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Found 21 results

  1. I have been looking at the rapid change in today's world's views and see that modern-day feminism is changing the way we all look at the proverbial family unit. I ask myself, if the Patriarchal Order is now dead. It seems as though, feminism is not in agreement of the way God has ordered the hierarchy of His kingdom. I find that some brothers whom have been endowed in the House of the Lord mistakenly have understood that the Patriarchal Order to be one of a dictatorship. This is far from the truth. However, feminism is not the antidote to chauvinistic male assertions of power. So, is the Patriarchal Oder Dead?
  2. We recently (about 5 months ago) had a complete change in our elders quorum presidency. The prior president was awesome! He was inspiring, very genuine, taught awesome lessons, and genuinely cared for us. His counselors were equally as awesome. The new presidency is anything BUT inspiring. They are for the most part ambivalent, they do not seem to create any type of motivation, and they definitely do not give the impression of supporting anyone in the quorum. I find myself skipping elders quorum because I feel I am not getting anything from it. The lessons are dry, the president appears to lack in actually giving the impression of caring about us. I had an incident that required the EQ president's help and sent an e-mail outlining what I needed...he ignored it and within 20 minutes sent an e-mail to the EQ asking us to move chairs. So I know he understands how to use e-mail. Anyway-I feel bad for skipping EQ weekly-but honestly I gave it a shot and felt like I was being held hostage for an hour. Does anyone else have this issue-have they had this issue and how can I best deal with it. In my heart-I know that likely the problem is me...but I could really use some input.
  3. I have been a member of the church my whole life and for 30+ years assumed that a first councilor was in some way higher or more senior than a second councilor. Is there any validity to this? is there any stratification between the two counselors in any way officially specified by the church? In this case I am particularly wondering about the Elders Quorum Counselors but it raises the question to any priesthood (or perhaps auxiliary) presidency. Background Story (optional): I serve as 2nd counselor in an Elders Quorum Presidency where the president is exceptionally busy and the 1st counselor is disengaged (not complaining, they're great guys!). In cases where the president is completely unavailable I wondered if I first need to consult with the first counselor before I take the lead and go to ward council, plan our lessons, etc. If so things might be much more complicated as we don't hear from him much. but I want to make sure I function appropriately in my role. I know we (counselors) do not have the keys which the EQ president does and this situation should be remedied and I always work under the direction of the bishop and try to keep the rest of the presidency involved and informed. but with that in mind should I defer decisions and initiatives to the 2nd counselor or should I just go and do.
  4. This may seem like a silly question, but it's the source of a years-long family feud, and I'd really like to know the answer. Sorry, it's a little long. My brother was made an elder when he was 18. He never received his temple endowment, but remained active while he was struggling with whether or not he could serve a mission in spite of some mental health issues. He decided to stay home, but held several callings, including home teacher, primary teacher, and working with the scouts. Then he fell in love with a non-member. He moved in with her. They had a child together. He was put on probation by his bishop. He stopped going to church. After five years, he and his girlfriend finally got married. When his son was 7, mom started asking him about letting her grandchild be baptized. He thought about it, started going to church again, let our dad baptize his son. The new bishop felt that my brother had fixed his mistake. Once he'd been active for a certain amount of time, the bishop told him he was once again a member in good standing, and could take the sacrament. He happily substituted in the nursery (weird, right?). He was waiting for his wife to be baptized so they could get their temple endowments together. Then, my youngest brother was blessing his son in church. They asked all our family's elders to come up. My brother joined in the circle to give my nephew a name and a blessing. I didn't think a thing of it, but after Sacrament meeting, my father was very unhappy. Still in the church foyer, he berated my brother, quietly, for half an hour for joining in the circle when he wasn't worthy. My brother took the tongue-lashing, went home, and never went to church again. It's been 13 years. I know it won't change anything, but I need to know who's right. My brother was an elder. He wasn't giving the blessing. He'd stood in the circle years before as a new elder when we'd blessed my oldest son. So is there a requirement to have a temple endowment before participating in this type of ordinance? Does your priesthood authority expire if you don't get your endowment within a certain amount of time? Can you be an elder who exercises his priesthood authority without going to the temple? My dad was ward clerk at the time. Might he have known something I don't know? Thanks for your help and thoughtful consideration. You have no idea how much an answer would mean to me. My brother is my best friend and it kills me to see him so resentful towards the church.
  5. so recently I have been wondering if there is a way to get rid of an evil spirit that may be lingering around me. I live alone, so I don't have a priesthood holder to ask when things are urgent. An example is that I went to be the other night with my bedroom door closed. I awoke in the middle of the night to footsteps. My eyes were closed but I could see, and my body was completely paralyzed. A dark figure started walking from my door all the way to the other side of my bed and I could see the tall dark shadow standing on the other side of my bed looking at me. No eyes, just a tall dark figure. I was panicking and trying everything to move in my paralyzed state and I couldn't. Finally I remembered my mom telling me she used to have the same type of experiences and she was told to raise your right hand to the square and say "in the name of Jesus Christ, get thee hence". She said if you can't physically do it, to do it in your mind. When I did that after a couple of times I could move and the figure was gone but the door was open. Is this the correct way for a woman to do something like this, or how would I go about doing this in a time of immediate need? side note: I do not indulge in anything that would welcome any type of those spirits.
