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  1. Hello everyone, i decided to join this forum because i feel like i definetely need to talk about this with someone. First of all, please do not judge me. I'm here in order to seek help and advice. I'm 21, i'm latina. one day two months ago i was walking in the streets of my neighborhood and there were two missionarys, my life right now is so negativa, i dont have a job, I'm not studying, my parents are separated, i feel lonely without not motivation. So i decided to awkardly say hi... they looked very kind. I told them i wanted to know more about the church and stuff and... There was this american Elder...the first thing i tought was, he looked so handsome and nice. They invited to the church one coming Sunday. I accepted. To be honest i couldnt think about nothing but him since that day. When i came to the church i felt so good... People were so welcome with me. Some of them were surpissed in a good plan that i decided to go to the church by my own with any member of my family. To continúe, the elders invited me to come to familys home in order to teach me more about the gospel. I have to say that i have been feeling so happy being with positive people around... It feels like I'm part of a family... But at the same time, my feelings for this guy were increasing more and more so that, i would get so so nervous everytime i see/talk to him. I got baptized by him, it was beautiful. Now, in the last meeting we had with a family, i couldnt help myself feeling a very strong atraction to him that even distracted me a lot in order to listen to the gospel. Its somehow noticiable that i feel somethimg for him .. And thats so embarrasing! When it was time to say goodbye, we all always say goodbye with a handshake, so i took the chance in that two seconds of brush my hand against his hand slowly... And it felt like he also was preparing to do the same. I dont know how to explain. I love when he is the only one who rings my phone in order to schdule a meeting to listen to the gospel... The other Elder barely calles me. He will leave the ward in 6 weeks! I need to find some say to ask for any contact. I want to hug him i feel like i really enjoy be with him... I just cant help myself with this. I'm totally aware they are not allowed to be in a realtionship. I feel so in love right now.. The only thing i want to know is if he kinda feel the same for me...I want this storie carry on. Please what do you think??? Thanks in advanced to take the time reading me. 
  2. Hey all, newbie here! Okay, so I just want some advice on what y'all think I should do here. I met a girl last year, we went on a few dates, blah blah blah. We started getting kinda serious when she pulled the "I've decided to go on a mission" card. I've dated a lot of girls but have never clicked with someone so easily before. She had been praying a lot about going on a mission, received pretty heavy revelation that she needed to go, met me, felt conflicted, but ended up deciding that she needed to follow the prompting she felt before. She even said that she wouldn't have gone on a mission had she met me earlier. Anyway, I totally supported her on her decision. Like I said, I really like this girl so I didn't want to drive her away. I tried to break things off with her before she left because she said she didn't want to have a boyfriend on her mission and I knew we were headed in that direction. We still spent all of our time together even though the relationship was less romantic. After awhile she said she did want to keep dating; she said she liked me so much that she didn't care about having a boyfriend on her mission. She left about three months ago. She even called me from the airport before her flight left for her mission. I know 100% that she wants to date me when she gets back. I email her every night and then we email back and forth on p-day. I guess I just don't know how to handle the situation. I know that she wants to date me when she gets back and I want to date her but I don't want to just sit here for a year and a half. It's such a long time and I can't stop thinking about her. She told me that she isn't going to ask me to just wait for her but she said she wouldn't be mad if I did haha. I am definitely bettering myself while she's gone - my scripture studies haven't been this good since my mission. I'm done with school and everything and have a good job. And I feel like I'm really helping her a lot on her mission. I'm not being a distraction at all. Our emails aren't romantic - just like talking to a best friend. I feel like I'm doing everything right but I just can't help but think about her all the time. Any advice? Do I continue to email her every day? I've been on a couple of first dates with other girls but obviously nothing that I want to pursue. Should I even try to date while she's gone? I guess things might get easier over time but it's kind of driving me crazy right now. Obviously, I'm not going to ask her to come home early - that'd be selfish and I think a mission is really good for her. She knows how much I like her and I know how much she likes me. I didn't know until now but I do love her. I didn't want things to get that serious before she left but I'm realizing now that they did. I guess I just want to know what I should do while she's gone to make it easier while still growing our relationship. Any advice is much appreciated!
