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Found 3 results

  1. Our local teacher’s union is selling members shirts that explicitly reject “thoughts and prayers”—actually drawing a line through them—and demanding policy change. How sad that those I hand my children over to would consider one of my most primary acts of spiritual devotion to somehow stand in hostile opposition to their favored government action. #Muslims, #Jews, #Christians —all people of earnest #faith —really all of #goodwill, let’s stop for a moment and say, “No!” When government and #secularfundamentalists get together to weaponize acts of religious devotion, history tells us the end is always bad. Have your political debates about guns, taxes, the environment—just do not try to label and demonize your neighbors, who happen to believe #Godstillloves and #Godintervenes.
  2. LeSellers

    Brussells Atrocity

    CBS News just announced that among the dead in Brussells, three LDS missionaries were killed. Prayers for the families of the dead, LDS and others. Lehi
  3. Apparently the 3 Muslims that were killed in North Carolina, in part over a parking dispute, died at the hands of a progressive Atheist. There was a lot of talk about this being a hate crime--an anti-Muslim murder. Now that the killer is identified as liberal, there is nothing but crickets from most mainstream news outlets. THOUGHTS?