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Found 2 results

  1. To keep this short and sweet, My boyfriend has been called to serve a mission and is due to report to the MTC in a week. buthe recently realized that he is only going because that's what his family wants him to do and not because it's what he wants, or believes in. Basically he has come to the ultimate conclusion that he shouldn't leave. I'm not a member of the church but I love him to death and I want to make sure he makes the right decision and doesn't regret anything looking back. I don't think it's right for someone to devote 2 years of their life to something they don't believe in (or practice at times). But he is an amazing person and I think he could really help people, if that's what he decides to do. Currently, he just wants to leave a note explaining things to his family and leave for a couple days (I don't know how that will go over considering he has pretty strict parents). I think he should at least go try it and if he hates it he can come home. I just want what's best for him and I will support him no matter what he decides to do. I don't want my personal wants/beliefs to have any affect what so ever on his decision. So I just wanted to see if people had any advice as to what to say to him to help him through this. Also because I'm not a member and not familiar with what goes in the church I was wondering what this would mean for him within in the church? Are there repercussions to just not going once you've been called? Any other advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. (:
  2. Hi! I'm lookin to relate to someone about your best friend or boy friend leaving on a mission! How do you deal with?? How do you stay supportive? I just feel along losing my bf and my bff!!