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Found 3 results

  1. The apparent suicide of Josh "Leelah" Alcorn visited my home today. My 14-year old daughter showed me a People Magazine article that laid the blame squarely at the parents' feet. The child wanted to be a girl, the parents gave her Christian bigotry, so she kills herself. Never mind that they did not interview the parents, and that a former editor of People is transgendered. Thankfully, my child was livid at the media's bias and hatred of Christians. So, I did some internet digging. Fortunately, the Washington Post published a column about the abuses of "doxing," and urging supporters of trans-teens to be more imaginative and positive, rather than using the net to skewer the parents. Better yet, the Wall Street Journal had a column by a well-regarded psychiatrist who argues that sex change is never really possible, that sex reassignment surgery results in a 20-fold increase in the likelihood of suicide, and that 70-80% of those young adults who experience feelings of transgender ideation eventually have those thoughts resolve (go away). That the secular public is so willing to blame and hate on Christians causes me to double-down on my assertion that atheists are much more efficient and effective war mongers than religious people ever were.
  2. Hi all, I'm fairly new here. I just have a question for some of you out there. I have a hard time going to church because I very much dislike socializing with people. I feel so much pressure to be chatty and perky that I sometimes over-act and misrepresent myself as a super nice and fun guy. (Then I find myself sorry later when Im invited to chat church over an awkward dinner.) I'm not mean at all, and I occasionally like a conversation or two when it's not about church life or culture, but sometimes I skip out on church because I can't handle the stress of having to talk to anyone. I guess it's also worth saying that I am easily overstimulated by lights, noise, etc and besides the mall at Christmastime, church is the second worst place to be for me! I know the concept of a "ward family" is important, but what can I do when "getting to know you" seems against my very nature? I readily help people move or clean, etc. because it doesn't involve me having to chat, just to do. I try to show my support of them this way, but I'm anxious to hit the road when then the post-move pizza comes out. This stinks! Any thoughts?
  3. THIS IS A DISJOINTED SINGLE PARAGRAPH POST. SORRY FOR RAMBLING LIKE THIS. Well it's october 2008. I was re-baptized in the church only 3 months ago. I began my quest to return to the church in June of 2007. I've have attended a baptism session at the Winter Quarters temple and have been fully restored to an Elder. In the past month something has been going wrong. I no longer feel enthused of things related to church. I don't feel the spirit nearly as much as I did. Especially at church. I continue to pray every morning and night. I find it increasing difficult to think of things to pray about. It kind of like i'm just going through the motions when praying. I have not transgressed and continue to repent and partake of the sacrament. In fact my calling is to help pass the sacrament along the the young men and missionaries. Dealing with anxiety, that calling makes me a nervous wreck when doing that duty. I try to convince myself I'm serving others on behalf of Jesus Christ. That does not help the anxiety. I've been attending my ward since July 2007. I still don't feel like I'm part of the ward. I participate in the classes by reading and answering questions. When it comes to interacting with the church members all there is the pleasent "hello." I see new members come in the ward frequently. They seem to blend right in and quickly make friends. I was never one to make friends in the first place. Attending a church function or having a dinner at a members house seems so un-natural to me. I totally hate most sports and other masculine related activities. Most people my age are already married and have children. I can't relate to the "parents" and am fearful being around the children. The missionarries still come over once a week to visit. That my only connection to anyone outside my ward. Missionaries don't stay in my area very long. I have no probems talking to my Bishop. Due to dealing with "same gender attraction" marriage is not possible until the Millennium. I have no desire to go back to that lifestyle. Thinking of the rest of my life, I really don't have much to look forward to. I'm planning on moving to Bountiful. I am on a waiting list fo an apartment. I'm 7 months into what could be up to an 18 month waiting list. This particular apt complex has it's own branch. It's consists of elderly and disabled people. I feel this is the only tpye of congregation I can be a part of. Single wards are definately out of the question. I've found that family wards are not for me either. If this branch does not work out for me I fear I may become inactive. Again I don't know when I'll be moving to Bountiful. The only people I can relate to is the elderly. I'm counting on that to help me. Another main concern is that we are in the Latter-days. So much is happening in the world now that I wish I was not living through it. The past month has been especially hard. Somewhere in the Bible there is a verse. It's something like " In the end times men will cry to God wishing they would die and not have to witness all the turmoil." I'm definately doing that. I fear if I see things worsening, I may make the most "selfish" choice. Right now, even in my prayers, I make the comment I'm waiting for a small meteor to strike me. To sum things up, I see my social life being a lonely one due to feeling uneasy around people. My activity and feelings in the church are becoming more awkward feeling. By the way my bishop is aware of my social issues. He says is there anything people in the ward can do to help. Unfortunalty there is nothing I can think of. I'm not a pocker player, but I'm putting most of my chips on this branch in Bountiful. I almost forgot doing my greeting messages her on makes me feel like I'm doing something good. However I don't really feel excited in doing that as I used to. Sorry for this rambling disjointed paragraph. I'm sure there are words that are not spelled correctly. Thanks for reading though. One last thing, I do suffer from depression and am in therapy & on meds for it. Anoter thing, I do have family that are LDS. It hard to relate to them too. John