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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! I am thinking about creating an online venue of discussion for ward members. Often the classes go by without getting to everyone who wanted to speak, and there are people who feel hesitant about sharing their questions/concerns in public. So I would like to ask for your recommendations/suggestions about sites and tools that may allow a sort of message board/discussion forum that I can create for my ward. A couple things that I am looking for are as follows: 1. Must guarantee privacy so only ward members can access 2. Must allow an option for users to be anonymous 3. Need the option to appoint moderators 4. Better to be simple and easy-to-use than sophiscated 5. Mobile platform Any help is much appreciated!! Thank you.
  2. I have been told that you can pay tithing online directly to the Church. Does anyone know how to do this? My issue is that I am currently in the military stationed in Spain. My local branch only takes tithing payment in Euros. Any help or links to more information would be great. I already did a search on google and found a suggestion on how to do it but all the links that were provided no longer work.