  3. just have some questions about how they deal with emails on pday...Who do they usually write to or put on their 'weekly report' email list? are they allowed to write personal emails to certain people? How many friends actually write to them and do they have time to write back?
  4. I was in shock regarding this news. I didn't see any articles in the Mormon Hub articles forum in regards to this. Was Chun Wei originally a Chinese citizen (it stated he was from Beijing originally?). If so, this could be somewhat an international incident in regards to the LDS church, and in some ways could send a terrible message to some individuals in China? I'm just wondering if this is far more reaching than simply just a returned missionary being killed, as it seems this particular Returned Missionary was extraordinary (not that all RM's aren't extraordinary, but ChunWei Guo (name?) seems to stand out more particularly because of his background, both nationally as well as religiously and otherwise). Is there any more of this story or information regarding reactions from China, his family, and others?
  5. A little background: My husband is a convert. He joined in 2008, served an LDS mission, and we have been married since his return (2011). We have 2 daughters here on earth and 1 angel in heaven. He has been lying and drinking behind my back for the past six months and I finally confronted him. He's not sorry for drinking and breaking his covenants, or for being unworthy of the priesthood. He doesn't really want to change. He's only sorry for how it has made me feel, and has said just that. It feels like everything church related has been for me, to get me. I wouldn't date him cause he wasn't mormon. He became mormon. I wanted to marry a returned missionary. He became one. I thought no one would do that just to be with me, but currently, it sure feels like he did all that just for me. Which is never what I wanted. So in addition to having the burden of doing everything gospel related in the home, I also feel like it's my own fault. He lied to me for 6 months. He doesn't feel like he needs to talk to the bishop, or stop drinking, since he isn't addicted. But he'll do those things if I want him to. I told him I don't want him to do it for me. That he needs to do it because he wants to, not for me, and that until he gets there he should do what he wants. But despite all this, he says he has a testimony. He also got really angry at me and said what have I done for the church, since I didn't go on a mission and he did. Where do we go from here? Counseling? Divorce? Who can I turn to? Who can I tell? I feel all alone. And that I am failing everyone around me.
  6. Recently my boyfriend of about a year and I decided to end our relationship as we were both planning on serving a mission. We dated throughout senior year of high school and were extremely cautious getting into a relationship and made sure that we were never in a situation that would affect our ability to go. We still got very emotionally close to the point that made the break up really difficult for me. I had been getting promptings about calling it off maybe two or three days before the actual break up, but he was the one to bring up separating. It caught me off guard a bit but after a lot of praying I knew I was time. Although we both agree that we need to take out the romance from our relationship, it's been very draining on me. I'm still having a hard time not knowing what's going to happen after this; leading up to the mission, during the mission, and afterwards. He submitted his call yesterday while I plan on submitting it within the next week or two which means we still have a few months of seeing each other. He only lives a few houses down from me, we attend a majority of the same classes, and our friend group consists of the same people. So I guess this is what I'm asking: 1) What's the best way to deal with this type of break up? We still have mutual feelings towards each other but I'm not sure if I should try moving on and try to rid myself of these feelings or if I should accept them and just know that after the mission we might not be interested in each other. 2) How can I remain his friend and still keep my distance before the mission? No matter what he's still my best friend and I don't want to lose him over this. Would texting him still be distracting? I'm guessing one on one talking might not be best but I'm not sure honestly. 3) Can I still email him over the mission? I just want to send him my mission updates and just see how he's doing or would that also be distracting for him? 4) How do I get over this fear that I might really lose him after the mission? 5) Just overall, how do I get over this break up? I'm really struggling as once again we were really close. We were never physical in anyway honestly. Our relationship most just consisted on holding hands and very few kisses. We were both very much not into PDA to the point where people didn't even know we were dating. We never said things like 'i love you' because that's intense for a relationship before a mission but we were very emotionally invested. We both had liked each other for about a year before we dated and finally decided to date for the next year. It's really hard to let go but I know it's for the best but I'd like any advice to help ease the process. If you have or know of a familiar story between missionaries and what eventually happened I really like to know.
