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Found 22 results

  1. When can government order churches to stop, legally? What constitutes an emergency? As this pandemic rages, and seems to have become too political, I've had my cynical moments. Church-goers vote the wrong way, so governors and mayors keep the liquor flowing but shut us down! Sadly, I should have had more answers than many. I'm a chaplain. I've lived/breathed RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) for well over 20 years now. Governments may restrict religious liberties when there is a compelling government interest--such as public safety--such as COVID-19. Indeed, most churches, including my own, have complied. What irks are the inconsistencies. Restrictions must not single out religion. I found the linked article extremely insightful. I am @prisonchaplain and I endorse this message.
  2. Washington State is practicing a special kind of special. Casinos are opening up, but churches are pretty much Phase 4. We're non-essential, and I hate to be cynical, but casino-attenders tend to vote one way, whereas the faithful predominantly vote a different way. When this is over we would do well to remember who showed themselves to be our friends and who relegated us to the fringes from beginning to end. Yes, I know … the open casinos are on Native American lands, not subject to state control. Still, it grates. Also, under state wisdom (data driven, according to the experts and all that) car washes and landscapers are essential, not churches. It's our understanding (at my church) that we won't see a return to "new normal" until nearly July. And, we'll obey. But again, I won't forget.
  3. Christian Post did a reverse-journalism on this story--the best material is at the end. The key points are: 1. Samaritan's Purse set up an over-flow hospital to help with NYC's COVID-19 response. 2. The charity treats all-comers, no questions asked. 3. Doctors and other medical staff who work for the charity sign on to the organization's statement of faith, which includes belief in Christian marriage being between a man and a woman, and forbidding sex outside such unions. 4. Franklin Graham is a well-known Christian speaker who has spoken very directly about the Christian views on LGBT issues. 5. The council speaker argues that NYC was forced to accept charitable help to save lives, but now that the crisis is coming under control, the evil Samaritan's Purse must go. 6. The council speaker says this is mainly about Franklin Graham and his hate speech. Others argue that the core stance of Samaritan's Purse is the same for most Christians, and that if this stands Christians can be driven out of the public square nationwide. 7. The hospital Samaritan's Purse is serving says it will begin to phase out the overflow hospital on May 4.
  4. Is Anarchism compatible with the church? If so, should not we all be anarchists, as believers in freedom of agency?
  5. According to the Deseretnews, Sen. Hatch is retiring. I know not everyone here is from Utah, but this is kinda big news even for Latter-day Saints not in Utah since Hatch is easily the most powerful member of the church in government here in the United States. As the senate pro tem, he is also the most powerful senator in the US. For me, I like him very much, but I am glad he is stepping aside. I hope Romney runs for his seat. We need another voice that will counter Trump's more stupid annunciations in the senate.
  6. Hello All. Recently I find myself getting far to worked up over certain issues of politics, and religion when someone has strong opinions contrary and often somewhat antagonistic to my own. It seems like the internal calm I used to maintain is easily turned into a raging fire lately. I am a firm believer is sharing differing beliefs, thoughts, ideas, world views, and experiences. How do you find that you keep yourself from getting engulfed in the misery others seem to enjoy spreading? How has applying the Gospel of Jesus Christ helped you?
  7. The alt.right are Nazis, who are socialists. A lot of racism is leftist (abortion and population control proponents, Nazi racial supremacy schemes, etc.). Maybe it's conservatives who will eventually bring civility and decorum back to the U.S. political scene.
  8. The alt.right are Nazis, who are socialists. A lot of racism is leftist (abortion and population control proponents, Nazi racial supremacy schemes, etc.). Maybe it's conservatives who will eventually bring civility and decorum back to the U.S. political scene.
  9. I posted this on LinkedIn, and thought I would share it here, to see what folk think.
  10. As a new president is about to enter office I offer on his behalf the same daily prayer I've uttered for over 30 years: God grant the wisdom of Solomon and Joseph. Spare this land for the sake of the righteous. Use our leaders to prosper & protect your church & your church to prosper and protect this land. In Jesus' name, Amen.
  11. As the election draws closer, polls are showing that nearly 60% will vote against a candidate they hate, rather than for one they support. The apostle Paul, commanded Christians to pray for Caesar. Yikes! Roman leaders were immoral, anti-Christian despots. Don't trust government leaders? Think them unwise? Pray even harder!
  12. Many here, and broadly, in LDS circles, believe that Evangelicals (and, perhaps traditional Christians in general) caused Romney to loose in 2012, because they would not vote for a Mormon. Turns out he did much better than Trump is currently with "The God Gap." a Pew Research Center survey released this month showed the overall “God gap” shrinking significantly, with registered voters who attend religious services at least weekly leaning to Trump by a 49-45 percent margin over Clinton. That is far smaller than the 55-40 percent advantage that Republican Mitt Romney held over President Obama at the same point in 2012. Not sure what to make of 2012, but I agree that most of my Evangelical/Pentecostal friends are much more frustrated this year than we were four-years ago.