  6. There is a person in my life that is struggling with their sin. I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that He suffered and died for all mankind. The Atonement was needed so that man could return back to our Heavenly Father. (2 Nephi 9:7) I know that we are free to act for ourselves, we have the choice; everlasting death or everlasting life. There are some sins that are truly personal. After reading the New Era Magazine, October 2013 article titled, "Why and What do I need to confess to my bishop?" I am having a hard time understanding the reason why the priesthood is needed in the repentance process. I understand what we must do as children of God. “…consists in believing and accepting and living in harmony with all that the Lord once offered his ancient chosen people. It consists of having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, of repenting, of being baptized and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and of keeping the commandments of God. It consists of believing in the gospel, joining the Church, and coming into the kingdom.” (A New Witness for the Articles of Faith [1985], 515). I was not raised in any church and converted 18 years ago. During that time I have not been very active from the fear of my lack of knowledge. Just in the past couple of months have I really started to understand. In praying about this situation I have been led here to seek help from other members that may have faced the struggle of repentance of a serious sin.
  7. I found a link to this at Real Clear Religion. It appears to be a very recent statement from the Church, and more or less blames Brigham Young's pronouncement that Blacks could not receive the priesthood on the prevalent cultural realities of his era. The Real Clear Politics article indicated that this statement is being well-received--a "Christmas Present" to LDS of all ethnicities. Mormon church traces black priesthood ban to Brigham Young | The Salt Lake Tribune
  8. I am studying D&C 67:10-14 in relation to D&C 84:19-22. The study has been most rewarding and enlightening but I've run into a wall today and I cannot find any authoritative (revelatory or scholarly) sources to answer the following question: D&C 67 was given about two years after the approximate restoration date of the Melchizedek Priesthood. D&C 67 was given to Church leaders who were discussing the publication of important revelations as the "Book of Commandments." Some of these leaders felt the language of the revelations should be improved and the possibility was discussed at length. Presumably to resolve the discussion, Joseph Smith prayed to the Lord (an example of extreme humility) and received the revelation. Verse 10 says "verily I say unto you that it is your privilege, and a promise I give unto you that have been ordained unto this ministry..." but I cannot find anything that explains exactly to what "this ministry" refers. I assume it might refer to the general ordination to the Priesthood or to a specific office in the Priesthood. However, it might not. I have no certain way to know beside my own subjective thoughts and conclusions. Does anybody have any input of the meaning of "this ministry" or any authoritative references regarding the same? Thanks :)
  9. I’ve posted this question to my personal blog and am hoping that someone here will have some insight. Feel free to post there; I’d love for what few readers I have to be able to join in the discussion. Thanks! The Gospel According to Jeffrey: A Cry for Help
  10. I was excommunicated from the church shortly after I was first baptized on my 18th birthday. I initially joined the church because of a girl (of course) and the desire to get in her parents good grace. Unfortunately, neither myself, nor her, were prepared to live in accordance with church teachings. This in turn led to my first ex-communication. I was re-baptized after marrying the above mentioned girl when I was 23 while stationed in Germany. My second baptism was for much different reasons. I went through the discussions, lived gospel principles, and developed genuine love for the church and it's mission. However, in true "me" fashion, my attention was continually diverted to places I had no business going. I was ex-communicated for the second time at the age of 32 for serious transgressions. So, here I am ten years later. I'm divorced, mostly estranged from my children and completely from my ex-wife. My son is about to turn 18 in January and he's hoping to leave in March for the MTC. This has had a deep impact on me (that is, his commitment to serve a mission). Because of this and other reasons, I'm compelled to rejoin the church. However, I have heard more times than I can count that the church has a two strike policy. Does anyone know if this is true? I hope someone knows definitively and can help me find the answer. I was a priesthood holder, yet never held a temple recommend.
  11. I'm not a Mormon. I am a religious person who does not go to a church. My cousin is a member of your church. I had often talked with him about your church but he did not know any answer to two questions. These questions are: 1. In the past, why colored persons were not allowed to have the mormon priesthood, and why today in the LDS. It was his answer to it that God would have sent a revelation. I can believe this hardly. So what were the real reasons? 2. What does the LDS have against homosexuals? My cousin thought that already the Bible saw homosexuality as an abomination ( Lev. Chapter 18 ). I have looked at these verses more closely and do not share his opinion. So what are the real reasons? I would be very pleased about an answer.
  12. Email as sent directly to me. Very interesting! There was an attachment also sent. The text is below.
  13. I recently got my line of authority. My friend who ordained me to both Priesthoods never got his line of authority, so when I got mine I forwarded him a copy. I have a few questions though .... Is my line of authority something that is supposed to be kept personal, like a patriarchal blessing? When I saw my line of authority for the first time I was surprised to see the names of early church leaders (both the primitive church, and the restoration) on there. I hadn't really thought about it before I got my lineage. It was neat to see all these names, but I'm guessing that it's pretty common, right? Having a few modern day prophets and apostles in your lineage? I'm not trying to brag or boast, I wouldn't have anything to boast about anyway. Just curious, is that okay? Is there ever a time where I'll have to give a copy to someone? Like if I were to ordain a new convert, would he get a copy? Would I have to give a copy to whoever was presiding over the ordnance? Many thanks to everyone for their time.
