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Found 24 results

  1. Can church songs and christian rock/music bring the spirit to you? I was listening to LDS radio on Pandora...and I had a warm feeling of happiness because of the lyrics and melody. The song is: Peace in Christ by McKenna Hixson. I'm wondering if there's a scriptural reference to this? I'm wondering if what I felt was from the Holy Spirit?! I'm just curious! Thank you !
  2. So my husband's father passed away, and I've caught wind that I'll be asked to sing at the funeral. I'm willing and want to do anything to help with the service, but I don't know anyone that could accompany me. I've never really been fond of prerecorded accompaniments, so I'm wondering if it would be weird to sing a cappella. I have an arrangement of Abide With Me; 'Tis Eventide in mind that I think would translate to a cappella really beautifully, and it might be nice to be able to go at my own pace in case I get choked up or anything. I'm just wondering if that would be really uncomfortable or inappropriate? I'm not sure. I can play the piano, but I've never seen anyone play the piano and sing for a musical number in a church so I'm not sure if that's allowed or possible? If nothing else, I could just play a piano arrangement of I Know That My Redeemer Lives. I'm also curious if anyone has any tips on singing without letting emotions wreck your performance. Any and all advice appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Perhaps this thread is replicated elsewhere, or off-topic, but in case not, would be interesting to hear people's favorite music - all time and just stuff you found recently that seems too good not to share with someone else. Please though, if you simply cannot contain your contempt for another person's musical preferences, consider starting another thread, saying nothing while taking deep breaths, share music you like better, or alerting a moderator to deal with content you feel is inappropriate. Not trying to impose my belief system as a limitation on a discussion - just trying to create a safe place where we can put aside our debating and arguments for a bit and appreciate/ better come to understand each other through music. Of course, some good-natured teasing understood to be such is fine.
  4. I made an arrangement of "Away in a Manger / Oh, Hush Thee, My Baby" and we recorded it yesterday. Two people from my ward provided vocal talents: Cathie Fisher and Olivia Arana. Olivia truly has the voice of an angel. Her part is later in the song, so be sure to listen to the entire thing. I think it would be really cool to do a video of this with Claire Crosby and her parents singing. They are expecting a new baby any day and they could probably get all 3 of their cute kids in the video. I don't know them, but somebody out there does. The version we recorded yesterday is here on Youtube. You can also find mp3 and PDF downloads on Music to me is a very powerful thing and should be used for good. I hope you enjoy the message of these songs in this arrangement. We sing about Easter (Christ's death and resurrection) every week. Surely we can sing about his birth (Christmas) more often. AWAY_IN_A_MANGER_-OH_HUSH_THEE_MY_BABY_-_mp3.mp3
  5. I'm new to this website. I arrange music for fun and thought I'd share my latest piece. It's an arrangement of "Still, Still, Still" and "Oh, Hush Thee, My Baby". I've created 2 different PDF files. One is geared towards a piano and flute/violin duet. The other is geared toward a choir or duet with piano accompaniment. These really could be used several ways. I hope you enjoy them and share them. I've put uploaded them here and they are also free on my website: Anybody else out here into music? Still, Still, Still medley for Piano and Flute.pdf Still, Still, Still medley Vocal Duet.pdf
  6. Hey, so, coming back to church has been an exciting venture in many respects but especially with the re-acquisition of music I remember I used to love. I'm trying to accumulate a playlist for myself of the songs that I remember liking and really enjoy now. "Love One Another" "I Stand All Amazed" "Because I Have Been Given Much" "Scripture Power" "How Great Thou Art" "Army of Helaman" "Gethsemane" "A Child's Prayer" "Born is the Light of the World" "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" "He Sent His Son" "Lord, I Would Follow Thee" "Teach Me To Walk in the Light" "Keep the Commandments" "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" I go to the Susquehanna Branch and Priesthood Restoration Site for church and the past 2 years(I think; could be longer), the sister missionaries who were called to serve there all happened to be musically inclined and musically trained. So, very often, on Sundays, or for firesides and holidays, the 10-12 sisters would sing music for the congregation. I got to enjoy this in the 4 months I've been back, so, a couple of these might not necessarily be hymns. But you can kind of sense a trend in my tastes. Very upbeat or very deep lyrics. Some of these songs tend to be a lot of people's favorites. I wanted to find more through suggestions by people or to just talk about music in church in general. What are your favorite church songs? They can be hymns, primary songs, lds created songs, old music, newer music, anything! Edit: Adding to my list: "Be Still My Soul" "Did You Think To Pray" "There's Sunshine In My Soul" "I Love to See the Temple" "Book of Mormon Stories" "As I Search the Holy Scriptures" "Called to Serve" "How Firm a Foundation"
  7. Can anyone recommend any LDS Christmas Music vocal and/or instrument similar to Lindey Stirling and Jim Brickman? I am looking for something uplifting and soft.
  8. Can anyone recommend any LDS Christmas Music vocal and/or instrument similar to Lindey Stirling and Jim Brickman? I am looking for something uplifting and soft.
  9. Does anyone know where I can find the music to he O My Father version arranged by Marta Keen??? I heard it once and LOVED it, but have searched and searched online (and tried to contact the people who sang it) and only run into dead ends.