  7. I recently returned from my mission, after serving about 7 months. It was an amazing experience, but due to mental health and personal worthiness issues, it was decided that I needed to go home. I have now been home for over a month and am about a month away from being able to have my stake president start the process of allowing me to return. I have a couple questions and would love input/advice: (1) I served in a foreign country and am deeply concerned I won''t be able to return. Does anyone know of experiences of early returned missionaries who returned to the field? (2) If I do return, how do I explain my return to fellow missionaries? They all have been emailing me, but I've kind of avoided to topic, and I'm sure they will ask. (3) Anything else you may find is helpful
  8. I grew up in the church, and up until about a year ago I was an active member. I am no longer active nor do I wish to be, it’s not something that works for me. The complicated side of that is I was seriously dating a boy who left on a mission recently and I have no idea how to write to him. I want to write to him and send him uplifting things and support him, but I don’t know what to write about considering I don’t believe in the same things as the lds church. So I don’t want to send the typical weekly miracles, favorite scriptures, uplifting Sunday school lessons, etc. because that would just be fake. So what do I write? He knows me, he knows I’m not active and don’t plan on being, and that’s been totally okay for a long time now.
  9. I am an agnostic guy (don't believe in religions but still seeking for the truth) and I wasn't Christians before so I don't really know a lot about Christians or Mormons. Few weeks ago, I started to meet missionaries and go to church with them. I really liked to go to the church it was an amazing experience I felt like I was born again I can't forget my first day and I still keep going to the church. There is a sister who I have a crush on her. I liked her because she has a big faith in god and always wants to help me to know more about the god. I wish if I was like her. This why I want to be close to her so maybe she will be the reason of converting me to Mormonism... who knows? But the problem is that I can't tell her that if I like her or not she still has 9 months and to be honest I can't wait all that time. Even if I have to wait what if she is not interesting on me after all that waiting? It's impossible to stop thinking about if she likes me or not for 9 months . It's fine if she told me she is not interesting on me now, but not after 9 months. I will spend all these months just thinking like "does that mean she likes me?" and ask google what I have to do. I don't know what should I do I really need your help. thank you
  10. About 10 months ago I had to wait to go on my mission due to some violations of the law of chastity. I recently found out that after a year of waiting, I should be able to find out when I can go again. In about 2 months the priesthood authorities and I will submit our letters to the mission office. My question is, does anyone know how long it should take once those letters are in to hear back from the mission office? I've heard of it taking a very short time in some circumstances, me in others, several months. I'm just curious to know if I should be returning to school in He meantime, if I should start buying stuff and packing now, etc. Thank you in advance!!
  11. So, this Christmas I plan to get a nice tie clip for one of the missionaries in my ward, to thank him for helping me out so much. The tie clip is small, silver, and is basically engraved "Elder Winston" (Winston as an example of a last name). My concern is, will he be allowed to wear that during his mission? I think missionaries aren't allowed to wear tie clips with characters on them? Also, what about once he goes home from his mission, could he wear that tie clip to church?? I mean the tie clip does say "Elder" Winston on it and he wouldn't really be an "Elder"/missionary at that point? I know I sound pretty paranoid, but it's just because I assume since missionaries hand in their black name tags at the end of their mission, the title "Elder" is somewhat sacred and only a full time missionary can have this title.
