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Found 4 results

  1. As the election draws closer, polls are showing that nearly 60% will vote against a candidate they hate, rather than for one they support. The apostle Paul, commanded Christians to pray for Caesar. Yikes! Roman leaders were immoral, anti-Christian despots. Don't trust government leaders? Think them unwise? Pray even harder!
  2. I didn't send a letter, nevertheless, I am thrilled to hear this! Really thrilled! April Mormon conference may make history: women will pray | The Salt Lake Tribune For Mormons yearning to see women take on more visible roles in their religion, their prayers have been answered: The Salt Lake Tribune has learned that LDS women are scheduled, as of now, to offer invocations or benedictions at next month’s General Conference. . .
  3. My Sweet 21 year old Niece was excited when she opened her Mission call back in September, to see she was called to serve in the Santo Domingo East mission, in the Dominican Republic. Her call had her reporting the MTC in Provo, in December she was informed she no longer needed to report to Provo but need report directly to the MTC in the Dominican Republic 3 weeks after her original report date for Provo. Sister Mero flew out of the Detroit Metro Airport on this past Wednesday, after a two hour lay over in Miami, she arrived at the airport in Santo Domingo, only to find no one from the MTC there to met her, after clearing customs and looking around, and a touch of panic starting to set in, she decided she needed to pray for help, as she exited the airport to find a quitter spot to call out and plea for help from above, she was approached by a woman who happened to be a member of the church who was sensitive enough to the spirit to realize this young Sister missionary was in a near panic and needed her help. With the help that was provided they got in touch with the MTC there in the DR, and arranged transportation, after the arrangements had been set up this local sister sat and visited with my niece until the cab arrived to whisk her away to the MTC. A couple of neat side notes Sister Mero, also reported the MTC there in the DR has about 30 Missionaries in training at this time, all the classrooms and dorm type rooms are on the 4th floor of a building near or next to the Temple. I assume it is some type of church administration building, as she mentioned the café/lunchroom was on the 1st floor.
  4. I have recently started back to the church after years and years of being inactive. I am doing EVERYTHING that is asked of me. I read the scriptures almost daily, i pray throughout the day, I worked with my bishop to work through my years of inactivity and the mistakes I made, and I actively serve others. Yet I am struggling with different thoughts and feelings I have not felt since I left the church. Feeling LESS than, feeling hopeless that I can not live this high standard of life, and feeling like I just want to RUN.... RUN fast away. I have prayed, I have fasted... and so forth. Sometimes it brings hours of peace but the overwhelming feeling of "I can't do this" returns. Living the gospel is REALLY hard. I know if I walk away I will never come back. I am looking for ANY suggestions or advice on how to make it through this. I am desperate for any advice, answers, or prayers. I do not want to be a burden on anyone in my ward or my bishop anymore...