  14. Hey, every season my hockey team decides on a type of haircut for us all to get as part of team spirit and during playoffs we don't shave. Last year was flow (long hair), since a lot of the players are also lax bros, but this year we are doing mohawks. we aren't doing those weird punk mohawks, and it is kind of hard to describe how they look so i'll post some links from when i was looking on the internet to help you guys out. I want to know if it is inappropriate for me to be serving the sacrament (i'm 15) while having a mohawk. I understand i probably won't be asked to skip out until i get rid of it, but i still don't want anything that might lead to problems. Please let me know what you think, if it is inappropriate or not. Thanks!
  15. In our Quorum we have a someone who was a member with the melchizedek Priesthood years ago. For whatever reason he became divorced and had his name removed from the records. He and his current wife recently moved to our Ward and they became interested in the Gospel to the point they were re Baptized. He has been told that in order to give him the Priesthood they have to reinstate his orignial one which will reactivate his sealing to his first wife. He was told the only option was to get his ex wife to agree to removing the sealing. He knows she will not agree to do this since they have older children together. As a result he and his new wife are going to leave the church as they can not progress further without the Priesthood and it is difficult to attend and hearing about Priesthood duties etc and knowing he can't. Does anyone know of a way the church would allow him to receive the Priesthood without reactivating the sealing or how he can have the sealing removed without his ex wife's permission?
  16. Does anyone know where the term "keys" comes from when talking about the Priesthood? It looks like the biblical precedent is Matt 16:19, which talks about keys of the kingdom of heaven. The earliest reference to this I can find in modern scripture is April 1829 when the keys of the gift of translation are referred to (D&C 6:29) I seem to remember somebody on this site saying Parley Pratt used the term and it was adopted by Joseph, but I don't recall any documentation around it.
  17. Hello all it has been a while. My wife is taking the missionary discussions for the first time since we met nearly 10 years ago. She actually seems interested in moving forward, but she has one hang up and it is a BIG on - in fact it is the same hang up I had (ok still have somewhat). When we go to church together ANY time the priesthood is mentioned with regard to it being only male, she gets irritated. If she hears it enough, she leaves in a blind fury. We often have talks later where she lets out all of her emotion on it then calms down. I think it is important to note that she doesn't find me contemptible or the members in this, but she feels this idea of men having the priesthood exclusively is fundamentally flawed. This wouldn't bother her so much except for the fact she WANTS to join the church now and WANTS to believe it, but is having a very difficult time rectifying affiliating herself with an entity (the church) who espouses a male-only priesthood. I too had a very difficult time with this when I was learning about the church. I still have a difficult time with it today. The only thing that made me leave it alone was the Spirit finally confirming to me the truth of the church despite my opposition to this one area. I went forward with joining the church hoping it would one day make sense. To date it hasn't completely to me, but I accept it and move on now. I wish I knew how to help her with this. She feels so strongly about it and I know it is only bothering her as much as it is because she wants to believe the church is true. Any ideas out there? Perhaps I'll see something I haven't tried or a perspective that might appeal to her.
  18. I remember listening to a talk (conference i believe) recently about a woman who went running in the morning and slipped on ice and broke her leg. I man drove up and asked if there was anything he could do, she asked for a priesthood blessing but he stated he wasn't able to do it (because of worthiness issues i presume) and left. anybody remember that talk and who gave it? i'm preparing a lesson on the priesthood and the importance of worthiness, i was hoping to show that clip. Thanks! bmw
  19. Does anyone know when we started ordaining 12 year olds to the A.P.? I have been unable to find anything and I'm extremely curious to know the history surrounding it. My oldest will be 12 soon! If nobody knows, can anyone think of any references I could look to for answers?
  20. Once a person accepts Christ and the teachings of the Church along with baptism, what areas does that person serve? Is it by spiritual gifts or by the need with in the Church? Does the new member have the option of where they would like to serve, with the leading of the Holy Spirit? Thank you for any answers!
  21. I have been assigned by my Stake to moderate a panel discussion on 22 February 2009. The discussion will be based on the 1978 Revelation that allowed all worthy males regardless of race to hold the Priesthood and the effect that it has had on Church growth worldwide. This is indeed an answer to prayer as I have had a desire to do a panel discussion/fireside on this subject or about Black Mormon Pioneers for some time. This is my question: If you were moderating a panel discussion of this type what would be some of the things that you would include as part of the discussion, or even as a participant, what would be some of the questions that you would like to addressed during the discussion? The thing to keep in mind is that this will be a discussion panel. I am under strict guidance by the Stake that they do not want any speeches. Therefore, any help and suggestions that you want to offer are welcomed. I am also interested in knowing if there are any returned missionaries or Mission Presidents that have served in Africa that can give some insight as to how the Church is progressing in that area. Thank you one and all in advance for your input. I will take all input under advisement.