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Found 1 result

  1. It is a very common religious belief that there is some kind of heaven and some kind of hell. As I have studied the Plan of Salvation it seems that the LDS church does not really believe in hell in the same way that other religions do. Yes, those that do not accept the atonement will suffer for their sins, but once they have "paid" for their own sins they are admitted to one of the three glories, not with God, but also not a place of eternal torment either. I wonder if this is a false interpretation on my part or if we don't actually believe in hell... Basis for my thinking that we don't actually believe in a traditional hell is based mostly on the idea that just about everyone who has ever lived on the planet or will live on planet will be headed to one of the three glories - telestial, terrestial, or celestial. All three supposedly glories and heavens. There is of course outer darkness which is technically the "hell" that we believe in, but based on lots of gospel discussions with leaders, very people will qualify to go there. So does the general population really have to worry about ending up in hell?