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Found 3 results

  1. Humbled by Mother’s Day Most women in church have a secret loathing for Proverbs 31. It describes the ideal wife and mother in ways that seem exhausting and overly demanding. Perhaps we should see the chapter for what it is—a description of ideal characteristics and rewards for noble women. The prototype wife/mother is a good household manager, a hard worker, a charitable person, and one who fears God. Is this not Mother’s Day Hallmark, told in wisdom literature? Do we not declare our mothers to be smart and diligent? Do we not say that they are generous and faithful? King Solomon says such women are trusted and cared for. He declares that their husbands gain good reputations because of them. Finally, the whole family praises her successful efforts. So, why the trepidation when we ministers declare our message will be from this particular chapter? We do not always manage well, we sometimes do not give our best efforts, there are times when we choose selfishness over charity, and, quite frankly, we sometimes set God to the side. In other words, we fail. Lists of ideals always leave us feeling less than ideal. If only our humility would drive us to rely on God’s help. The Apostle Paul tells us that the fruit of the Spirit is love. Love fuels all ideals, and it can be found in God. In the Footprints in the Sand poem, a traveler finishes life’s journey, looks back, and realizes that God had walked with him—most of the time. There are a few crucial episodes where only one set of prints appear. The traveler asks God why. The Lord responds that He had to carry him during the most difficult moments. Today is Mother’s Day, but many moms feel inadequate. In a month it will be us dads who feel unworthy of accolades. Turn to God, for His strength is sufficient.
  2. Ok, I give up! I'm totally out of ideas I'll have to use the advice board.... I am an emotional 1st-world problem: too large of a too loving family. My mother in particularly, always wants to be involved, always wants to help with things, always wants to have us come over, and doesn't take "no" for an answer. By golly mother, I can do my own laundry! But she insists upon re-washing all my clothes and getting them all mixed up with hers and everyone else's... I've tried setting up boundaries. I've tried telling her "no", but she doesn't listen and/or gets all hurt. The latest battle was her being upset because when we're only staying at her house 3 of the 4 nights we're in town-- the other night being spent with the other TWO branches of family we have in town. I tried explaining it to her but she goes "I just don't understand why you don't stay." So, I ask you guys, particularly those with grown children, do you have any advise on how to handle this situation? And thanks for letting me rant.
  3. My 6-year-old daugther has been struggling with masturbation for a few years now. I have counseled, taught and helped her in every way I can think, but she still struggles with the addiction. Does anyone have any ideas of how to help her stop. I can find no answers anywhere else, because to the world, masturbation is accepted. Please help me. I'll take any advice I can get.