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Found 4 results

  1. My husband is a non member. He is out of town on visit and I asked him to go by the temple there to take pictures. He did and said that the Mormons there were rude. He has tattoos and felt as if they looked down upon him. He said he never wanted to go back. I said we'll those same people wouldn't be there if you went back there would be different people. Not all people are rude maybe just those couple you encountered. Anyway he got upset with me. He said I never defend him and don't think about his feelings and I always try to defend church over him. But in reality I feel like I try to see the best in all people and in all situations. I try to be positive and I was just trying to make him feel better. All in all it didn't change his thoughts. He got aggravated with me and hung up the phone. Now he won't talk to me and I don't know if I should just leave him be or what do I say? I don't feel like I need to apologize for anything... I don't want things like this to put strains in my relationship in the future, should I just not say anything??
  2. I have been a member of the church my whole life. In my early 20s I strayed from the church and did not participate in church activities for a couple years. During that time I fell in love with a man and married him. Since we have been married I have started showing interest in returning to living a Christ-centered life and through constant prayer I have come to know a fullness in my heart that the church is true and that I want to strive to live my life according to Christ's example. I have become active in church and have a calling. Anyway, I have tried to share this with my husband. He comes to church sometimes, participates in my family's FHE, and he has talked with the missionaries. When he goes to church he seems to enjoy it while e is there. But when we come back home and go back to daily living he seems disinterested. He always tends to find something that he doesn't like about the church. He tries to argue with me sometimes and I don't want to fight. The missionaries have asked him to read the Book of Mormon with me and pray about it. He says he will then when they leave he doesn't want to and complains that they just want to baptize him. I don't think he prays about these things but lives day to day not wanting to focus on spiritual needs. I don't know where his head is at an he doesn't really tell me what he thinks, he just doesn't want to talk about it. We both share strong values about family. But he doesn't like the thought that without baptism and sealing he can't be with his family again, I told him that even of people don't accept the gospel in this life they can accept it in the next life. The both of us do not use alcohol nor tobacco or drugs. But we differ on thoughts of eternal marriage, living the gospel, prayer, scripture. His mother has taught him that he is perfect the way he is and doesn't need to change his ways for anyone or anything. I just don't believe that. I know that this life is a testing to learn from mistakes and constantly strive to become better. Lately my husband seems prideful and irreverent. I had been praying constantly everyday that he may be able to feel the spirit with him that he may become humble and kind. I know it's a process and I'm trying to be patient with him when he acts like this. I am just looking for advice. What can I do to help my home feel peaceful and happy? What can I do to help persuade my husband to find out the truth? I want to be with him I see his potential everyday and know that he is a child of God too. I hope one day that he will come around and we can marry in the temple, any advice please? Thank you
  3. My husband is not a member of the church, if he never accepts it in this life and passes away before me could I be sealed to him in the temple while I'm still living or would we both have to be deceased to have the opportunity to be sealed together?
  4. Hello! Please read my story, I really need advice. Well my situation is very tough.. for me anyways. You see, I dated a non-member for a couple of years and got married at 18. I was in love with him and even though our relationship was rocky, I married him. I guess my testimony was not as strong back then, because as the time passed by, I realized how much I needed the COMPLETE Gospel. I couldn't hang a picture up of the temple, or felt uncomfortable practicing my own beliefs around him (because it would bother him) After a while, things got bad. Our fights got physical and he would kick me out of the house and left me out in the street sometimes in the middle of the night. I began to fear my spouse and relationship. We have no children. One day, I decided to just get separated. I asked my mom if I could move in for a little. So I took my things and left. My husband was very hurt and would not leave me alone. He would call me nonstop all day. One day, he talked to the missionaries on his own. He got the talks and got baptized a month later. He begged for me to come back and I did because I felt that was what I HAD to do. I did not WANT to but I was willing to go back and see how things were. We took some marriage courses in the church. It has been for months since we got back together and since he got baptized. I do not like who I am in this relationship and I feel like I still cannot have the full experience of the gospel in my home. I know he does not agree with a lot of things of the Gospel, I constantly have to be babysitting him with attending church, or things like that. Every day, I have thought of leaving and finding someone truly worthy. I CRAVE that. I feel like I deserve a more respected relationship. I am a person that is fun and laughs a lot with EVERYTHING and I feel like I cannot do that around him because I "annoy" him. He will get very angry at me and cuss at me. I hate that I really wish I could end this marriage and find someone that will make me truly happy. My fear is that nobody will love or accept me because of me having a divorce. I will be 21 in November and I feel like it is too late to give up. I love the gospel and I feel like my testimony has grown soooooooooooooooo much in the last year. Please advise me. Thank you for taking the time to read my story