  12. I am informally teaching the missionary discussion to my friend. She loves "Mormon stuff" and over the years has attended about every type of LDS event with me, including 2 temple open houses (one we drove 8 hours each way for), and touring Temple Square (another 8 hour drive both ways). She's has her own quad, though she hasn't read it (she doesn't really read anything). Through our many conversations she knows a ton about the Church, and is extremely open minded about getting her facts straight. She's met several pairs of missionaries, but formally taken lessons. She's a member of a Protestant church, where she teaches Sunday School every week and has attended with her parents for 30 years. She's very socially connected to that church, and loves serving people. Her church...I give them 6/5 stars for their fantastic humanitarian service but doctrinally they are uber-uber-uber-watered down (which she is 100% ok with). She's not one really to take a hard stand on things. Anyway- I am now informally teaching her the missionary lessons. Any advice from RM's here?
  13. I'm giving my farewell talk this Sunday and it would be great to get some ideas on some resources I could use or some things I could talk about. The lord requires your full commitment not just a contribution. Thank you for your help
  14. Hey everyone! I enrolled in an exchange program in South Korea for six weeks, and I'd love to go to church there. Is there anyone who is currently in South Korea who can help me with finding the place or are there any ways for me to get in contact with the missionaries there? I'd be glad if someone could help me out! Thank you
  15. Hello. My name is Anna. I'm 17 years old, and I'm a Mormon. So, there's this guy who I have had a crush on for some time and he is currently set to go on a mission in July. (Whenever a guy turns 18 (it used to be 19, but the rules have changed since then), they are given the option to submit their missionary application to Salt Lake City where the three people who are the head of the church and SEVeral other people prayerfully decide where this person is to go to in the world. They can go anywhere except for a few places in the world, and they devote 2 years of their life to preaching and teaching the Gospel.) I've been doing my best not to push him into anything that would prevent him from going on his mission, but he and I have been getting along well. I always catch him smiling and glancing at me whenever I'm around him. ♥️ I'm also planning on writing to him while he's on his mission. Yesterday, I ran into my crush at church. He and I used to be in the same ward, but after the ward boundary changes, he and I are in different wards, but I've been able to see him through the different church activities. This past year at seminary though, he would always sit next to me, and I really liked sitting next to him. I took him to my school's semi-formal for our first date, and he has 3 jobs now, so he can't set up another date with me. He got me a rose after the semi-formal too as a way to thank me for taking him to the dance. He and I also text from time to time, but our conversations are fairly short. He's a bit of a shy guy too. So anyways, last night I had this weird dream. And I know dreams are pretty boring to talk about, but I feel like this was a sign of some kind. I dreamt that my crush had gotten home from his mission, and he randomly shows up. There wasn't a big "Welcome Home!" party or anything. He just came to me. He gives me this long, close hug for what felt like 5 minutes, and it didn't feel awkward at all. It felt like a real hug too, like he was actually there hugging me. He and I talked for a while, and then he had to go do something, but he accidentally left his wallet there. His wallet was made of brown leather, and it was the size of an open pocket wallet (like the kind that you have to fold open so maybe 5 or 6 inches long). I opened it up to see whose wallet it was, and on the inside of the flap, I saw a small beige heart cut out of the wallet, and my first name was written in the small beige heart. I opened the wallet up a little more to try and find some ID or something like that, and I found my crush's full name engraved into the wallet. The last thing I remember doing was sending a picture of the wallet, and asking him if it was his, and then I woke up after that. Once I got home today from running errands, I started to crave my crush's hug, but I couldn't call him up and get a hug because as of right now, my crush is in Utah with his family, and he won't be back until roughly 2 weeks before he leaves for his mission. (Plus that would feel awkward to meet up with someone just for a hug). I'm not craving a 5 minute hug from him as mentioned in the dream either. Just a 10 or 15 second hug from him, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about it without seeming awkward. And I know this is an awkward question and all, but what does this dream mean?