  10. I recently arranged music for two guitar hymn books available for sale at Easy LDS Fingerstyle Guitar Hymns features 75 hymns arranged for instrumental guitarists in standard notation & tab. Practice tracks can also be downloaded. The LDS Guitar Hymnbook features chords and lyrics for over 80 hymns If you visit the site and sign up for the mailing list, you'll receive 17 free hymns
  11. My wife and I have had a fair share of missionary acquaintances over the last 3 years (my wife is investigating). Every new pair of elders or sisters falls in love with my music, and a couple other members have mentioned to me that I should really try and tap into the Mormon audience around the country, that it would be a good way to gain a following as an indie rock / theme music artist. I have two albums distributed online and anybody can access them. My question: do you think that advertising myself as a Mormon artist would gain favor in the Mormon community and help me build a bigger audience? Or is this idea simply a fantasy? Would people be more likely to listen to my music and follow me because they know I'm Mormon? Or are they so jaded by the enormous amount of musical artists they have to choose from nowadays that it wouldn't even matter? Part of me says, "Well why don't you try it and find out?" But it's something to look further into before committing. Thanks for your thoughts!
  12. How did you decide for yourself that the LDS church was true? I've had trouble believing my whole life, and I'm 20, so there is a lot of pressure from people around me to go on a mission. This is a song I wrote to my grandmother, whom I always talked to about the church. Share your thoughts and let me know your story! She
  13. A forum to share your love and appreciation for your fathers.
  14. I joined today. Introductory I statements... I struggle with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) and often cannot attend church meetings because of the perfumes/colognes/chemical cleaning products used in the buildings etc. Hence my increased interest in an online forum. I depend on natural remedies, yoga, epi-paleo eating & meditation to help manage the physical realities of my life. I love the healing power of music & sound frequencies. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and am currently serving a 2nd Mission with my husband. Sandi55
  15. I was surprised that there wasn't a topic dedicated to music, so I figured I'd start a thread about it. Post whatever you'd like! To start, here's two songs from the same album: This song is in most of my party playlists. Its got a catchy beat and most girls seem to like it This song is a bit different. I wouldn't play it at a party, but I enjoy the lyrics. I also recommend turning up the bass.
  16. I leave in 13 days to go to the MTC and then to the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission. I've been told that music is allowed on the mission if it is Church appropriate. What do I use to play the music? Am I allowed to bring headphones? An iPod? CDs? I know the answer "It varies from mission to mission." This is the answer I usually receive from people when I ask this question. If you have another answer to this question, then that would also be helpful.
  17. I'm so glad that I found this site. I'm so happy that I have the opportunity to find other people of my faith. My name is Ben Stoneking and I am highly ambitious. I was raised in the church, but I consider myself a convert. I love music of all kinds and I have been recording with my best friend and brother-in-law Dave Supplee for the last year. My ambitions include becoming a highly successful musical artist and DJ. I know that the path that I have chosen is fraught with heartbreak and failures, but I am a believer in the unlimited potential bestowed in each of heavenly fathers children. I will become successful musician and eventually have my own record label. I believe that anyone can achieve anything as long as they want it bad enough to do all that is possible to make it. I look forward to meeting the community. I also have a blog. Please check it out! ^o^ The Alien Thing <---------------- Click!
  18. Hey y'all, I hope this touches you the way it touches me! YouTube - blur documentary trailer - no distance left to run :lol::lol:
  19. This is the first time for me on this site. I really want to talk to fellow Mormons. I have been inspired to work through my music to help others. I posted a video of a song I wrote and sang called "My Name is Julie" about a brave young girl who I met who passed away from leukemia. I wanted to talk with others about sharing your talents to help others.
  20. I read this study today Study suggests babies get the beat at birth - and I have to say, 'I KNEW IT!' lol Even when my daughter was tiny she showed a preference for heavy metal (the real stuff, like Anthrax), mostly for the drums I think. Now that she's older she still loves a good strong beat but has expanded her interests to include classical music. I'm curious, does anyone else have any baby music stories? I once knew someone who absolutely hated twangy country music but that was the only thing that would put her child to sleep lol.
  21. My husband would like to sing a song with my daughter. He used to have the sheet music, but apparently it has been lost in a move. I have looked everywhere on the internet and can't seem to find it. I am hoping someone out there knows who the author is, or who sings it. We think it is called "I Am With Thee" It starts out, "Dear Father can you hear me? Are you there when I cry to Thee? Do you truly understand the desires of my heart and know that I long for they side? Do you know that life is hard? That at times I just can't see the reason or the purpose for the pain we must endure? Yet I know you are there, I can feel the peace within and I know in Thee that I have found a friend." If anyone has any info on this song I would sure appreciate it!!
  22. I know it's not youtube, but this seemed like the best place for this. Joy to Everyone
  23. I'm a big music fan. I have it going all the time, even when I'm sleeping. Back in 1988 I started collecting all the #1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. I have all American #1 pop song from 1955 to today. I even have number one songs from the 1890 to 1954. Not all of them though. One thing I like to do Is tell people the #1 song on a special date that means something to them. It could be your date of birth, wedding day. your childrens date of birth, & ect. Apparently another music buff has created a free web site that lets you find out about you song. All you do is click on your month and date. If you want to share your special song/songs on this topic.:) #1 Song on This Date in History My D.O.B. -- "I Want You back" - Jackson 5 High School Graduation -- "Rock On" - Michael Damian Baptism into the church -- "When I See You Smile" - Bad English