont want to get a job incase the call comes and I have to quit within a week of starting and I cannot go back to school because the year has started. Is there anyone else who had to wait long or has had a mix up / still waiting for their papers?
  4. Hello. I was typing out a long lengthy discourse on my life but decided to not disclose such personal information on a random website. Instead I will just get down to the nitty gritty, and let you be as judgmental as you want. Instead of letting you know the circumstances I have been brought up under. I'm a member of the church. Born and raised. Always wanted to serve a mission. I have a girlfriend (I love her more than anything, and see nothing wrong with that). I love my Savior and know he should be my top priority though, I've been working on putting the gospel at my core. I have fallen short though. I broke the law of chastity with my girlfriend (didn't have sex, but got close). I told my bishop because it's the right thing to do and began the repentance process. My family (regrettably) has been involved in the process. They were judgmental even though they all have committed greater sins than I in their lifetimes (they're worthy active members now though). I've been working on becoming clean and this has delayed my mission call. This has been the worst experience of my life, having a long-distance relationship, parents who used to be proud of me now looking down on me, and just waiting to leave on a mission. I'm trying to change but have struggled some. I've been doing good things (going out with the missionaries and taking a mission prep course) but should be doing more. And everybody likes to remind me that constantly. I know what I want out of life but I have to jump through several loops before I can go and serve. I know it is all my fault, but still can't help but feel nauseous... The repentance process is so hard : (. My bishop is a good guy and has helped me and I've told him all of my serious sins. I can tell things are heading for the clear now and have been given the okay to take the sacrament but I still feel guilty because of ONE thing... I didn't tell him that I have masturbated on webcam a few times throughout this long and mind wearing and sleep deprived process... It's embarrassing and I know if I told him it would just further delay things. Make me more depressed, hurt my relationship more (this waiting game has really been the worst for me and her!), and feel like my mission call will never come... So is it bad that I'm not going to tell the bishop? I mean personally I feel like it's such a minor sin compared to all my greater ones and certainly one I feel like I can repent of on my own. Disclosing this information to the bishop is not an option for me at this point because it will hurt everyone. That's what I hate!! The repentance process is supposed to be PERSONAL. But I have my parents nagging me to get out of here, an amazing girlfriend waiting for me to leave ASAP, and a nosey ward constantly asking me when I'm gonna complete those mission papers. So THIS is my confession. I am sorry. I truly don't want to do these things anymore but I can't tell the bishop because it wouldn't be a personal repentance. It would be a public mockery of my confidence and lead me further into depression and further away from trying to serve the lord! That's all I want to do, serve him! So the sooner the better. Please, put yourself in my situation. Consider the heartache I've already caused everyone. I can't handle it anymore, I just want people to be proud of me again.
  5. Hi there, I'm Maureen, from CT, been a member for very long time.... veeerrryy looooong tiime, and now my husband decided to take the bis step, we hope to be sealed by April 2011 we have two kids... kid one and kid two Kid one is 14 years old and going to technical school Kid two is a princes/brat/screaming-monster thing that will be the death on my husband and I, and with only 6 years I'm ready to send her to college. I'm from San Jose Costa Rica, my husband from New York, and I've been in the states for almost 18 years. I was introduced to the church when I was 12 by two very handsome missionaries who used to visit my father who became member before me, the charming young guys got me at hello but out of all that they said I was capture by the beauty of the Salt Lake Temple (which I never seen in person) and the eternity of families. Little that they knew I came to be a part time missionary for the Family Search and Church History Dep. and I've been a family history consultant for as far I remember. Nowadays I still hold the same calling but with a little difference, now is my own sealing the one I'm preparing to take to the Temple I'm happy to be here and hope to share and learn about many things not only about the church. Love Maureen
  6. This is one of the best pranks I have ever seen. Colton is an inspiration! He is from Kearns Ut and a friend made up a fake mission call to Magna Ut. He is going to be a great missionary!
  7. Several people wanted to see the rest of the video, here it is! He is such a great kid!! I believe he will have a very successful mission.