  13. The Family proclamation was a call for government officials - and us, as citizens - to uphold the sanctity of marriage and the family. My question is, if the Church comes out in favor of a certain policy, does the Lord want us to support the policy?
  14. As an Evangelical who came of age in the early 1980s, I remember so well the clarity of the world. Democracy vs. Communism and the Moral Majority vs. secular humanism. We figured God would use the church to turn America';s politics and culture to Jesus and righteousness. 30+ years later--what a different world it is! Paul told us to pray for Caesar, not to elect Peter. I will still cast my vote. Nevertheless, my best Christian righteousness will be seen in my love of God and neighbor, far more than in any devotion to a candidate, party, or policy position.
  15. The former leader of my denomination (they do not serve for life) preached a sermon in which he declared it a Christian duty to vote. He said many in the church had stayed home on election day, during recent votes (I assume the last two-four presidential elections). "Shame on you!" he said. "If you don't know who to vote for, or don't like any of the candidates, then you get down on your knees, at your prayer altar, and you seek the direction of the Holy Spirit. Then you vote the way he tells you to!" Without going into why, this year was one in which I saw myself possibly deciding on "none of the above." Yet, when I heard these words I felt convicted. My elder is right. Thoughts on this? Is abstention a legitimate way of voting frustration, or is it an easy-out--a cave to cynicism? PLEASE NO NAMING OF POTENTIAL CANDIDATES ON THIS STRING. THAT IS AN ABSOLUTE NO-NO.
  16. According to the linked article, the group that is most hostile towards conservative Christians are progressive, white, and educated. The attitudes expressed, put kindly, are that conservative Christians are fine, if they keep their religion in their houses of worship, and in their homes. Keep it out of the public square, and out of our faces. We don't want to discriminate against you per se. However, we support California's public university "all-comers" policy--that prohibits clubs from restricting membership or leadership positions based on religion. They also support restrictions on religious freedom, if doing so seems to mean an overall good for society (yeah, it's okay to bankrupt the baker that won't serve a gay wedding). The article seems spot on to me. I just hate to give into the same feeling of victimhood that ends up making us appear weak and oppressed. Thought the facts are true, does this kind of thinking drive us towards a bunker mentality? I still believe engaging the culture is preferable to circling the wagons.
  17. This is a shameless play off the thread about LDS and liberalism. However, at its most basic, to be conservative means to avoid change. Can one is has a great need for stasis, for "unchanging truth" survive in a religion that embraces continuing revelation? Some conservatives leave one a major prophetic revelation comes. Others form splinter groups. Still others stay, but grimace, and lament the better days of yesteryear. So, I ask again, can one who is conservative in disposition flourish as an LDS member?
  18. This article is by a retired NYPD officer, who explains why the average police officer is so angry at NYC's mayor. Was the back-turning right? Wrong? Understandable? Indulgent? Most important, what is the way forward?
  19. So, what do you say? Was Santa Claus a Republican or Democrat? Perhaps the funniest response from the article was that Santa was obviously a Republican, because with him, "If you like your gift, you can keep your gift."
  20. I have two questions about abortion. Are the folks who say "It's my body, it's my choice" aware that they are violently taking that choice away from another human life (the baby)? If your body is your choice, why would you just go and kill the baby and take that choice away from him or her? Does the LDS church have an official position on abortion?
  21. I titled this question that way partly to get attention but partly because I really want to get my fellow Saint's opinions on this issue. I know our Prophets used to speak openly about the dangers and evils of Socialism at one time (particularly President Benson when he was the Secy. of Agriculture and President McKay when Soviet Communism was at it's peak) but it seems that now we are a worldwide church we have gone pretty quiet on the issue. Here's what I am getting at. I went to the Salt Lake Tea Party on April 15 and I was a bit surprised to find that as an active Latter Day Saint, I was in the minority. Most of the people I talked to at the event and since were not LDS. So, I got curious and started asking around and I have been surprised to find that most of the members of my ward that I asked (in Salt Lake County) have no compelling concern about the current direction America is heading and several said they actually agree with the government take over of the banks, health care, the auto industry, etc. because "corporate greed has gotten so bad." I also get a very common response from many LDS family and friends that they have given up entirely, there is no hope for America and that they are just waiting for end to come. None of these LDS Americans have any interest in protesting or even calling public officials or participating in the political process at all other than to vote. Needless to say, I am troubled. I want to know how prevalent these ambivalent views on socialism are among other LDS people. Any comments?
  22. REXBURG, Idaho—Officials at Brigham Young University-Idaho have dissolved the student-run College Republicans and College Democrats political organizations. School spokesman Andy Cargal said the move is to make sure the university's political neutrality policy is being followed. The Rexburg-based university is a private institution run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. "We feel that it is in the best interest of our university to be politically neutral," Cargal told the Standard Journal of Rexburg. "While we actively encourage our students to be politically active and join political parties of their choice, we feel that BYU-Idaho itself can't be a sponsor of partisan political groups or activities." You can read the full story by going to: BYU-Idaho Dissolves Student Political Parties