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Found 2 results

  1. I am looking into BYU-P, Georgetown, the University of Virginia, and Cornell. Not necessarily in that order. I want to major in international business (which each school has; Cornell and UVA are top 10 in the nation). Then I want to double minor in 2 different languages. I want to minor in Arabic (I would have to start at beginner's level), and I want to minor in German (I would be starting at intermediate because I'm taking AP German my senior year). Additionally, I want to do Army ROTC in college. And obviously I want TO GO ON MY MISSION. Is it possible for me to do all of these? How am I going to have enough time in the day to complete all of the credits to major in international business, minor in Arabic, minor in German, and do Army ROTC?!? PLUS I have to take all of the general studies classes! Any advice how I can manage doing this? So far the only advice I've had is this: The summer before college take as many general studies courses as possible. For the first year of college take more general studies classes and finish most (or all) of the required ones, and also take some German classes. Then go on my mission for 2+ years. Return to college and finish all of the general studies courses, and maybe take some more German classes. For my 3rd year begin Arabic and International business classes. 4th year clean the house and finish everything. Years 1-4 do ROTC, but that means my summers will consist of training instead of more school. Any different advice?
  2. I don't like to use the phrase "new years resulution". I'm curious what people have planned for 2009. Are there any goals you are striving to achieve? Make a list of things that may happen for you in 2009. They can be church, work, family,fun oriented & ect. 01. In January I will get a church calling. The bshop has not told me what it will be yet. I do know I will be able to do the calling at church and at my home. 02. In January my tithing and fast offerings will be paid in full for all of 2009. Yes, you are allowed to give those in advance. 03. In April, I will take a trip to Adelaide & Melbourne, Australia. I hope to at least do a baptism session in the Adelaide temple. If melbourne has a temple, I'd do the same there as well. 04. In July or August, I should be able to go through an endowment ceremony for the first time. It will probably be at the Winter Quarters Temple in Omaha, Nebraska. 05. In october, I will go to the Houston, Texas area for my 20th high school reunion. 06. Since my planned move to Bountiful did ot work out. I will restock my emergency food and water supplies. I used them up to lessen the weight on my move. 07. I will continue to do my hospital volunteer service work. Also try to serve others in my community and online. 08. I want to gain a better understanding of the scriptures.