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Found 1 result

  1. So... A long time ago... I made some dear friends... There's a long story to it but I won't bother getting into that. It's not relevant right now. The problem is, these friends, although great people, have led me to do some sexual things with them outside of marriage. Luckily nothing TOO bad. But it's wrong. And it's definitely keeping me from getting close to my Heavenly Father and going on my Mission. But in order to repent fully from all this... I greatly fear that... I will have to say goodbye permanently to my friends I'm doing these things with. And deep emotional attachments have developed with us. And even further, these friends are, of course, not LDS, so they probably won't understand if I try to explain why I have to do this. So now, because of my sheer idiocy in giving in to these sexual things, I need to decide now between God or them... I want to choose God but it's so very hard to bring myself to say goodbye to them after all we've experienced together. In fact, I haven't been able to do it yet at all. I don't want to hurt them... They're nice people who don't deserve it. And if I say goodbye permanently, I know it will hurt them so much... I don't want to leave them. But I KNOW this church is true. There is no doubt. Well, I guess there is SOME doubt as anyone will have obviously or else having faith would be impossible as you would have a sure knowledge then. But you know what I mean I'm sure. Please, any help, advice, or encouragement at all would be greatly appreciated. Even criticism. I don't care. It's perfectly fine. I just badly need to talk about this at least with people who are LDS too. Who understand the gravity of all this.