  16. There's this guy who I go to church with, and I brought him to my school's semi-formal back in February. We've started to develop a bit of a relationship, and I've really taken a liking to him. I've realized though that it's not a good time to tell him anything or try to have a deeper connection with him because he's going on a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (AKA: Mormons or LDS). For those who don't know, when a guy goes on a 2 year mission for the LDS church, they devote 2 years of their life to teaching and preaching the Gospel. Once they sign their missionary papers, they send them to Salt Lake City where the President of the Church and his two counselors prayerfully decide where this missionary will go. Once the President and his counselors have the missionary papers, that missionary can go in any area in the world except for a few places, but I can't recall them right now. Thankfully, my guy is going to be staying in the United States, and will be Spanish-speaking. I've figured from this that it would be easier for him while he's on his mission to share the gospel, and his testimony if he wasn't constantly thinking about me who he had to leave at home 24/7. So I've decided to help him by not getting too close, and I've been trying to follow my own words of advice, but I have a crush on him. He's super nice to everyone, he works 2 jobs, and knows how to budget money. He's also been saving money for his mission, but I'm not saying that I'm into him only because he has money. If anything, I think he's really smart for saving up money for his mission. While I've been trying to follow my own words of advice by not getting too close to him, I have written a song or two about him. Songwriting has turned into my outlet through all of this. As I've said before, I haven't even told this guy that I like him, or anything as well because I don't want him to get side tracked and talk him out of going on his mission. I've heard that if you don't want to tell him that you like him to just send him a letter about a week or two before he comes home and explain to him that you really liked him, and that you still like him (that is if you want to continue the relationship with him). I've considered doing that, and I've written the letter already, but I wanted to get some more ideas. What should I do now that I'm crushing on this guy who's about to go on his mission? Another thing I forgot to add was that during the **seminary graduation, he had to give a talk, and when he said "Seminary has changed my life" he accidentally said "wife". He obviously corrected it, but I had a feeling he was referring to me for some reason. (I also caught him staring at me before that) **Seminary is an early morning class for those in high school. Seminary is only held on weekdays (Mon-Fri) and it usually starts as early as 5:30 am and as late as 6:15 am.
  17. I'm getting baptised soon. Unfortunately, I've developed something of a crush on one of the missionaries. We're both the same age - in our late teens - and he just happens to be particularly good-looking. I've tried to not let it distract me during our lessons together, and I generally try to talk to other missionaries and church members during church events like the weekly sports matches, I try to talk to other people instead of him so that my crush on him doesn't serve as a distraction. However, when we're talking - such as when he's trying to teach me stuff during the lessons - I find it very difficult to look at him or maintain eye contact. I know such crushes are unlawful but I can't get rid of it. Any advice on how to deal with it? One of the annoying things about it is that I am asexual - I feel absolutely no desire to have sex with anybody - but I still get crushes on people.
  18. A little bit of a story with a happy ending to share-- For me, the most difficult part about being in an interfaith marriage is not the non-member husband, but handling the evangelical mother-in-law that comes with him. When hubby and I started dating, MIL was a huge fan of me… except for my “Mormon problem”. Needless to say religion has been a rocky subject. To learn about Mormonism, MIL signed up for a class on the subject at her church, entitled “Mormonism and the Evil Cults” (or something like that). She got a lot of bad information, and doesn’t really listen to what I say because she honestly thinks I’m brainwashed and hell-bound (roll eyes). Though, to be fair to her, I haven’t been perfect on the issue (like not inviting her far enough in advance to baby girl’s blessing). Anyway, the purpose of this post is to celebrate: last night we chatted and had a great discussion sharing testimonies. I learned a lot more about her and feel that she learned a lot more about me. Not only did she not stone me for sharing me testimony, she liked it! I’m still kind of in “wow” shock…. Just wanted to share good news with you all J.
