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Found 5 results

  1. So, not an LDS question but I trust the people here, at least to not make fun of me for not knowing about certain things because you all know about my situation and how my life has been on hold for the past 10 years. Thus, my knowledge of certain things is limited since my experience is limited. My question: is there some sort of savings account that you can have at the bank where you put money into it and the money grows over a period of time? Or is that just something I made up in my head? I didn't want to go to the bank and ask about it yet because I feel like that is foolish as a concept, that it's wrong, and I don't want to look like an idiot asking about something that doesn't even make sense. But you guys will tell me if it's dumb or not. So, do banks have that kind of thing or am I thinking of an investment or something? I admit, working at the call center where a couple of our clients are financial advisory institutions, my view is probably skewed on what BANKS can do.
  2. Tonight during family scripture study, we read in Mosiah 11 about how King Noah taxed his people and lived in laziness. One of the taxed metals was Ziff. Immediately my daughter asked, "What is Ziff?" My wife explained that it was a metal and that they could have used it like we use money. My daughter asked, "Like what?" so my wife said, "Like how we use pennies and nickles and quarters and stuff." My daughter responded with an authoritative tone and said, "It will be a quarter." It was basically like this: So now it's official I suppose!
  3. The church recommends to be prepared in case of disaster or anything likely that would come close to civil unrest or any situation where the civil order is disturbed and interrupted for undetermined periods of time. While having a 72 hour kit recommended, we often sometimes find ourselves caught far away from it, either at work or in traffic or some other circumstances. Some us have one and some us are in the process of establishing it. Some may find it hard due to financial strain to get there. What I would love to suggest to those who havenĀ“t heard of it or who want to make first steps to get acquainted with the topic, would be an every day carry kit. Something you carry on your personage that gets you home to your 72 hour kit or at least provides you with a means of not being completely helpless. It will cost significantly less then a full 72 hour kit but could still range in cost depending on your personal preferences towards material. I do recommend that you get a pouch or a small case that you can carry on your belt or in your bag ( if you are a lady) Usually I would recommend Tasmanian Tiger as it is a solid brand that is durable and of high quality. Within you can store medicine you need or should have in case something happens ( aspirin, diarrhea medication, salt tablets etc.) What I also recommend is a thermal blanket. small enough to fit in there it can keep you either from heat or cold when you get stuck and cant light a fire. Some gauze you will find in mine for minor injuries, along with a fire steel to light fires. Not to forget would be a small flash light. Very important however would still be a knife. You can obtain decent knives for as little as 30$ already ( look into Mora of Sweden) which you can carry, if you have to means and do live in a very urban environment then you would be best served with a multitool, though leatherman is a very good tool, you will find that it will cost accordingly. A middle way here would be the all known Swiss army knife, as it has for a good price decent appliances that will come in handy in the different situations. There is more to add of course however what you will it with depends on your personal need and attitude. Some kits differ from other. While EDC's can contain fire arms some are more geared towards bugging out with maximum evasion in mind for that matter ( shout out to Lehi for pointing out I was using a wrong vocabulary before my edit) , Especially if you live outside the US where laws for guns and weapons are more restrictive. If this interests you and have questions. I will be happy to assist you or provide you with the lead to follow up on your own. Naturally I will adhere to the forums rules and not post pictures that would be akin to commercial, however I am willing to snap a picture or to and upload to a place of your choosing.
  4. I have been married for about four years. My wife and I have one child and another on the way. We have saved up money for a nice down payment on a house and are in the process of purchasing our first home. We're pretty excited, but when my grandparents found out, they hit the roof. My grandfather has been looking to start a business, but does not have the funds to get it going. When he learned of our down payment savings, he felt I should have invested that money with him, to help him (and my own parents) get the business going. My grandparents aren't exactly on the streets, but they are not in the best financial situation and were hoping this business would help them get somewhere. My grandmother apparently has been crying herself to sleep because she doesn't know where money to help them get going will come from and was hoping my wife and I would be helping start the business. My parents are also hurt by this. I would tell myself to just let it go, except I do come from a culture where generations are supposed to help each other, especially adult children helping parents. I have seen the business ideas, and I don't think it would work well. I want to provide a home for my wife and kids. I also come from a long line of people who are bad with money. I have taken classes since high school on managing my money and feel good about my money sense now. I hate the idea of dutifully giving thousands of dollars to my grandparents when I feel it will just go to waste. I suppose there is still time to back out of the home deal at mild risk if it really is best to help my grandparents. I also don't mind the idea of giving a few thousand dollars to them--but nothing near the size of my downpayment. We have savings left over after the down payment, but I don't want to give that up, either. Should I be helping my grandparents and parents with this? If not, how best to I diffuse everything? Things are tense with my family.
  5. Hello everyone, i have been preparing for a mission for a year and a half now, all my friends are currently serving so im very eager to get out there and serve just like they are i recently came into some trouble though, i had saved up money from working since i decided that i wanted to go on a mission and by last month i had 4500 almost close to half in which me and the bishop agreed on, i was fine with it but then i had to pay something that required Immediate Attention or else my mom would have gotten into a lot of trouble(not law wise just health wise she has cancer), its left me with only 500 dollars and ive already had one interview now i just need to have the one with the Stake President so i dont think there is any turning back and i really dont want to Im 20 going on 21 in a few months so i die a little inside when i get letters from how they are doing on there mission i would really appreciate an honest opinion on what i should possibly do i honestly feel like ill let everyone down if i pull out right now its been eating at me all week FYI my parents cant really support me on my mission cause they need all the money they can get its kind of the reason why they couldn't pay for my moms treatments.