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Found 1 result

  1. LeSellers

    We're all gonna die!

    I just read this article and my concern is heightened even further than it has been. 37 MILLION BEES FOUND DEAD AFTER PLANTING LARGE GMO CORN FIELD TREATED WITH NEONICOTINOID CLASS OF PESTICIDES! Millions of bees dropped dead after GMO corn was planted few weeks ago in Ontario, Canada. The local bee keeper, Dave Schuit who produces honey in Elmwood lost about 37 million bees which are about 600 hives. “Once the corn started to get planted our bees died by the millions,” Schuit said. While many bee keepers blame neonicotinoids, or “neonics.” for colony collapse of bees and many countries in EU have banned neonicotinoid class of pesticides, the US Department of Agriculture fails to ban insecticides known as neonicotinoids, manufactured by Bayer CropScience Inc. Nathan Carey another local farmer says that this spring he noticed that there were not enough bees on his farm and he believes that there is a strong correlation between the disappearance of bees and insecticide use. New research shows that neonicotinoid pesticides kill honeybees by damaging their immune system: A new study published in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that neonicotinoid pesticides kill honeybees by damaging their immune system and making them unable to fight diseases and bacteria. ============================================================================ Without bees, and huge numbers of them, we will starve. Bees pollinate most of our fruit and a lot of our other crops. Some estimates show that without significant numbers of bees, humanity would die off within five years (some say seven). One reason I dislike GMOs is that this is one way pesticide producers make even more money (which I don't mind, if it's done in the open) is to alter crop DNA so the desired plants won't die when hit with, say, Roundup®. But the Roundup is still there, and we eat it. Roundup is a powerful poison (that's how it works, after all), and we're eating it, giving it to our children and pets. It's inside the plant so we can't just wash it off. Anyway, the bees are dying, and it's not about honey. Lehi