  19. Hello everyone! My first post. I read the rules, so I hope this is all good in here! I have been dating a man for a little over three months. He is simply wonderful in every way. He came from a pretty bad environment, and has a hard past behind him thanks to circumstances caused by his family, yet came out a virtuous, honest, and loving man. He recently joined the church, and we have been attending together since. He's suprised me endlessly with his faith, loyalty, and dedication to both me and to God. After some intense prayer... I've found a strong inclination that this is the man I should marry. We've had a lot of discussion, ranging from our own personal preferences of media, hobby, and lifestyle to how we'd like to raise our kids and more personal matters such as personal relations (I am a born-in-the-church virgin, he is not, but I feel it's very important to discuss one's expectations with their potential spouse in an appropriate way so no one is blind sided by any sexual expecations or lack thereof). We match perfectly, and we get along so very well. So far, we have been doing great. I personally believe we have exceeded expecations thus far for control and respect of each other. He is, in all terms, absolutely perfect and patient with me. I had some issues as a young woman, due to a forced sexual encounter with a man who didn't respect my small sixteen year old self, that led to many years battling pornography and problems with depression and OCD. To this day I am a parasomniac, suffering from vivid nightmares and problems with "fall-asleep-everywhere" syndrome. Cars, floors, everywhere is a sleeping place. Luckily, my sweet boyfriend is respectful and caring when I have my "fits", and quietly holds on to me until I wake up. I couldn't ask for a more patient and loving potential spouse. The problem is, the wait... A year is a long time... it's how long we've got until he can get his endowments. And as someone who suffered from pornography years ago, I KNOW temptation is a strong thing. It's only a matter of time until it starts to try and creep. I've always been told to avoid long engagements for this reason. I also have an issue with the definitions of temple worthiness. I believe the temple is INCREDIBLY serious.... I fear if we wait until he can get his endowments, our minds won't be in the right place. Not that I see us not being worthy (I'm sure with enough incredible force, prayer, and mass fasting we could make it...) but I also don't want to rush. The temple sealing is an incredible commitment that even I as a lifelong member don't fully understand. I often don't feel worthy of such blessings, even though I haven't done anything wrong! I'm also concerned for his health... He is a type 1 diabetic, and I fear that if something happens to him in the next year, I won't be able to be sealed to him in any life... And just the thought breaks my heart... However, civil marriage brings it's own issues... My family, would, FREAK. They have always pushed the temple as the one-and-only, and they aren't wrong to do so. The importance of sealing ordinances and eternal families is BEYOND the importance of mortality. The year between our civil marriage, if we have one, would be a year of my family "rending their clothing" at the idea that I might never ever be sealed to them. While I'm personally not worried about his comittment (as the promise of an eternal loving family is really what caught him on the gospel in the first place), it might cause bitter ties in my family. They may even go so far as to wonder if we broke the laws of chasity. I've tried talking to the bishop... Actually, two bishops! My singles ward bishop is still green, new to the field. He gave rushed, textbook answers, not understanding that I have experienced powerful and spiritual feelings about this situation. I appreciate his love and compassion, but... He just didn't help. My old home ward bishop (the man who helped me through my youth) simply hasn't had a response. I texted him, since he's a bit far from me, and I suppose he just doesn't know what to make of the situation. We are urged not to delay the temple sealing, but some situations are just kinda wonky, like this. He told me he'd circle back when he could, but he is busy and may not know quite what to tell me! We also have some friends at the hobby store we met at who happen to also be LDS, who did the civil marriage and are waiting to be sealed... Everything seems well and good, kinda against everything I grew up being told about how temple marriages are THE ONLY WAY... It's starting to really chew on my poor boyfriend. I want to have this figured out before getting engaged. He is willing to fight for either way, and knows that God will give me the answers I need. But it hurts him to not be engaged, and he's very excited about the gospel and starting a life with me. And I admit, I'm excited too! So, what advice do you all have? A civil marriage would help us focus on the temple as a couple, get us going on our lives (and get him out of his horrible and less then kind parents' house), and also elliminate that long wait period that could cause risk for sexual temptations (as we are very attracted to each other... always have been for the year we've known each other, even before we were dating. We just have control and our respect and love outweight our lusts). But it could traumatize my family, and may spread negativity through my clan. A temple marriage would get us sealed right away, made to spend a wonderful eternity fighting reality and all that it brings together. My family would approve without a doubt. But it may be that doing so could be too rushed, without proper purpose and spirit in mind. It also puts the risk that if he gets very sick from his illness between now and then that we may never make it to that point (I'm not sure how likely or unlikely that situation is currently, and won't know until his next check-up in February. Last Check-up he had some kidney damage....). Not to mention the temptations a year-long engagement brings.... Any thoughts? Anyone here have a civil marriage first? Thanks everyone! Tl;dr. Civil or Temple?
  20. Yes, I have already heard the statistics. Yes, I know that me thinking my boyfriend is "the one" is nothing new and won't change the outcome, but I just have this reoccurring feeling that he is the one I will marry. The problem is that I am going on a mission, and he has made the decision to not serve. Before he told me this, I knew that our relationship would be more solidified and a better outcome if we were both serving. Now that he is not, I worry that he will find someone else while I am gone. We are both each other's second relationship, and we have been dating for over a year. It took him two years from his last relationship to date me, so I guess I am essentially worried that someone will come into his life and I am having a hard time accepting it. He says that if we're meant to be together, we will be together in the end. But I don't want to accept a future without him. I know it is selfish and inconsiderate of me to ask him to wait for me, but if I just ask him to not get seriously involved with anyone and continue to live his life normally is that wrong? Am I being stupid? There is also the possibility of him being inspired to serve while I'm gone. I pray for that everyday, but the way things work for me, I'm afraid it won't happen. I am just lost, and any advice would help. I am not interested in hearing anything about how I shouldn't marry him if he doesn't serve a mission, because I know not going doesn't make you a bad person, just as going doesn't make me a good person.
  21. I will be getting set apart next Monday, and I know I should know this already but I do have one question. When a missionary gets set apart are they required to have a companion up until they enter thee MTC, and if so what qualifies a person to become their companion? I am just wondering cause I was going to have my Aunt who is married be my companion, is it okay or not?
  22. I'm giving my farewell talk this Sunday and I'm having trouble preparing my talk (I know this seems a bit late). I guess my main question is this: Is it okay to write down word for word what I want to say? Or would it be better to use flashcards as a guide to what I want to say? I honestly don't feel confident about using flashcards primarily because I freeze up really badly when I'm under pressure. I found it really challenging for me just to bear my testimony in front of the High Council. Does anyone have any advice to help me with this problem? I hope that one day, I can give a talk without feeling like I'm walking to my death. Thank you in advance for your help!
  23. How are you a missionary in your daily life? After reading this article >> Has it sparked any interest in being a little different?
  24. I am giving my mission farewell talk in Sacrament Meeting the day after tomorrow and I need help writing my talk!! I know it seems pretty late to start writing it but I am usually pretty good at writing talks, I just have trouble thinking of what to talk about. My topic is on D&C 4 and how "love qualifies you for the work". I'm honestly not entirely sure what that means! I feel like it means that even if you're not the most qualified or educated person, that if you have a sincere love for the people you're teaching that it doesn't matter and the Spirit will take care of the rest. Does that seem accurate? Any tips on giving a good talk would be appreciated, really!! (scriptures, quotes, etc. are also appreciated) Thank you!
  25. Hey everyone! So.. There is young man in my ward who is a recent convert. He has a strong desire to serve a mission but is unsure whether or not he is able to. A year or two before he discovered the Gospel, his girlfriend at the time discovered she was pregnant, which later resulted in a miscarriage. I've never come across anybody in this specific situation so when he confided in me, I didn't really have any answer for him. I encouraged him to seek counsel from his Bishop, which he will be doing this coming Sunday. Just out of my curiousity though, I've been trying to find some answers on church websites & I've asked other member's for their opinions but I can't seem to find any information that is supported by Gospel doctrine or resources. So I would love to hear from you all about your opinions or any similar experiences! Also would it be the same outcome for a young woman in that position? Thanks heaps in advance!